You can’t build a castle on sand…

…because sand is simply not strong enough to create a good foundation. Equally you cannot create a great makeup on skin that’s tired and lacklustre. This is a challenge in Winter when we tend to live more sedentary lives and as a consequence our circulation slows down.

The skin suffers the effects of artificial heating and with less blood flowing around those veins, our skin cells are starved of oxygen. What you’ll end up with, is a thick mask that does little to hide a very sad and dull skin.

So, to get a lovely winter glow, bronzers and highlighters might help, but there really is no substitute for the blush of a natural circulation shining through.

So get it moving!

Try a warm bath with stimulating essential oils; we love Pevonia’s Seaweed Bath with Pine Extracts. When sitting in front of the TV, pick up your dry body brush and whisk away the stagnation. Begin brushing from the toes and fingers towards the heart in short light strokes to stimulate your lymphatic circulation and reduce toxins.

Take a walk, ok its cold but you’ll soon warm up, walk the dog, walk to the shops or even just take the stairs instead of the lift. Move!

Drink water; there’s nothing like nature’s bounties to flush the system.

Scrub a dub dub those dead skin cells away with a nice zesty exfoliant, try Pevonia’s Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser.

And finally breathe deep! Get that lovely oxygen into your lungs.

And what you find when your circulation is pumping, is a glowing complexion that just needs a little enhancing and not a thick and gluggy mask.

Finish with a lick of Lush Mascara and dollop of Super Gloss and you’ll look like you’ve been hitting the Gym and holidaying in the sun!