5 Products To Make Your Lips Look Sexier

5 products to make your lips look sexier

Let’s face it! The first thing that greets people when you meet them is your pretty face. So although a lot of people would say simplicity is beauty, us girls should always make sure we’re ready to have some photo snaps taken!

What’s the sexiest part of your face, if we may ask? Most of you would say it’s the eyes. Well we say, if you want to score a kiss or at least be noticed by that hunk at the party, make your lips look SEXIER!

Here are five ELES lip products that could make your lips soft, smooth, and sexy:

Super Balm

Who says all lip balms are sticky and tacky? Not this one. The ELES Super Balm not only provides your lips with high-shine shimmer. It also has vitamins A & E and sunscreen that will make your lips looking young and healthy. Use this on a regular day to provide your lips with the vitamins it needs for long-term benefits!

ELES Super Balm

Super Gloss

The tint makes you look made up in a single swipe! Great shades + sensuous shimmer — a brilliant formula you’ll get in the ELES Super Gloss!  We think Mr. Mystery wouldn’t miss your pout’s high shine!

ELES Super Gloss


Here’s a lip formula that makes your lips look fuller without irritation! LipTox goes beyond plumping to make lips look smoother, fuller and years younger. It contains Dermaxyl, an advanced peptide, known for it’s long-term wrinkle-smoothing benefits. Now, you’ll have wrinkle free lips like those you see in magazines!

ELES Liptox

Micro Bubble

More than just a lipstick, ours contain “Micro-bubbles” that continually release conditioners to keep lips soft and colour-fresh for hours. Those who’ve tried have raved about Micro Bubble Lipstick’s lasting colour, even after having dinner.

ELES Micro Bubble LIpstick

Automatic Lipliner

You have the power to define and shape your lips with the Automatic Lipliner! Make thin lips look fuller and plump lips appear smaller. The ELES Automatic Longlasting Lipliner is long lasting, waterproof and creamy texture in one automatic pencil. Preservative free and mineral oil-free. Contains anti-oxidants and Vitamins C and E.

ELES Automatic Lipliner

What lip product do you use most often?

a) lip balm
b) lip gloss
c) lipstick
d) lipliner

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Valentine’s Day Shades


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Valentine's Day ShadesIt’s almost Valentine’s Day, so get your glow on girls! Colour takes centre stage this month, with all shades of pink and red being the stars. Here are some hints on how you can get them flirting their ways across eyes, cheeks and lips.


Think lit from within. Clever use of highlighter means that any complexion can have a healthy radiance. Remember, less is more. Brush sparingly where light would naturally hit your face – brow bones, cheeks, and the tip of your nose. If applying liquid, blend a little into your foundation beforehand.

Eles Mineral Illuminator, $71.50, which uses reflective pigments to make skin look visibly younger. It also contains copper, zinc oxide and vitamins A, E and C to deliver nourishment and protection.

Eles Mineral Finishing Powder in Gemstone, $101.50.
The compact powder that contains a White Sapphire Complex, to soften lines and wrinkles. It also has four coordinated colour that combine together to enhance skin tone and balance the complexion.


Cheeks sport a burst of fresh colour, but are never doll or clown-like. Instead, they whisper wellness, with a ‘just-in-from-the-cold’ glow. Apply colour sparingly, building up depth slowly until you achieve the desired effect.

Hint: Blush will be deepest where you place your brush first. To ensure you don’t overload colour, tap brush to remove excess, and then start application at apples of cheeks, moving up towards temples.

Try: Eles Mineral Blush Compact, $39.50
This talc-free blush is the perfect shade of rosy pink, to enhance make any skin tone and improve its radiance.


Pinks are hero this month. The beauty is that they suit any eye shade and skin tone, and all ages can wear them confidently.

The trick is in the application. The paler your skin, the lighter the application – apply as a sheer wash of colour if you’re blonde haired and blue eyed (ditto if you’re over thirty). Olive and very dark complexions, and those in their twenties, can afford to go deeper with pigment, even applying as a wet shadow for an opaque finish (simply dampen your brush before dipping into the shadow).

Hint: If you’re very tired, or have a lot of redness in your skin, skip pink on your eyes. It will only make you look more tired or redder. Instead, play up pink on your lips and nails.

Eles Mineral Eyeshadow in Tourmaline, $26.90, or Eles Mineral Matte Shadow in Roselle, $26.90.


Lips can either be a soft subtle stain, or bold and beautiful. You decide. If you’re opting for a subtler look, try applying with the pad of your ring finger – it will appear as a light stain that looks “just-bitten”.

If you’re after a bolder look, use a lip brush and apply to the lips, not going outside the natural lip line. Finish by blotting with tissue to soften the look.

Eles Micro Bubble Lipstick in Micro Spice, Micro Ribbon or Micro Red, $39.50.
Eles Super Gloss in Super Candy or Super Raspberry, $33.75.


If you’re a little shy of wearing pink or red on your face, play up your nails. Ensure that they are well shaped and not too long, and choose a glossy, bright hue to really get you in the Valentine’s Day mood.

Try: Eles Island Nights Nail Enamel in Jelly Bean Dream, $20

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