The Five Concealer Tips You Need to Know

If you know how to use it properly, concealer is a truly magical product. It hides a multitude of sins and flaws and, when done well, can help you achieve a flawless complexion.
Whether it’s under-eye circles, blemishes, fine lines or age spots you want to cover up, these top concealer tips will help you achieve the best coverage you can.

1. Before vs After

If you use a POWDER foundation, always apply your concealer BEFORE your foundation.
If you’re using a LIQUID foundation, you should apply your concealer AFTER foundation.

2. Pat rather than Rub
Although it’s tempting to rub concealer in, the best method of application is patting the product into the skin. If you’re using the Hydra Bright Line Diffuser under your eyes, you won’t need much work for it to sink in to the skin. Follow this instructional guide using your ring finger to dab and let the product sink into the skin. Not only will this result in better coverage but will also protect the very delicate under eye area from damage.
If you’re working with the Phototouch Concealer to conceal blemishes, broken capillaries and pigmentation, apply to each area you wish to conceal before starting to pat the product in.

3. Avoid Spreading Bacteria
If you’re covering blemishes, rather than use the product directly on the affected area, work some concealer into your hand and apply with your fingertips. This not only means the product itself avoids bacteria but also that the product will be slightly warmed on application making it easier to work with.

4. Don’t Go Overboard
A little concealer goes a long way, especially when you are patting the product into the skin rather than rubbing so don’t go overboard with the application.

5. Change the Consistency with Primer
If you’re covering larger areas and you want a concealer that is a little more fluid, combine a little with some primer to change the consistency.

How to Paint Your Nails Perfectly

After talking about messy nail polish application on Facebook and Instagram (@elesmineralmakeup) yesterday, we’re going back to basics and showing you how to perfect the art of polish application…

Forget messy edges like this!

1. Remove all traces of nail polish with a good quality polish remover
2. Gently massage Cuticle Remover into the cuticles to soften and remove overgrown cuticles then file your nails into shape
3. Ensure your nails are completely dry and that any residue from hand wash, cuticle remover or other moisturisers has been removed
4. Start by applying a base coat. The ELES base coat has UV absorbers to prevent yellowing the nail and leaves a smooth gloss surface to allow for easy application of coloured polish. If your nails are in bad shape, you might want to try a coat of Nail Nourish or Nail Repair instead of a base.
5. Allow your base to dry completely
6. Select your coloured polish and gently warm it in your hands and shake the bottle
7. Take the brush and start at the centre of the nail a bit above the cuticle with a drop of polish. Move carefully downwards leaving a small gap between where the cuticle begins and your polish starts then move the brush upwards in a straight line until the end of the nail.
8. Go back to the base and swipe the polish up the right hand side of the nail until it is covered, then repeat on the left. This will ensure the colour is concentrated in the centre and evenly applied.
9. If you require a second and third coat, repeat steps 7 and 8
10. Apply a coat of Rapid Dry Finish. This provides a durable film to prolong wear, leaves a gloss finish and has UV absorbers to protect the colour.

We stumbled across a picture on Pinterest yesterday from blogger Lacquerized that perfectly shows demonstrates how to apply coloured polish and we just had to share…

– Paint your dominant hand first! It means the less-able hand won’t have to worry about still slightly wet polish
– Keep everything you need with you as well as a toothpick or q-tip to help fix any small mistakes
– Rest your hand on a table to keep it steady
–  A very small paintbrush and nail polish remover can be a huge help with clean-up

Just Add Water: How to Enhance Your Eye Shadow

Day to day, soft eyeshadow is all we need but every now and then (read: Saturday night) we all want to amp up the colour volume and create a look that’s a little more daring. Something, perhaps, like Nelly Furtado created on the red carpet at the Billboard Awards this week…

Our mineral shadows are more versatile than you might know. Dry, they produce a soft, shadowy colour that glides on beautifully and stays put. Damp they have an intense effect that will turn heads.
This morning we tested our Mineral Matte Shadow in Bermuda both wet and dry and posted a quick pic on our new instagram account (@elesmineralmakeup).
Take a look at the results…

Believe it or not, that is the exact same shadow. Mineral shadow is extremely versatile and you can create just about any look you want.
To transform the soft blue you see at the top we simply took some shadow on our hand and used a damp eyeshadow brush to blend. You could use this more intense shade as your shadow or could use the dry mineral shadow and use a short angle eyelining brush to create a bold eyeliner that perfectly matches your shadow.
Remember, it’s best to avoid using the damp brush directly on your eyeshadow palette. Keeping it dry will help increase the shelf life of your makeup.

EXPERT TIP: ELES creator Liane Scior uses eye drops instead of water to enhance her shadows. It has the same effect but has the added bonus of being completely anti-bacterial which is always comforting when it comes to eyes!
The clever Liane also suggests putting a few drops of visine in mascara that is drying up to revive it .Who knew eye drops were so glam?

On Trend: How to Create a Barely-There Base

From the runways of MBFWA to the recent red carpet arrivals, when it comes to building a make-up base, less seems to be more. Barely-there dewy skin is the way to ace your base right now. Plus, it’s easy to replicate and complements a myriad of beauty looks including our Autumn trend metallics.

We’ve already shown you how to nail metallic eyes so now we’re going to show you how to create the glowing, dewy skin of the moment…

Prime: Begin by applying Retexture Cream Face Primer to face and neck. This deeply soothing liqui-cream leaves the skin with the smoothest, hydrated base for foundation.

Conceal: Apply Mineral Illuminator Medium over imperfections and dark under eye circles using the warmth of your fingers to press and blend into the skin.

Base: Apply a small amount of Mineral Sheer Tint – Natural Glow to face and neck blending well to ensure a flawless finish.
When it comes to metallic moments, it’s all about subtlety. You want your skin to look like it’s been lit up from within and that can be very difficult to achieve if you’re using a thick, heavy foundation. Our Mineral Sheer Tint provides coverage to even out the skin tone but has a barely-there look that will perfectly complement your glow.

Balance and Highlight: Using a blush brush apply Mineral Blush – Rose Marble to the high points of the cheeks to create a beautiful flush and glow to the skin.

ELES EXTRA: Want more glow? Dab a little Mineral Sheer Veil to the high cheek bones and any other area you think needs a little highlight.