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March Promo: Barefaced Beauty

LESS is DEFINITELY MORE! Nude hues and sparkle-free bronzed skin is in this Autumn Season. A barely there look with a touch of pink blush accentuates your face’s good features. With the right makeup, you can definitely get a blemish-free barefaced beauty like that of Hollywood’s prettiest faces Jennifer Lawrence and Keira Knightley. =) How […]

5 Products To Make Your Lips Look Sexier

Let’s face it! The first thing that greets people when you meet them is your pretty face. So although a lot of people would say simplicity is beauty, us girls should always make sure we’re ready to have some photo snaps taken! What’s the sexiest part of your face, if we may ask? Most of […]

Long Lasting Makeup for the Summer Season

The scorching heat and humidity of the summer months could make dressing up for work or for a party a bit hard since that would include not only the attire that you’re wearing but also your makeup as well. During the summer season, our skin tends to produce more oil so the kind of makeup […]