Colour Inspiration!

It’s easy to get into a makeup rut and do the same look day after day after day. Like a comfortable old tracksuit your “daily makeup” can get tired and make you feel bored with yourself.

And just as it is hard to find inspiration sometimes in cooking the nightly meal when you are not a gourmet chef, mixing it up with your own makeup can be a challenge if you are not confident with colour.

When it comes to makeup, I look for inspiration in nature. Then I know with certainty the colour combinations will work. Think of a bird of paradise flower – the vibrant orange contrased with the deep purples or a blood rose, the deep red with the darker shadows that look almost charcoal at the base of each petal.

Consider the season, Autumn hues are not always about browns and golds and oranges, Autumn skies are dark and moody with plum undertones and the greens are deeper and bluer.

Look around you, colour combination inspiration is everywhere!