Get the “Perfect Pout” this Winter

If puckering is painful and pursing is too much to bear, you’re probably suffering from chapped lips. Harsh winter weather, dry heated air indoors, and a habit of constantly licking your lips can all help dry out the skin of your lips by causing the moisture in them to evaporate. The result is rough, cracked, sensitive lips that leave you little to smile about.

Protecting your lips from chapping is not only important for appearance and comfort, but for health. Cold sores, bacterial infections, and other problems are more likely to strike lips that are already damaged by chapping.

Here’s what you can do to keep your lips soft and moist:

1. Start by caring for lips nightly with a light exfoliating treatment and application of moisturiser. You can make a sugar scrub at home by combining a teaspoon of sugar and a few drops of water.

2. Follow up exfoliation with an application of hydrating lip treatment, we love Pevonia’s Lip Smoothing Balm, however, even a light layer of pure Olive Oil will do the trick. In the morning, slick on a coat of moisturiser before you begin your makeup routine. Allow it to sink in while you apply your other makeup first and then blot lips before applying lip primer, lip liner and lipstick.

3. Assuming lips are prepped in advance, begin by applying a lip base to enhance lipstick wear and banish colour bleeding.

4. Lip liner is a must. If you don’t have the matching liner, opt for a neutral shade.

Experts always seem to recommend applying lip liner first, but novices know that leads to chalky, overdrawn lip lines. I recommend applying one coat of lipstick after the base, and then blotting lips. Next, apply lip liner and then reapply lipstick.

5. If the change from sparkly lips to matte is too much for you, add some shine by dotting a touch of eye shadow in gold or silver to the centre of your bottom lip to add shimmer.

6. You should try to avoid over exposure to the sun rays as they can absorb moisture from your lips and make them dry. If you have to spend a lot of time outdoors, use the lip balm which has a SPF to protect them from the sun.

ELES lip products are ideal to help alleviate the discomfort of chapped lips. As well as providing a great lick of fashion colour, the formula’s are all combined to create the perfect lip treatment. Sun protection, hydrating ingredients and conditioners are just a few of the great goodies packed in this collection.

Pro-Lip Primer

Lip primer is the secret weapon of every beauty pro. Pro Lip Primer SPF 15 enhances lipstick wear and makes lips appear fuller and more sensuous, thanks to our exclusive peptide plumping complex. Super anti-oxidants and SPF 15 combine to shield lips from sun damage, dehydration and environmental stress.

Micro-Bubble Lipstick

Creamy, long-lasting, feather resistant. High pigment level. Micro-bubble spheres continually release special conditioners that keep colour looking ‘just applied’ for hours longer.

Rich, cream colour and protective treatment in one. ELES Micro-Bubble Lipstick is the perfect choice after dermatological procedures, such as lip collagen injections. “Micro-bubbles” continually release conditioners to keep lips soft and colour fresh for hours.

Automatic Long-lasting Lip-liner

Long-lasting, waterproof and creamy texture all in one. Extended-wear technology keeps colour from smearing and fading.

Finishing touch for every look. ELES Automatic Long-lasting Lip-liner is long lasting, waterproof and creamy texture in one automatic pencil. Propel-repel mechanism dispenses colour easily without sharpening. Preservative free and mineral oil-free. Contains anti-oxidants and Vitamins C and E.


Imagine… lush, full lips sparkling like precious gems. Fortified with real Diamond Dust, new LipTox delivers this million-dollar shimmer and leaves a soft tint for the sexiest of lips.

The proof is in the pout. The latest breakthrough in cosmeceutical technology, LipTox goes beyond plumping to make lips look smoother, fuller and years younger. Instantly fills in lines. Rich in marine filling collagen to absorb natural moisture.

Plumps now and later. Maxi-lip, a plumping peptide complex not only volumizes, but works over time to stimulate on-going collagen. Banishes wrinkles. Contains Dermaxyl, an advanced peptide, known for it’s long-term wrinkle-smoothing benefits

Boosts hydration. Sodium Hyalauronate, nature’s skin plumper, attracts water, making lips appear more voluptuous.This extraordinary formula is lightweight, non-sticky and won’t burn or irritate lips.


When only the best will pass the test. We’ve paired high shine and great shades to create the ultimate lip gloss. This is the ultra-brilliant formula that delivers transparent shine, sensuous shimmer, and sumptuous shades. Super-easy to apply in its very own applicator tube. Just Super Gloss and go!

Ultra-brilliant formula delivers transparent shine. Easy glide on applicator tube makes application easy and quick. ELES Super Gloss’s non-sticky formula contains anti-oxidant Vitamins A and E.

Lip Balm

Lip treatment, sun protection and a sheer wash of colour all in one easy applicator tube. Ultra conditioning formula hydrates and prevents dry chapped lips. Protecting your lips and looking good has never been so easy! Available in super-easy applicator tube.

Super-protective, super-radiant. Serious lip-caring balm with a high-shine shimmer. Never feels sticky or tacky. Free radical fighting Vitamins A & E, plus sunscreen, keeps lips looking young and healthy. ELES Super Balm SPF 15 can be worn alone, or over Micro-Bubble lipstick for extra radiance.

So now there’s no need for dry, chapped lips in Winter, take a few minutes each day to care for your lips and use only the best treatment makeup for the perfect pout.

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Create the perfect “Almond Eye”

Written by special request for the gorgeous Gabrielle Clark…

Almond eyes, slightly turned up in the outer corners, are always beautifully balanced and a little exotic. This is an eye shape that is soft and welcoming and youthful. Many men and women are blessed with natural almond eyes, but for those who are not, clever makeup techniques may intervene.

Whether your eyes are close together or spread apart, deep set or prominant or even heavy lidded as the eye below is, this technique of applying your makeup will help you achieve the perfect almond shaped eye.

We’ve exaggerated the depth of colour which would be more suitable for an evening makeup, however, the principles are the same for a lighter more natural look, simply lighten the colours and blend more for a more subtle effect.

STEP ONE: Before applying any eye colour, we recommend priming the skin with ELES RETEXTURISING PRIMER and applying a light layer of foundation and concealer. If you are wearing a powder based foundation such as MINERAL POWDER FOUNDATION; apply PHOTO-TOUCH CONCEALER before applying your foundation. If however you are applying a liquid foundation such as LIQUID POWDER MINERAL FOUNDATION then apply your concealer afterwards. Do not apply too much product to the eye area as it will appear “caked” and accentuate fine lines and creases

STEP TWO: We’ve exaggerated the darkness here to show where contour colour needs to be applied. This eye shape is heavy lidded so the contour colour is placed just above the natural eye crease to “open up” the eye. If your eyes are prominant i.e. the natural crease is much higher, then you should apply the colour into the crease. If the natural eye crease is very high the colour could begin slighly below the crease. Apply with a a sponge applicator or a shadow brush and build the depth as slowly to ensure an even coverage. See colour suggestions below. Colour used: MINERAL EYE SHADOW TWIG

STEP THREE: Apply LIQUI-LINER to the upper lash line, tapering out to a thicker “flick” in the outer corner of the eye. Lift the eye lid to ensure the fine brush rests gently on the upper lashes and glide the brush along slowly and smoothly. Thicken the line gradually. Don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect, we’ll be blending shadow over the line to smooth out any irregularities. If you suffer from “shaky hands” or confidence applying a liquid eyeliner, apply a soft pencil line first to use as a guide. If you find your “flick” is a little wonky or drops down too low, use a damp Q-tip to clean up the edges. We find applying the line to the lash line first, then opening the eye to create the flick is easier and helps ensure an uplifting flick instead of a sad little droop. Colour used: Liqui-liner Anisette

STEP FOUR: Using a large eye shadow brush blend the shadow and liner to eliminate any hard lines and soften the effect, begin by softening the eye shadow first and then using the shadow which has accumulated in the brush to soften the liquid liner. Blend until you achieve the desired intensity. Using the BROWBLENDER eye brow pencil fill in any small gaps in your eye brows and lengthen the brows if necessary. Use small soft strokes until you achieve the desired shape. A well defined brow can dramatically change the look of the eye, making it appear more youthful. Soften the colour by brushing the brows gently with the Browblender brush end. If desired apply a fine line through the bottom lashes with POWDERLINER PENCIL. The more mature you are, the finer and softer this line should be, dark lines tend to spoil the almond eye effect so less is definitely more. COLOURS USED: Browblender – Blonde and Powderliner Inky Violet

STEP FIVE: Apply LUSH MASCARA to the upper lashes only. If your lashes are straight we recommend using a lash curler first. Apply the lash curler to the base of the lashes and squeeze gently then coat the lashes with the mascara fanning them out. Apply more mascara to the outer corners to enhance the almond shape. A small amount of mascara on the lower lashes is fine if your lashes are very blonde, however use a light touch as this can make the eye look droopy and spoil the effect you are trying to achieve to “lift” the eyes.

FINALLY: The golden rule of choosing your lipstick colour to complete this look: “If the eyes are loud, tell the lips to be quiet” in other words, If you’ve chosen to create a dramatic eye colour with strong colours or more depth, opt for a lighter lipstick shade, too much colour and the eyes and lips and you’ll be mistaken for one of the cast of La Cage Aux Folles. We recommend one of the gorgeous rosy shades of SUPERGLOSS, SUPERBALM or for extra volume and a lovely “bee sting” set of lips: LIPTOX.


With eyeshadow anything goes and you may wish to just try many colours or following seasonal looks, however, if its youth you are after, the colours that bring out your natural eye colour, make your eye whites look whiter and make your eyes sparkle with vitality the following is a good guide:

Blue Eyes look more vivid with Brown Shades

Brown Eyes look more vivid with Green Shades

Green Shades look more vivid with Plum Shades

To give the eyes clarity and make the eye whites even whiter, Deep Plum Eyeliner is best!

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