Sleeping in makeup – what it really does to our skin

What girl doesn’t love makeup! It can literally transform the way we look and feel! But sadly with every good, comes bad, and makeup is no exception to the rule!

ELES Cosmetics Makeup Australia - sleeping in makeup

There is a downside to wearing makeup – the affect it can have on our skin if it’s not property removed at the end of the day. I’m pretty sure the majority of us could admit to sleeping with makeup on at some stage of our lives. I know I’m guilty of it, perhaps one time to many! But after learning these simple facts, like me, you might think twice about doing it again!

What makeup does to your skin while you are sleeping…

  1. Eye irritation and sensitivity

Neglecting to remove eye makeup whether it be the entire shebang or just a little layer of mascara, can cause dryness, irritation, redness and even infection! This is because the particles from mascara can harbour harmful pathogens and if it gets into the delicate eye area can cause havoc.

No thank you.

  1. Dry, dull complexion

Our skin is covered in pores which allow us to sweat and secrete sebum, a natural lubricant that moisturises skin and removes dead skin cells. Makeup can trap these dead skin cells, preventing them from shedding and leaving us with a dry, dull complexion. Just remember sleep is the body’s time to repair itself from the stress of the day. While you sleep, new healthy skin cells are created.

  1. Spots

Even if you’re not normally prone to spots, you’ll soon see that sleeping with a face full of makeup can and will result in breakouts. Eek! Makeup unfortunately clogs pores, and when your pores are blocked, your skin can’t breathe, and therefore it can’t regenerate. The oil in your pores builds-up and transform itself into spots. Fact.

  1. Premature aging

Sleeping in your makeup can trap dirt and pollutants inside the skin, therefore increasing your exposure to free radicals. This is turn can lead to collagen breakdown. If collagen can’t be produced properly, your skin will age faster.

Scary right? Fear not, if you have only been subject to sleeping with makeup on a few times there is no long term effect but it’s definitely not something you want to make a habit of. Yes sometimes it’s hard not to just want to climb into your comfy bed after a long day or a big night out even, but if that’s the case and your usual cleansing routine seems like way to much of an effort, opt for a quick, easy and effective cleanser that you can even use from the luxury of our bed!

ELES Cosmetics - sleeping in makeup 3


ELES Transformation Cleansing Oil. Packed full of anti-aging and nourishing ingredients, it literally melts away makeup and impurities without stripping skin’s natural moisture, all while helping it maintain a balanced and hydrated complexion.

Also ensure you use sensitivity tested or breathable makeup free of potential irritants such a fragrance, talc, oil, dyes and parabens.


ELES Liquid Powder Foundation. Its ‘non-occlusive’ long-lasting formula allows the foundation to enhance the complexion without covering up the skin, allowing it to “breathe” freely.

ELES Sensitive Eye Mascara. Hypoallergenic and sensitivity-tested, this fragrance-free water based mascara is perfect for the most sensitive of eyes. It lengthens, separates and darkens lashes without clumping. It dries quickly and resists smudging under eyes.

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Who wore it best at the Oscars? Makeup looks rocking it this year!

Soft pink lips, a touch of blush, fierce wings and vampy lip colours, this year’s Oscars bought an array of makeup looks from natural elegance to rock chic ready…

ELES Cosmetics - OSCARS - Salma Hayek ELES Cosmetics - OSCARS - Margot RobbieELES Cosmetics - OSCARS - Jennifer LawrenceELES Cosmetics - OSCARS - Emily Blunt

…but our favourite look of the night was adorned by the lovely Emma Stone who opted for monochromatic makeup, one of the biggest makeup trends of 2018.

ELES Cosmetics - OSCARS - Emma Stone

For those not familiar with the term, monochromatic makeup simply refers to a look which uses one colour in multiple areas of the face, in this instance eyes and cheeks and lips.

We cannot get enough of her peachy lid and cheek combo and the best part is it’s easy to pull off, and, we are going to show you how!

OSCARS: Monochromatic Makeup Look

  1. Prep your skin

Choose a base and shade that best complements your skin tone. In Emma’s case we’d use the Mineral Foundation Powder in Nude. Apply all over face using a powder brush.

  1. Choose your colour scheme

Decide on the colour you want to use for the monochromatic look, then include multiple shades of that colour for all of your features. Colours that work great are reds, pinks, bronzes and oranges.

  1. Build your eyes

Take your blush, Baked Blush in Tulip, and using a blending brush, blend all over eye lid up through the crease and to just under the brow bone. Then apply Mineral Shadow Tourmaline to the inner corners of the eyes and beneath the brow bone, blend out the edges. Using a flat definer brush also apply the Mineral Matte Shadow in Tourmaline along the lower lash lines. Next take Mineral Matte Shadow in Terra Peach and wet it to create more intense colour. Apply to outer corners of eyes.

Using a flat definer brush apply Mineral Matte Shadow in Indigo to the upper lash line. Next take the Superwear Gel Liner in Baroque and apply along the lower lash lines and smudge out with a small tapered blending brush.

Finish with two coast of Lush Mascara in Black to both the upper and lower lashes.

  1. Apply your blush

Using a blush brush, apply Baked Blush in Tulip (same blush applied initially to eyes) to the apples of your cheeks and sweep upward into hairline.

  1. Layer your lips

Complete the look with a lip shade that will compliment the blush colour chosen as well as complete the monochromatic look. Try Moisture Crème Lipstick in Peach. Finish with Pucker-Up Lipgloss in Air Kiss.

Follow these five simple steps and you’ll be channelling Emma Stone in next to no time! Monochromatic looks are an easy way to look flawless and sophisticated without too much effort!

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Need some last minute help with your Valentine’s evening makeup?!

ELES - Natural Valentine's Day Makeup

Perfect for Valentine’s Day (and night) — Australia supermodel Shanina Shaik sporting the “no makeup” makeup look

Whether it be for a date-night with a loved-one or a fun night out with the girls, here are some makeup tips on how to be date-ready this Valentine’s Day!


A fresh face that appears free of makeup is one of the most coveted looks. After all who doesn’t want to look like they have flawless skin without even trying?

Firstly apply a long-lasting base they’ll keep makeup in place in this hot weather! Smooth all over face and neck and spread gently to even the complexion. Remember less is more!

For natural sun-kissed radiance apply bronzer. Use it to contour beneath your cheeks and jawline to “slim” the face, add a swipe to the forehead for that little extra “natural tan”.

A clever use of highlighter means that any complexion can have a healthy radiance. Apply sparingly where light would naturally hit your face – brow bones, cheeks and the tip of the nose.


  • ELES Age Defying BB Cream 30 – it primes, tints, nourishes, evens out skin tone and protects all in one. And upon application skin appears more uniform and luminous. I promise!
  • ELES NEW Anti-oxidant Bronzer this multi-faceted bronzer offers a subtle bronzed hue and is rich in vitamins C & E to condition the skin as well as help combat the damaging effects of free radical scavengers!
  • ELES Illuminator – a sheer, lightweight liquid illuminator that imparts a natural radiance to the skin creating the ultimate shimmer or subtle bronze glow. You can also bend into foundation for an all over luminosity or apply to decollaté for sun-kissed radiance.


Apply eye shadow according to your eye shape below.

ELES - Natural Valentine's Day Makeup

Then take your bronzer and apply just above the crease of the eyelid and beneath the lower lash line for a natural smokey eye.

Next coat lashes with mascara by applying from the base to the tip in a slow sweeping motion, for thicker and longer lashes, allow to semi-dry and apply a second coat.



Use a light hand when doing your brows.


  • ELES Brow Blender in Dark Taupe. With the spool end brush the brows, then using the short soft strokes, apply pencil to achieve a natural effect, brush again to mute the edges.


To complete the look, finish with a nude lippie with a touch of pink.


Glowing skin and makeup what more could you want?

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How To: Natural, Easy Makeup by Heidi Hamoud

It’s always so exciting when a prominent YouTube influencer creates a look with ELES Cosmetics!  We were thrilled when Heidi Hamoud shared not one but six of our favourite products with over 416,000 followers!

Heidi Hamoud created a look we love, not only is it so easy to apply, it’s drop, dead gorgeous and ideal for summer nights in Oz:

Here’s the full video:

Here’s the step by step guide:

Heidi Hamoud x ELES Cosmetics - sandFirst Heidi used ELES Mineral Matte Shadow in Sand to help create a perfect base for a natural smokey eye…Heidi Hamoud x ELES Cosmetics - twigHeidi then pressed the ELES Mineral Matte Shadow Twig to the eye socket, blending out into the crease and used the same shadow under the lower lashes for a soft and pretty effect.Heidi Hamoud x ELES Cosmetics - lash fortify mascaraThis was followed with the ELES Lash Fortify Mascara which Heidi stated she loves for its great wand and the way it lifted her lashes.Heidi Hamoud x ELES Cosmetics - BB Cream 30Heidi then used the ELES Age-Defying BB Cream 30 saying she wanted a natural and light alternative to foundation for humid days and nights.  She applied this with a damp Pro-Blender Sponge for a light and sheer effect.Heidi Hamoud x ELES Cosmetics - brow blenderHeidi then used the ELES Brow Blender in Dark Taupe to fill in and shape the brows and softened the effect with the brush end.Heidi Hamoud x ELES Cosmetics - summer daze paletteFinally she swept a little Bronzer and Blush from the Summer Daze Collection Palette to complete the look saying she loved the bronzer which was so easy to blend out.Heidi Hamoud x ELES Cosmetics - finished lookThe Finished Look – simply stunning!

Thank you Heidi Hamoud for sharing a look we all love for balmy summer nights.

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