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ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Spring Collection 2013

I really hope all women get to wake up to this kind of breakfast everyday! This lovely ELES spring collection is on my plate and I’m having this tomorrow morning. *all smiles*

The idea of spring makes me want to put on a sun dress, step on my favourite flip flops and pick flowers at the park. People often think that spring is all about the wild shades of pink, red, yellow. For this season’s makeup, ELES launched a sexy combination of slightly darker hues.

I think the shades would perfectly help achieve a dainty look. The idea is to highlight the eyes and keep the rest of the face looking fresh and simple, just like the look you want to achieve in the morning. You’re all made up but not overdone. You’re looking fresh but not pale.

The 60’s vibe makeup look is a brilliant idea, really! I don’t think anyone would ever go out of style with these shades.  I wanted to pull off a dainty lady look (which explains the china and flowers) but I thought I should keep the photo close to the actual colour. The ELES Dual Action Concealer is one of our star items and a lot of people are raving about how beautiful this product is. This concealer does not run when you get sweaty in the middle of the day. The ELES Micro Bubble in Nude is as sexy as it sounds. ♥

I’m going to show you the swatches and a photo of me with these lovely colours in a different post. In the meantime, here are the photos we took (Ricky helped me take the photos and I brought the flowers) during the mini photoshoot and the list of the products linked to the website.

ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Spring Collection 2013ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Spring Collection 2013ELES Spring Collection 2013 4

Dual Action Concealer
Eye Shadow Quad in Debutante
Dimensional Cake Liner in Plum Crazy
Brow Sculpt
Mineral blush in Coral Sun
Micro Bubble LIpstick in Micro Nude

What comes first into your mind when youhear the word SPRING?


Lip Primers: essential for lasting, luscious lips

ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup LIP PRIMER MICRO BUBBLEPrimers are essential to long lasting makeup. Eye primer increases the longevity of your eye shadow for minimal fall out, face primer ensures the smoothest possible base so your foundation whether it be liquid or powder, can easily glide over your face. So what about a lip primer?

Lip primers do the exact same thing but for your lips, to enhance lipstick. A smooth base is created filling the fine lines to prevent your lipstick bleeding away from the lips while ensuring a smooth application. I for one have two toned lips, they are pinker in the middle than they are on the edges. A lip primer provides a base for my lipstick to keep the colour true and even across my entire lip.

The ELES Pro Lip Primer SPF 15 is the secret weapon of every beauty pro! While amplifying lipstick wear it also makes lips appear fuller and more sensuous, thanks to the ELES exclusive peptide plumping complex. Super-antioxidants and SPF 15 combine to shield lips from sun damage, dehydration and environmental stress.

But don’t just take my word for it, check out the review from beauty blogger, Quest Jen who can tell you more about this secret little weapon, essential to every beauty bag –

Kanya x

ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup DIY Magnetic Makeup Palette how to

How to Make a DIY Magnet Board or Magnetic Makeup Palette

I recently discovered this new iPhone app called Snapguide which is a DIY haven. It’s where you’ll meet other crafty people like you and you’ll see the fun ideas other people are doing. I was feeling a bit creative and thinking of how I could arrange my eye shadow compacts, brow sculpt, and blushes in such a way that it’ll be easy for me to spot the shades and grab them in the morning.

You see, if I put them all in a box, no matter how I arrange them, I’ll just end up flipping them all to check the shade, put them back again. They’re so precious so I want to make sure I don’t shake them too much or I’ll break them. SO to solve my dilemma, I made a Magnetic Makeup Palette. I hope you’ll find this guide useful:

ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup DIY Magnetic Makeup Palette how toELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup DIY Magnetic Makeup Palette how toELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup DIY Magnetic Makeup Palette how toELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup DIY Magnetic Makeup Palette how toI’m planning to make 3 boards, at least. One board would be for all my eyeshadows, the second would be for my blushes, and the other would be for my photos. =)

Also check out ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup to see our Gift with Purchase promotions. They’re so hot, they’re almost always gone in a day or two. ♥

Happy midweek! ♥