The “Must Haves” for Flawless Skin

We all covet it, we spend our hard earned dollars trying to achieve it and when we look at photos of ourselves, its the one thing we wish we all had; perfect skin. Unless you are genetically blessed you might need a helping hand to achieve it. I know I do. Like many my makeup looks great when I first put it on but after an hour or so the natural oils begin to break it down.

I can honestly say it has taken me decades to find the perfect solution. I’ve held this information close to my chest, after all, I want to look better than everyone else! But no more, the guilt is wearing me down, I’m going to share my secret

It’s four products, I call them my “Photoshop set”, and when I use these products not only does my makeup look flawless, it stays that way all day and into the night. A big claim I know but you’ll see it’s true

And the great thing is that ELES mineral makeup is one of the only brands to blend formulas that are photographable. Did you know that photographers generally dislike mineral makeup? It’s true, the mica in the formulation causes “hot spots” in the photograph, these are whited out areas that make the face look bland and flat. The reflective qualities of minerals can play havoc with a camera. That’s why ELES mineral makeup contains no mica and why we’ve refined the minerals to a velvety finish that won’t cause the “mineral shine” we’ve all come to dislike. Skin feels like cashere and and will not itch and parch as it does with some formulations. But enough sales talk

Here is the secret to flawless skin with ELES makeup

Step One: Pore Perfecting Primer

This wonder product is the ultimate multi-tasker. Incredibly lightweight and oil-free, this techno-advanced formula combats shine in multiple ways: Immediately, the natural Dermat Complex™ absorbs oil and reduces pore size. While you wear it, Salicylic Acid levels out roughness and keeps foundation looking smooth, hour after hour. Over time, this revolutionary primer keeps on working to control oil breakthrough even after you take it off. Apply to a clean dry skin as you would a moisturiser, give it five minutes or so to absorb and if you like apply your normal moisturiser or sun protection cream over the top

Step Two: Liquid Mineral Powder Foundation

The greatest mineral foundation ever created. This is the fluid version of mineral-powder foundation. This innovative liquid formula, fortified with an exclusive Multi-Mineral Complex, glides on velvety smooth and sets to a soft-powder finish. ELES Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation provides all the sunscreen and anti-oxidant protection that your skin needs and Micro diffusers keep skin looking flawless. It’s is hypoallergenic and oil-free which is a bonus. Why we love it? A little goes such a long, long way and the coverage is perfect, looks sheer but conceals all minor skin imperfections. Wonderful for all skin types whether you are excessively oily or very dry.

Step three: Phototouch Concealer.

This is the ultimate concealer for camera-ready & flawless skin. It’s formulated with advanced Skin Optic Light technology to help diffuse and camouflage dark circles and blemishes, while smoothing out fine lines and unlike so many concealers doesn’t cake in the skin enhancing lines. Another economical product this little gem will last a long time. Just apply with a lip brush to areas you wish to conceal and pat into the skin and voila! its like an eraser! The bonus here is the formula is free of potential irritants, such as fragrance, talc, oil and dyes.

Last, but certainly not least…

Step Four: Mineral Sheer Veil

What an apt name this is. A liquid highlighter that gives your skin the most exquisite luminosity you will ever see. A little down the centre of the nose, on the upper cheeks just beneath the eye and anywhere else you want to help bring forward for the perfectly sculptured face and the effect is simply stunning. It floats over skin like “liquid light” and transforms any skin tone from dull to delicately glowing.

So that’s it, only four products to achieve skin perfection that lasts all day. Whether you are getting married, photographed or just want to look incredible all the time try these four and you’ll never look “blah”.

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