Holiday Beauty “Must-Haves” to get these gorgeous Celebrity Looks

At ELES we love taking inspiration from the latest fashion trends.  To prepare for a new season we look into the crystal ball of the European catwalks to discover the emerging looks of the season, then create complimentary makeup looks to help enhance your inner beauty and fashion focus. 

However we also understand that these looks are inspirational and we are all unique and need to adapt the focus to suit our colouring and taste. 

And where better to find inspiration from the emerging trends than those exquisite beauties who seem to get it right every time.  Not all of us can afford our own personal stylist so it makes sense to take note of those who can!

So if you are looking for a new inspired “look” for Christmas or a long awaited Holiday, take a look at these gorgeous girls who have interpreted the latest Summer trends to perfection…

For Brunettes you’ll love the way Jennifer Aniston embraces the popular “Natural Look”.  Bronzed and glowing with minimal makeup in natural colours, her focus is on sun-kissed beauty. 

Your seasonal must have’sMineral Sheer Veil for a flawless glowing skin.  Mix a little in with your foundation for a Summer luminosity and finish with ELES Bronzing Duo’s – a “less is more” swipe across the nose and cheeks, the forehead and chin.  This look is all about radiating a healthy glow.

For Blondes…in my opinion nobody does it better than Scarlett Johansson, this voluptuous beauty does “Vintage” so well, with pale healthy skin and striking red lips, blot for a “lip rouge” effect and finish with pefected liquid liner and mascara. Add a vintage brooch to your hairstyle to capture the essence of timeless beauty.

Your seasonal must have’sELES Micro Red Lipstick and Liqui-Liner in Anisette

For Redheads take a page from the book of beauty of Amy Adams.  Embrace your translucent skin and the gorgeous soft hues of earthy eye shades with coral lips.  Set those beautiful eyes off with liquid liner for an elegant finish.

Your seasonal must have’sELES Micro Teaberry Lipstick blotted with Zesty Super Balm on top.  Your lips will look totally kissable!

For Striking Black Haired Beauties embrace the defined colour brilliance of Jennifer Connolly.  Soft yet dark liner around the eyes and inside the water line enhanced with lashings of mascara and finished with hot and bright lips.  Think colour!

Your seasonal must have’sELES Powderliner in Coal and Micro Melon Lipstick.

Finish your look with super feminine and floaty dresses or tops and girly, girly hair. We love these gorgeous trends…

Try a braid down the sides then sweep it all into a low messy bun for a lovely Grecian Goddess look.

Or brave it and embrace the messy bangs, they are back!  Softly framing the face and elongated at the sides, a messy bun and voila! Super feminine tresses.

Or try the sleek Ballerina bun, with great “bun enhances” to help you get the super volume you need to carry this look you can have a perfectly sculpted bun in seconds. This look is ideal if you are embracing the bright eye shadow look as it takes it from Eighties disco to Futuristic Fashion.

The Summer beauty trends for 2011 are the bravest we’ve seen in a long time, bright and strong colours for lips or eyes (not both!) take centre stage.  My advice, be brave! Step out of the makeup rut and give it a try!  Makeup comes off if you don’t get it right the first time and if you do get it right as I know you eventually will, you’ll look gorgeous!!