10 essential makeup tips to conceal rosacea

ELES Cosmetics Makeup Australia - Rosacea Awareness MonthSuffering from facial redness? Flushing? Visible blood vessels? Pustules? Chances are you have rosacea and so do over 45 million other people around the world!

Believe it or not rosacea is actually one of the most common skin conditions and with the right treatment can be kept at bay. However we all know, no matter what our skin type that some days our skin just doesn’t look its best and needs a little bit of makeup loving to conceal those flaws and make way for what appears to be the perfect complexion!

Follow these nine makeup tips and have your flushed skin looking nothing short of flawless in a matter of minutes.

  1. First steps

Make sure you cleanse and moisturise your face with soothing and calming skincare. This will hopefully reduce any inflammation and prepare your skin for makeup application.

  1. Keep things simple

Less is more when it comes to concealing rosacea. Think less products, less likely to aggravate your skin. Opting for multi-tasking products is also a great solution!

  1. Mineral makeup is best

Make sure you select a range of breathable products that are only going to enhance your complexion not clog up your pores and irritate skin even more. Opt for mineral makeup products.

  1. Prime your skin

Using a primer will create a smooth foundation for your makeup while ensuring it stays in place all day. It’ll also create a barrier between your skin and your makeup preventing any further irritation. Try ELES Retexture Crème Face Primer. This deeply soothing liquid-cream made with Aloe Vera leaf extract, Roman Chamomile, Witch Hazel, Calendula, Mallow Flower and Centaurea Cyanus Flower extract, leaves skin with the smoothest sensation. It soothes, hydrates, retexturizes and refines, so foundation applies effortlessly and endures impeccably for hours longer.

  1. Colour correction

Rather than covering up your redness with a thick layer of concealer and foundation, opt for a colour corrector which will help visually correct redness and even out skin tone. Using one with UV protection will also help shield your sensitive skin from exposure that can aggravate rosacea. Try ELES Luminous CC Cream 20. This lightweight, oil-free colour correcting cream with broad spectrum protection, multi-tasks like no other!

  1. Set your makeup with an oil-free foundation powder

A mineral powder is the best choice as its ingredients are usually non-irritating. Apply with a brush rather than a sponge, which can harbour bacteria. Try ELES Mineral Foundation Powder. Highly compatible with common skin sensitivities, this lightweight powder easily adjusts from sheer to richer, more opaque coverage while effectively camouflaging imperfections.

  1. Don’t forget to blush

You might think blush would be the last thing you should apply after concealing any facial redness but by using the right shade it’ll actually distract the eye from problem areas and enhance your complexion for the better. Select peach tones rather than pink or reds though and try a mineral makeup blush – ELES Mineral Matte Blush in Adobe.

  1. Choose extra-gentle eye makeup Eyes can be sensitive so it’s important to treat them as you would your face – gently. Again think mineral makeup shadows – ELES Mineral Matte Shadow (neutral shades can be less irritating since they have less pigment) and hypoallergenic, sensitivity-tested, fragrance-free mascaras. Use ELES Sensitive Mascara.
  1. Choose for a neutral lip colour

Choosing red shades may exacerbate the look of any redness in your skin. Try ELES Moisture Crème Lipstick. This innovative, instantly nourishing lipstick formula provides long-lasting wear and a burst of hydration in one smooth application.

For long term treatment of rosacea, use these makeup tips in conjunction with an effective skincare program specially designed to control rosacea. Check out our blog on a great skincare treatment option for those looking for outstanding results. Say goodbye to rosacea once and for all!


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Getting Ready for the Holidays + Christmas Giveaway: Makeup Gift Sets

The holidays come with a long list of to-dos — decorating your home, organising parties, grocery shopping, gift shopping, dress and makeup shopping, the list is endless. Is “get myself ready” on your list too?

Here are some tips on how to have a truly happy holiday:

  1. Organize your to-do list. Group them in categories — home decor, groceries, gift shopping schedules, and the most important of all – ME.
  2. Make a list of the parties you’re attending so you can prepare your dress (especially if it’s a themed party), your makeup look, and your gift (you don’t want to come empty handed).
  3. Make a list of the gifts you want to buy and group them according to family, friends, godchildren.
  4. Get “generic” gifts. It’s hard to give gifts that you will have to return to to shop to be replaced for a bigger size. But oh, keep the receipts just in case!
  5. Personalize generic gifts with cute gift cards or include an item that you think they’ll love. For family and close friends, you might want to know their wishlist!

And the most important of all:

Give yourself a gift! You deserve to be pampered for working hard this year. Get a set of outfit or two, new makeup to welcome 2017, and a ticket to your favourite holiday destination. No, that’s not splurging. It’s called loving yourself a little bit more. Happy holiday!



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Let’s face it… we all want it! perfect skin with little or no evidence of makeup, 

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Which shade are you? The best nail colours for your skin tone

Wondering why that nail polish you’ve had your eye on for a while suddenly doesn’t look so crash hot on your fingertips. Spend ages staring at the huge selection of colours in your local nail salon only to wonder which shade would really be best for you? Sadly there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all shade and the reason for this is because we all have different undertones in our skin and certain colours suit some skin tones better than others!

With a rainbow of hues to choose from, selecting a shade to compliment both you and your mood can be tough! Read below and master how to pick the perfect colour for your complexion before you invest in a selection of nail polishes or fork out for a much needed professional manicure!

Best polish shades for LIGHT SKIN TONES

The best neutral tone for fair skin is pink because it supports the pink and blue undertones in pale skin. Think pinkish nudes (rather than beige nudes!) and sheer pinks but you can also go all out and try bright pinks (fuchsia with blue undertones) and sweet blush coral shades. Also pastel lavenders as well and blue based reds can look great!









ELES polish in My Fair Lady
ELES polish in Casablanca

Best polish shades for MEDIUM SKIN TONES

Medium skin tones can vary from tan to olive to bronze complexions which of course can alter the colours that’ll work best for you, however milky pastel hues (think soft beiges and peachy pink shades) can help brighten your natural skin tone), violets, orchids and soft greeny-blues are universally flattering and gorgeous for your medium-toned complexions.









ELES polish in Cucumber Twirl
ELES polish in Violette Macaron

Best polish shades for DARK SKIN TONES

If you have dark skin, you’ve got lots of options as dark skin tones can handle the greatest variety of colours. You are only limited by your confidence! Don’t’ go for light shades though as these can make your complexion look dull, instead opt for plums, purples, burgundy reds, deep cherries and bright pinks!









ELES polish in Some Like it Hot
ELES polish in Hibiscus Tea

Try our new “High Tea” nail collection, a range of 6 healthy, brilliant shine, fashion colours and enjoy an outstanding lacquer experience every time.


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