Contouring For Dummies: How to Achieve Chiseled Cheeks

Contouring is a tricky technique that may take some time to master but, like most things that take a bit of time and patience, it is well worth learning. The right contouring can help you disguise flaws and emphasize your best features – think bringing out your cheek bones, shortening your nose, slimming your face and even ridding you of a double chin.

Sound good? Great. Let’s get started with a chiseled cheekbones tutorial…

1. To start, use a high-quality primer and foundation to even out your complexion and create a canvas for your contouring

2. Take a matte bronzer like our Pressed Powder Bronzer in BronzeBerry and begin building your cheek bones. Start by taking some bronzer on a brush like our Angled Blush Brush and tapping the excess off. Remember it is always easier to build on your look than have to remove makeup after it has been applied.
First find the hollows of your cheeks but sucking your cheeks in and looking for the area that sinks in below the bones. Apply bronzer here then sweep up towards the centre of your ear. Don’t angle too far or it will look unnatural. If the look is not defined enough, repeat these steps.

3. Take a highlighter with light-reflecting properties (this is important – contouring is all about working with light). Our Mineral Sheer Veil will do the trick. Apply right above the bronzer on top of the cheekbones to draw out the appearance of your upper bone while the bronzer helps pull the underneath section back – thus making the cheekbones more prominent.

4. Once you’re happy with your base, apply a soft blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend along the upper portion of the cheekbones. You’re aiming to blend the bronzer and highlighter together and create rosy cheeks.

CONTOUR TIP: Remember that any areas made darker will appear as though they’re receding, and anything made lighter appear as though it’s coming forward.

How to Apply ELES Hydra Bright Line Diffuser

One of our Facebook friends asked us how to use the ELES Hydra Bright Line Diffuser so we thought we’d share the instructions here just in case there is anyone else out there wondering the same thing.

Hydra Bright is a fantastic product, it works with light diffusing ingredients to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, conceal under-eye darkness and camouflage any other imperfections. Plus the eye primer contains hydrating ingredients that will help stop signs of aging in their tracks.

Customer Rebecca says, “This is my secret weapon! It’s my ‘I’ve just had 10 hours sleep’ in a tube. I love the two step system. The primer / line diffuser keeps the product put all day long, and the concealer really does hide dark circles. It is feather light and doesn’t dry out or cake. The trick is in the application – minimal blending is all that is required as the product just magically blends into your skin. It is a definite make up bag must have – it is the best under eye concealer I have ever used!”

ELES Limited Edition Mother’s Day Pack

Mother’s Day is fast approaching so it’s high time to start thinking about gifts! This year, forget daggy PJs, boring kitchen ware and books that never get read and give your Mum the gift of glam….

We’ve compiled a few ELES beauty essentials in a limited edition Mother’s Day gift set to make it easy for you or your Mum to add a touch of glamour to your beauty bag. Each set contains; Mineral Matte Blush in Adobe, Micro Bubble Lipstick in Red and ELES Nail Polish in Burlesque Baby all housed in a cute-as pink gift box. That’s the present and the wrapping sorted. All you need to do is write on the swing card!

The set is valued at $104.50 but you can get it here for just $59.00. This is a serious saving so we won’t blame you if you purchase an extra for yourself or a BFF!

We’re giving our fabulous Facebook fans a chance to win one of three ELES Limited Edition Mother’s Day Gift Sets! Enter here and don’t forget to share the competition with your friends.

The Shake Up: How to Revive Your Beauty Routine

This week we can really feel winter coming in. Our boots are out, our umbrellas have been doing double time and flannelette is our new favourite material. In winter, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. Whether it’s a workout rut, a cycle of staying in with a movie every Saturday night or a workplace rut, the cold weather seems to make it much harder to just snap out of it.
While changing up your beauty routine might not seem like a big deal, the daily shake up might be exactly what you need to change your mindset and help you out of that rut.
So, we’ve compiled a list of ways you can revive your regular beauty routine and shake things up…

1. Break the Rules
You might have heard redheads shouldn’t wear red lipstick… well we’ve got news for you

Yep, sometimes breaking the rules seriously pays off so give it a try! You’ve got nothing to lose, makeup is not a tattoo!

2.  Go Pro
Professional makeup artists don’t get where they are without training. They know what is going to suit your face shape, skin type and colouring and they have techniques up their sleeve that are truly something else.
Have a pro do your makeup and take note of the techniques they use. Let them know you want to try news things and that you’re open to suggestions. You might not like everything they create but you’ll come out inspired and with at least a few little tricks up your sleeve.

3. Do Less
When we’re changing up our beauty routine, it’s tempting to simply add an extra product. If that sounds like you, try instead to take one of your regular products away or replace it with something else.
You could even set yourself a time limit and create a look in just 10 minutes. Or 5 if you’re really brave.

4. Get Luminous
Creating luminosity is easier than you think – we promise! So often people neglect illuminators in fear of looking too shiny or too done up. With the right application, an illuminator can change your look completely and give you that glow you’ve been looking for.
Our Mineral Sheer Veil is super easy to use and gives the skin a subtle glow like no other. Customer Karla says, “This is a No-Nonsense product. You want an Illuminating effect, it will execute that, amazing for an all-over body glow, or a dewy finish when mixing with your favourite foundation / moisturiser. A great investment to have!”

5. Use Colour
Love the colour of that eyeshadow but not sure if it’s ‘wearable’? Try it anyway! With a bit of courage and a great blending tool, you might find it’s more flattering, subtle and wearable than you would expect.

6. Hair Raisers
Switch your part from centre to side. Or from right side to left. If you’re addicted to your GHD, let it go for a few days. If you always blow dry, let your hair drip dry for once just to see what happens. If you’ve always got your hair down, wear it up.
There are so many easy and incredible ways to wear your hair, it’s a shame to stick to the same old faithful ‘do!

7. Brow Power
First of all, make sure you’ve followed the three steps to brow perfection so you have a base to work with. Then take your eyebrow pencil and experiment by making your brows more prominent than you ever have before. Step away from the mirror and come back later to check them out again then rework until you find a level that your comfortable with. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – eyebrows really shape the face!

8.Try Liquid
Pencil eyeliner is easy to use and great for basics but liquid liner can take your look to a whole new level. Change it up with liquid and try some of these liner looks on for size…