Erase years off your face in a matter of minutes!

ELES cosmetics mineral makeup quick fix

We’re all on the quest to look “younger” naturally and the good news is there are many ways to slow down the aging process and aid us on our “youthful” mission—from quality skincare, sunscreen and facials to eating healthily and drinking plenty of water!

But for that “quick fix” these tips and tricks will have you looking years younger in no time at all. Just remember something as simple as the makeup we wear can also have a significant effect on how old people think we look!

Don’t believe me? Check them out and try for yourself…

1. Pore Perfection

Creating a flawless, almost airbrushed complexion really is dependent upon small, refined pores. Reduce pore size with a pore minimizing product. Try ELES Pore Perfecting Face Primer

2. Line elimination

As we age fine lines and wrinkles become more apparent. To conceal lines and flaws don’t cake your makeup or use a thick matte powder foundation that will settle into wrinkles making you look older! Instead opt for a light, hydrating foundation, BB Cream or CC Cream with light reflective technology that’ll hide flaws and even out skin tone. If it has broad spectrum SPF even better! Try ELES NEW CC Cream 20. The ultimate colour correcting balm with photo optic particles that deflect light and conceal flaws while letting your skins radiance shine through.

3. Get your glow back

Lost your glow? Then fake it! A few drops of Liquid Illuminator in your CC Cream or Foundation will leave your skin positively luminous. Try ELES Liquid Illuminator

4. Instant Eye Lift

Dark circles under the eyes can make anyone look tired and in turn older. Ensure you are armed with a fabulous concealer! Try ELES Dual Action Concealer. Dark circles literally disappear beneath this lightweight, peachy corrector. Pat beneath the eyes for an instant eye lift!

Extra tip: For even more youthful eyes, rim the inner waterline of the lower lashes with either white (or better still a taupe-toned) eyeliner. The holy grail of many a celebrity makeup artist this will instantly make eyes look younger and brighter. Add lashings of mascara to the top lashes and this will open up your eyes making them look wider too! It will also help detract from sagging eyelids.

6. Bold yet beautiful brows

Fuller, well-shaped brows immediately adds structure and lift above the eye that you lose with age.
Use a good brow pencil or try ELES Brow Sculpt to fill in, shape, correct and emphasize the natural arch of the brow. Just sweep the light shade through the brows and mimic hair with the dark side for youthful, natural looking brows.

7. Pout perfection

Lips naturally lose plumpness and volume with age. Steer clear of deep matte lippie shades that’ll make lips appear thinner while weighing down your complexion. Instead be armed with a sheer volumising gloss with built in lip moisturiser that’ll give volume and plumpness and of course that much desired youthful pout, naturally! Try ELES Colour Balm

ELES Mineral Makeup quick fix

No cheekbones? Here’s how to fake them

This is how you fake it ELES Cosmetics supermodel cheekbonesIf you love watching runway fashion shows and scanning through fashion magazines, you’ll notice that trends vary from season to season. And while seasonal looks change in a blink of an eye, classic makeup never ever goes out of style. If you envy those supermodel cheekbones and think you’re far from gifted, good news girl, you can fake them and still look natural. Here’s how:

Create a dewy base

Transform your skin’s texture from pale to a natural, healthy glow with your favourite liquid foundation/BB cream mixed with a little illuminating serum OR try our NEW luminous CC Cream. A clean canvas always makes a great artwork and this can easily be achieved using premium mineral makeup. Top with a finishing powder to seal.

We recommend: ELES Liquid Powder Foundation, ELES Age-Defying BB Cream 30, ELES Luminous CC Cream 20, ELES Liquid Illuminator, ELES Mineral Gemstone Finishing Powder


Always aim for a natural look. You might want to skip the overly chiseled cheeks like those of the runway stars as you don’t want to look fake while you’re out dealing with your usual stuff. Using a blush brush, lightly apply a mineral bronzer one shade darker to the hollows of the cheeks and you’ll see a slimmer shape of your face starting to form. Apply highlighter right on top of the apple of your cheeks and on your t-zone for a natural shine.

We recommend: ELES Mineral Bronzer


Let your cheeks stand out! Using the right shade, apply blush on the apple of your cheeks. The rich colour of the blush against the bronzer will create a beautiful contrast and will fulfil the contouring technique.

We recommend: our highly pigmented ELES Baked Blush

Selecting and applying the right colour of blush correctly could be an even harder task. Below is a quick guide on how to apply blush according to your face shape and if you want more tips on picking the right shade for your complexion, read our post: Blushing Beauty 101: How to select and apply the perfect blush


Do you have questions related to makeup? Let us know in the comments below.