Spring Fever! The Races!

By special request for our gorgeous ELES groupie and No 1 fan – Kellie Plane

Glam makeup that lasts the distance

We love the Melbourne Cup! It’s a great excuse to primp and look your best and get into the Spring spirit! Key ingredients for gorgeous makeup at the races are long-wearing products and a vivid splash of vibrant colour. Match that colour to a bright accessory such as earrings or gorgeous bag.

Primer and sunscreen is a must for a day in the Aussie sunshine so be sure to apply your SPF30+ (we recommend Pevonia Hydrating Sunscreen which is lightweight and perfect under makeup) and follow with a primer to help your foundation go the distance. Retexturising Face Primer is one of our best-sellers and delivers picture perfect skin or if your skin is a little oily try our Pore Perfecting Primer with Dermat Complex, it helps keep skin fresh and refined all day.

STOP!!! Before you start repeat after me “Less is More!”. Remember you are going to be outside, in vivid light, with multi-mega pixel camera’s capturing your pores, fine lines and makeup. If you make the mistake of thinking “I need to pack it on so it lasts all day” those photo’s will capture it for eternity and the truth is, the more makeup you wear, the quicker it melts off. The key to lasting makeup is: light layers, defined lashes and lash line and gorgeous lips. Aim for fresh, youthful radiance!

Extra Tips to give your makeup “Staying Power”

Longer Lasting Foundation

Apply foundation 10 min. after your moisturiser or sunscreen. If you don’t allow the moisturiser to absorb into the skin, your foundation will wear off in a matter of hours

Apply Photo-Touch Concealer sparingly over your foundation, then ALWAYS use a powder to set the foundation. Take your concealer and powder compact with you to do touch ups throughout the day.

Before doing touch ups blot your makeup with makeup blotting sheets, (paper towel works well too, simply cut into small squares) this removes excess oil and prevents a “caked” makeup look.

A light spray of a hydrating mist on your skin will help to set the foundation, we love Pevonia Phyto-Aromatic Mist with moisture binding Hyaluronic. If you don’t have a hydrating mist handy you use a trick makeup artists often use: wet the hands with cold water, shake off the excess and gently press your foundation into the skin, this technique is called “glazing” and should be done before applying your concealer and face powder. Make sure your skin is completely dry before applying them.

Longer Lasting Eye Makeup

Apply your primer gently over the eye area and when you apply your foundation and concealer to the face you should apply a little to the eyelids too. This gives the eye colour something to adhere to helps to hold the colour in place longer. When it comes to powdering the eye area however, rather than applying the powder all over the eye contour where it can enhance fine lines, apply a small quantity only on the lids. Press the product gently onto the eyelid only with a pad or your fingertip, then brush the excess away with a soft brush.

Mineral eyeshadows offer buildable coverage but can also be applied damp and applying them this way will not only intensify the colour but also ensure the colour stays in place longer. Simply wet an eyeshadow sponge applicator and squeeze the excess water out between a tissue pick up the shadow with the wet sponge and press the colour into the skin blending the colour slowly, follow with an application of dry shadow of the top to “set” the colour and blend out with a loose shadow brush.

Liquid eyeliner when applied correctly will always last longer than pencil liners. Apply close to the lashes thickening the line on the outer lashes. You can apply a “cat flick” the outer lashes for sixties chic. If you want to soften the look go over the liquid line with some wet eyeshadow pressed gently into it, then blend with a shadow brush.

Apply lashings of mascara to the lashes using slow long strokes, allow to dry and apply a second lighter layer to the tips for longer lashes.

Longer Lasting Lip Colour

Many makeup artists will tell you to apply foundation to the lips and set with powder before applying your lip colour. I personally don’t like this technique as it makes the lipstick look “caked” and dry and build-up in the outer corners of the lips after a few hours. I find the best technique for longer lasting lip colour is to first use a primer and allow this to settle for five minutes (so applying when you apply your face primer is ideal) and then line the lips with Automatic Lipliner using soft strokes before colouring the lips lightly with the lip liner, use your little finger to blend the colour into the lips as you would a lip rouge. Finally using a lip brush, apply your lipstick or gloss to the lips.

Finish your look with a light layer of Bronzer to the contours and Blush on the apples of the cheeks and you are ready to dazzle!

Longer Lasting Fragrance

Eau de Parfum will last longer than Eau de Toilette and when applied to pulse points beneath clothing will not evaporate as fast as those areas exposed to light and air, behind the knees and on the inside elbow, on the wrists and behind the ears and a finishing sprits between the cleavage will emit a lovely scent all through the day.

Photography tips

You look your best and want the camera to capture that so keep in mind the following tips when getting your photograph taken:

Stand up straight – good posture can remove 5 kilos, put your hands on your hips, in your pockets, behind your back, anything to avoid letting your hands hang and making you look shapeless! Standing slightly side-on is generally more flattering.

Avoid the frozen stare – practice your best smile in the mirror, a half smile may look great on you whereas a big toothy grin might be right for another and try to smile with your eyes, the best way is to think of something amusing.

Chins up – we all hate the dreaded double chin, remember, face up, chin forward. It may feel exaggerated and ridiculous when you do this but it always works!

Finally – Enjoy yourself! You’ll always look your most beautiful when you radiate happiness, once you are dressed and primped and ready to go forget about your appearance and have fun!!!

Facial Contouring like a Professional

I’ve had more disasters than successes when it comes to facial contouring.  Wishing I was blessed with the chiselled features of a model my face is instead full and round.  I know! we always covet what we don’t have.  But refusing to accept this I’ve shaded and highlighted over the years in the hope of improving on what nature gave me.

Most of the time I faced the natural sunshine and flourescent lights with harsh lines and thick layers that were not visible in my flattering mirror, really they weren’t!  And still I persisted. One day I would master the art of facial contouring and take 5 kilos off with makeup!

Persistence pays.  Under the wonderful guidance of a makeup guru I was instructed and the results were amazing and I know where I went wrong, I should have followed the most important principle of makeup: less is more.  Knowing exactly “where” to put the darker and lighter shades certainly helps too!

So follow us through a few easy steps and you too can have perfectly chiselled features in about 5 minutes without surgery.

The model we’ve chosen for this demonstration has a lovely round face, we’ve exaggerated the effect so you can see more clearly the placement of the product, however a lighter effect is recommended.

We used only three products to achieve this: ELES Mineral Finishing Duo Bronzer , ELES Mineral Sheer Veil in Porcelain and Mineral Matte Blush in Flirt

So lets get started: Apply your regular foundation first and allow to settle into the skin for five minutes.


Step One: Using a contouring brush apply a light layer of bronzer directly beneath the cheekbones, from the earlobes fading to the corners of the mouth.

Step Two:  Using a smaller brush, we recommend a large eyeshadow brush, apply a light application of bronzer directly down the outer contours of the nose and up towards the brow.

Step Three: Follow with a blended line sweeping across the eye contour crease to the outer eye and up towards the temples.

Step Four: Take a small amount of the Mineral Sheer Veil and apply in patting movements to the centre of the forehead above the nose and sweeping down the centre of the nose.

Step Five: Apply more Mineral Sheer Veil to the inner cheeks beside the nose and down under the nose on the upper lip

Step Six: Finish with a light dusting of blush on the apples of the cheeks.

Finally, to define the jawline and contour the neck, simply apply a light dusting of your bronzer with a large loose brush beneath the jawline and down the sides of the neck.

Voila!! Now you should have gorgeously defined and chiselled features like our model, and the added bonus is that your features are so beautifully defined and the most you’ll require to finish your makeup look is some eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss.  So good luck and get contouring!!

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