How To Do Bridal Makeup

This week saw the very first Australian Vera Wang boutique open it’s doors and we’ve got wedding fever. Whether you’re the bride, a maid, the mother of the bride or a guest, you’re going to want a subtle but glamorous makeup look for the big day.

Although it is common for brides to hire a professional makeup artist for their big day, many women prefer to do their own makeup. In fact, it was rumored that the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton did her own makeup for her wedding day after taking professional courses! If you’re a bride who feels more comfortable being in control of the makeup brushes you should absolutely go for it.

We’ve put together a look that is simple, elegant and easy to achieve…

1. Apply a light layer of Mineral Eyeshadow in Opal over the entire eyelid to “open” and brighten the eyes, brush excess with a large fluff brush.
2. Apply several layers of Opal to the inside eye contour. For added intensity use a damp brush
3. Apply Mineral Eyeshadow in Bronzite to the outer corner of the eye working upwards and outwards and blending well.
4. Use a damp lip brush to apply a fine line of Bronzite beneath the lower lashes.
5. Apply a fine line of Powder Liner Pencil in Chocolate through the upper lashes and tapering out to a soft flick extending beyond the outer eye. Use the smudger to soften the line.
6. Take your Lush Mascara in Lush Black and apply a very light layer to upper and lower lashes using slow sweeping motions and fanning the lashes out.  Allow to dry and apply another light layer to the tips of the lashes. Comb the lashes to separate with a lash comb.

Take your Mineral Finishing Powder in Sunsheen and swirl product onto a large fluff brush and shake away excess, gently press into the apples of the cheeks blending out towards the ear.  Apply the remaining product to the temples and below the jawline to define the contours.

1. Using a Lip Brush apply an even layer of the Microbubble Lipstick Micro Teaberry to the lips and blot with a tissue.  Reapply and Blot again.
2. Apply a generous coating of Liptox in Princess to the centre of the lips.

Make-Up Tips to Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

If you’ve been watching Being Lara Bingle, or even if you haven’t but you’ve seen one of the many advertisements, you’ve probably been blinded by her incredibly white teeth.

Pearly whites like Lara’s rarely occur naturally and we have little doubt she’s made a few trips to the dentist to get a smile that flawless but for those of us who don’t have the cash or the time to get our teeth whitened professionally, there are plenty of ways we can make our teeth look whiter in an instant with, you guess it, makeup.

Here are our tips for making your whites look whiter…

1. Go for Blue
When choosing a lipstick, look for shades with blue undertones to counteract the yellow in your teeth. Try using plum shades like Automatic Lip Liner in VintageMicro Heather Lipstick or the lip-plumping Starlet if you’re looking to make your teeth as white as possible. A subtle pink gloss like Super Gloss in Femme will also help create the illusion of white teeth.

2. Don’t Over-Tan
If you fake-bake your face, don’t go overboard! By contrast, darker skin can make your teeth look whiter but if it’s too orange you’ll wind up throwing off the balance and causing orange looking teeth.
Your best bet is to skip the fake tan on your face altogether and instead use a bronzer to bring out your faux-glow. Our Bronzer Duos will help you on your way to a flawless sunless tan that doesn’t make your teeth look yellow.

3. Focus on the Eyes
If you don’t want to draw attention to your teeth, make your eyes pop instead and go neutral on the lips. Be bold with coloured eyeshadows in cooler shades like Hyacinth, or create a look with the gorgeous green in our Trend Maverick quad.

4.  Silver over Gold
Use soft silver shimmers rather than gold to counteract yellowing. Our Mineral Sheer Veil in Porcelian Veil is a great option if you want shimmer without the gold.

5. Blushing Beauty
Opt for cooler blush shades like soft pinks rather than coral or peach. Again, it’s all about counteracting that yellowing! Try our Mineral Matte Blush in Flirt or Mineral Gemstone Powder in Blush.

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ELES Primers work double-time to help protect, hydrate and improve your skin’s texture and create a base for your foundation which will ensure long-lasting coverage and a flawless finish.
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The Best Makeup for Acne Prone Skin

AnnaLynne McCord proved the power of makeup recently when she showed the world her make-up free face – blemishes and all.

Whether it’s the occasional blemish or serious acne, you’re faced with a bit of a catch 22 when it comes to makeup. When your skin is blemished you know it’s going to recover faster if you ditch the cosmetics but the idea of facing the world coverage-free is just too scary.

There is a solution to this problem and it’s called mineral. Mineral foundation allows the skin to breathe and contains ingredients such as titanium, zinc, magnesium and aluminum that naturally relax, refresh and rejuvenate the skin.

Try these products to build a flawless base and experience less frequent breakouts and all-round healthier skin.

ELES Pore Perfecting Primer
This wonder product works to combat shine in multiple ways: Immediately, our natural Dermat Complex absorbs oil and reduces pore size. While you wear it, Salicylic Acid levels out roughness and keeps foundation looking smooth, hour after hour. Over time, this revolutionary primer keeps on working to control oil breakthrough even after you take it off. The salicylic acid content and oil control properties help keep acne to a minimum.

Apply after cleansing and toning before, or even instead of, your moisturiser. Wait for the skin to absorb before applying foundation.
“If you add any product to your makeup bag make sure it is this one! It acts like a magnet to your mineral makeup holding it on all day long even a night on the town is no match. Love, Love, Love it!”

ELES Phototouch Concealer
This truly innovative mineral concealer has been carefully formulated with advanced Skin Optic Light technology to help diffuse and camouflage blemishes. Rich in Vitamins, A, C & E and Squalane, this concealer offers more than just coverage, it offers protection.
Use a lip brush (make sure you have one seperate lip brush to use on your actual lips and one to use for concealer if you’re going to do it this way) or your finger tip and put a spot of concealer on each of the blemishes you want to cover.
Don’t rub the concealer in, it will just move it around, instead pat it into the skin gently. If at first you feel like you can see the spots of concealer, leave it for a minute and see if the skin absorbs the product.
If you’re using a powder foundation, use your concealer before applying foundation. If liquid, do it after.

ELES Mineral Powder Foundation
Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide naturally shield skin against damaging ultraviolet light and help regulate oil glanes while Vitamins A, E and C condition the skin and provide anti-oxidant protection.
Natural, light reflective properties create a soft, diffused finish that camouflages redness, and scarring.
Use a Powder Brush or Kabuki Brush in circular motions to work powder into the skin. Keep building on the base until you are satisfied with the level of coverage. Don’t be shy with the brush either, most people tend to brush too lightly and never see just how much coverage they can really get out of their powder!
“Feels light as a feather. I sponge a little extra over my blemishes – covers redness and uneven skin tone without the caked on feeling of foundation…”

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