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Liane Scior has over 20 year of experience in the beauty industry. She is a certified beauty therapist and makeup artist and educator for the professional beauty industry in Australasia. Liane has worked with many leading skin care brands and owns and operates her own spa on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. She is also a product distributor and developer of makeup and skin care products. Described as an encyclopedia of beauty knowledge with a no-nonsense approach she’s often sought out by the beauty media for her opinions and comments. With a passion for all things beauty that began at the tender age of five when she received her first perfume she admits to being a cosmetic junkie but justifies it by saying it’s all for research.

6 Makeup Habits That Might Be Ageing You

Remember the days of youth when you could cover your blemishes, slap on some mascara and gloss, a little makeup and look “done”? Why on earth did so many of us waste that opportunity to embrace natural beauty?

The irony is that many of us 40+’s now find ourselves using a lot less makeup believing everything should to be soft and muted. Mature women are featured in makeup videos and made up like soft focus grandmas! Enough!

Makeup for the mature (I prefer to call it Youth Enhancing Makeup) is not about hiding behind multi layers of pastels, it’s about two things; defying gravity and redefining the features.

And while makeup does not guarantee a more youthful appearance; some of the most common makeup mistakes can actually age you!


Yes, we need brows to look youthful; they frame the eyes and lift the face. Many of us tweezed our brows to thin lines in the 80’s only to find they never grew back. However, harsh, red toned brows (for some reason many brow pencils are red toned?) make us look hard and older. The goal is to create natural looking thicker brows like the ones we used to have. Opt for taupe colour brow products instead of warm browns; these will frame your eyes beautifully without taking over your face. Apply the brow product in soft stokes to create the illusion of natural hair.

We recommend ELES Brow Blenders, the soft pencil is easily used to fill in the gaps and then simply brush through the brows to soften the effect.

Mistake No 2: COOL SKIN BASE

Many foundations and BB Creams come in warm and cool tones. Opt for warmer tones that help counteract complexion pinkness that comes with thinning of the skin and exposure of fine capillaries. Warmer tones also conceal shadows better which means you need less concealer.

We recommend ELES BB Cream, it’s packed with nature’s anti-ageing actives and leaves the skin glowing.


As we mature and the face loses its youthful “plumpness” shadows appear; under the eyes, around the nose, at the corners of the mouth etc. It’s tempting to reach for a heavy duty, ultra-light shade concealer to hide these dark areas. The problem is that they just make the dark shadows look grey as opposed to concealing them. Opt instead for peachy toned, lightweight concealers that won’t cake on the skin and counteract the blue in the shadows.

We recommend ELES Dual Action Concealer, this is like 8 hours sleep in a tube!


As the upper lid of the eye is crepe paper thin it tends to droop as we age and the upper crease of the eye becomes obscured, therefore the eyeshadow on the upper eyelid also becomes obscured. If you are extremely skilled at applying makeup you can fake the crease with exacting eye shadow application. However many of us don’t have the time or inclination on a daily basis to fuss with this, so apply a dark fine line through the upper lashes and a softer brighter eyeliner beneath the lashes instead. This “lifts” the eyes making them appear younger, then simply apply a warm shade of brown on the eyelids with the eyes open to ensure you can actually see the shadow. This method is quick and easy! Finally apply two coats of mascara to the upper lashes only to help conceal the eyelid that has dropped. Remember; Darker on top, light below. Shimmer shades under the lower lashes brighten the eyes and give a more youthful look.

We recommend ELES Superwear Gel Eyeliner, its soft and easy to blend out and once set won’t transfer to the lids.

Mistake No 5: COOL BLUSH

Simple, use warm coral and peachy shades, which always look more vibrant on the skin rather than cold pink/mauve shades. This will also make the iris of your eyes more vibrant!

We recommend ELES Baked Blush in Bouquet, it’s natural and warm and suits almost everyone.


As we lose volume in our lips fine lines not only appear around the lips but on the lips themselves. Frosted lip colours enhance these lines. Instead, opt for cream lipstick that makes the lips look fuller and smoother, many of these contain moisturising molecules that plump the lips and keep them hydrated longer.

We recommend ELES Colour Balm in Nude, its super hydrating, lasts for hours and looks like perfectly coloured natural lips.

Follow these steps and you’ll create a youthful, flattering makeup that re-defines the features which is always more effective than trying to hide flaws!

See this example of makeup mistakes on the left and correct application on the right and you be the judge, which one looks better?

ELES Cosmetics youth makeup Anti Ageing

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Turn back the clock with highlighters

ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Liquid IlluminatorIf a highlighter is not part of your daily makeup routine, you might as well send your skin to the retirement home.

Long before all other signs of ageing set in, facial hollows, dark bags, lines and wrinkles, sorry to be a Debbie Downer! Your skin begins to lose its glow and becomes more sallow and dull.

But it’s never too late to turn back the clock. A contoured, well defined face with a gorgeous glow is just one product away, that’s right, fake it with ELES Liquid Illuminator.

Used properly, a highlighter can revive a dull complexion, accentuate cheekbones, slenderize the nose and even camouflage skin ageing. In a nutshell, nothing can mimic a facelift like a well applied highlighter.

So how do you use it?

ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Australia BEFORE AND AFTER LIQUID ILLUMINATOR 806 x 806

To brighten the skin

Simply add a small pea size amount into your regular foundation or BB Cream for a subtle, luminous glow.

To accentuate the cheekbones

Apply in a “V” directly to the high points of the cheeks patting out to the hairline and coming back just under the brow

To emphasise the neck and decollete

Apply to high points ie: down the centre of the neck, on the collar bones and on the chest avoiding the cleavage.

To slim down the nose

Simply pat a fine line down the centre of the nose, the longer the line, the longer the nose will appear.

To brighten the eyes and reduce a fatigued look

Apply a very thin layer to the inner eye area at the bridge of the nose and follow with a deeper layer around the tear ducts in small “V”.

To accentuate a pout

Give the illusion of a fuller pout by applying a small dab just above the cupid’s bow on your lip.

ELES Liquid Illuminators come in 3 gorgeous shades:

ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Liquid Illuminator composite

Champagne for fair and cool skin tones.

Bronze for medium/cool skin tones.

Deep Bronze for a sun-kissed look on any skin tone or for highlights to darker/warm skin tones.

To find out more visit

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From red lips to glowy skin and the return of low ponytail, read about the themes that occurred again and again at the European spring/summer 2015 fashion shows.



The “no makeup” makeup is a strong theme this season.  Move over heavy makeup and enter the world of tinted moisturisers, BB Creams and Concealers to achieve the perfect bare faced beauty.  We recommend ELES BB Cream, in Light, Medium and Deep for great coverage you can’t see!



It’s a purple haze this season as all the plumb, lilac and violet shades emerge on the eyes and nails to offset warm coral lips.  Try ELES Matte Eye shadow in Hyacinth for a soft icy take on this super-cool look.



Rich berry red, bright orange red and true matte red, they’re all back!  After a season of heavy eyes and “barely there” lips the classic red lip makes a welcome comeback.  Get your pucker up with ELES Colour Balm in Classique for a modern take on an old friend.



In keeping with the trend for “natural and real” beauty, hair partings are moving to centre stage and the aim is to make them less precise and a little askew.



Big, bold, high definition brows move aside for a softer, less defined brow, we recommend ELES Brow Sculpt for a wash of colour rather than a harsh line



Hair is messy but adorned with accessories for an added touch of femininity.  The look is romantic and sweet and anything goes!



Black eyeliner never goes out of style but this year we’ve been more creative; grungy smokey liner, half and half eyeliner (only apply to the outer half of the upper and lower lashes) and heavy bottom eyeliner take over from the precise classic cat eye.  Try our new Gel Liners for lasting and versatile effects



No more powdery, matte complexions, skin is decidedly dewy and luminous. Highlighters, bronzers and moisture rich foundations are the go and the more multi-tasking the better!  We love ELES Mineral Bronzer in Rio De Janeiro, it adds both dimension and subtle shine for a true summer glow



Whether from need to get ready quickly each day or from a desire to return to the 70’s the night time plait and crimpy hair has re-emerged.  This summer the trend is to look relaxed and youthful and less coiffed.  Texturizing hair sprays feature strong in the desire for “bed hair” and soft waves make a comeback.



Always elegant and timeless the low pony makes a comeback, however, put away your combs and brushes the look is more textured and messy.  Think “I’m five years old and doing this myself”.  Great for keeping cool in summer and hiding the “greasies” between hair washes!



Gold is back!  Gold accessories and gold eye-shadow are very on-trend this season and the more the better!  We love ELES Superwear Gel Liner in Baroque, smudge it around your eyes for grungy glitz and glamour



Can’t decide what colour to wear? Easy, wear them all, multi-colour nails take over from fussy nail art and any combination goes.  At $15 a pop you can stock up on ELES healthy nail formulas and go colour mad!

What is your favourite trend for Spring/Summer 2014?

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Pink Out Loud | Be on-trend this Spring with ELES

Spring emerges with a “Pop” of sophisticated colour! Skin is luminous with a kiss of bronze and berry cheeks, eyes are sophisticated with a vintage cat flick and lashings of mascara and lips steal the show with a burst of pink.

See what 3 top Australian Beauty Bloggers are saying about the ELES Pink Out Loud collection…

ELES Cosmetics Australia Mineral Makeup blog Sharon The Makeup Artist Pink Out Loud

“I felt like cracking into some bright colours for my makeup today and thought it would be a great opportunity to try some products from the Eles Spring range. I’ve already been using the Rio De Janeiro Bronzer in my most recent videos and loving it so I was dying to give the lipstick and blush a try! This lipstick in Micro Flamingo is gorgeous – it’s a really light texture and slightly sheer at first but builds to an intense fuschia pink. It also left a stain once the moisture had worn off which I consider a plus.

The Mineral Blush in Mixed Berries is probably a tad too dark for my fair skin, I had to use a very light hand to avoid looking like Aunt Sally but I can see that it would be beautiful on a medium to dark skin colour. It’s sheer buildable formula has a matte texture and the berry tone works really well with that Flamingo lipstick.”

See Sharon The Makeup Artist full post here.

ELES Cosmetics Australia Mineral Makeup blog Tried and Tested Blog“The ELES Sensitive Eyes Mascara comes in sleek packaging and is targeted towards those with sensitive eyes but this mascara is perfect for any glasses or contact wearers as well thanks to its fragrance free, botanical formula which ensures no irritation to the eyes. With a bristled wand as opposed to a plastic one, this mascara works wonderfully to not only give length and volume but also to define and separate the lashes.

The formula of the mascara is one on the drier side when compared to some other mascaras but that simply means that the mascara is easy to build up and apply! The mascara wore wonderfully on the eyes and only after a very long day was there only a slight breakdown of the mascara on the lower lash line (though this may just be a personal thing as this occurs to me with nearly all mascaras!) but other than that, throughout the day there was no smudging or flaking and so it definitely holds up on a normal day of wear.”

See Tried & Tested full blog post here.

ELES Cosmetics Australia Mineral Makeup blog NJT BloggerI have many gorgeous pieces from the ELES Cosmetics line but nothing can compare to a good eyeliner that slightly shimmers with added sparkles.

The cake liner comes in a little small compact, see-through top circular case that flips open. The duo is sectioned into two litle parts that has the black liner on one side and then the shimmer black liner on the other. As with all ELES Cosmetics products they always have elegant simple packaging that makes their everlasting mark.

See NJT Reviews full blog post here.

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