Best Eye Shadow for you by Star Sign

Are you in a bit of a makeup rut?  Wear the same colours day after day because they are safe?  Why not mix it up a bit and improve your life at the same time by choosing makeup colours that mesh with your zodiac sign!

Astrology guru, Michele Bernhardt, shares advice on what eye shadow colours of your sign you should wear.  She claims wearing the suggested colours can add balance to your life… who couldn’t use more of that?


Your best eye shadow colour is: Yellow

One to try: Yellow Diamond

Why: Energizing and stimulating, this is a colour filled with radiance and light. It has the ability to lift your spirits. Wearing it increases your memory and communication skills.


Your best eye shadow colour is: Green

One to try: Jade

Why: This colour rejuvenates the spirit. It resonates with stability and healing and gives you balance of strength and substance. Wearing it helps heal the body and attract wealth and prosperity.


Your best eye shadow colour is: Red

One to try: Tourmaline

Why: This colour signifies passion, strength and courage. Wear it to increase your strength, energy and vitality when beginning something new or initiating action.


Your best eye shadow colour is: Pink

One to try: Sandstone

Why: This colour inspires love and can be worn in times of change or transition. It is also a good colour to wear when you’re in need of emotional healing. Wearing it opens the heart and increases receptivity.


Your best eye shadow colour is: Orange

One to try: Terra Peach

Why: This colour resonates with power and greatness. Wearing it increases joy and optimism and also assists in aligning you with riches and your position in life.


Your best eye shadow colour is: Royal blue

One to try: Indigo

Why: This colour resonates with beauty, purity and wisdom. It helps ease tension and promotes tranquillity. Wearing blue opens the mind and encourages patience and eloquence.


Your best eye shadow colour is: Light blue

One to try: Bermuda

Why: This colour signifies love, beauty and balance. It embodies the essence of peace and serenity while inspiring you to be strong and take decisive action. Wearing it promotes balance and a sense of well-being.


Your best eye shadow colour is: Burgundy/berry

One to try: Roselle

Why: This colour inspires depth, strength and love. It helps you move through times of transition. Wearing shades of burgundy increases your perception, persistence and drive.


Your best eye shadow colour is: Turquoise

One to try: Turquoise

Why: This colour will enhance wisdom and optimism. Wear it while traveling or exploring. It promotes tolerance and understanding and is useful in dealing with others who have alternative points of view.


Your best eye shadow colour is: Earthy brown

One to try: Bronzite

Why: Logical and surefooted, this is a colour of substance and determination. It helps you feel stable and responsible. Wearing it promotes practicality and aids you in manifesting your dreams.


Your best eye shadow colour is: Purple

One to try: Hyacinth

Why: This colour invokes the qualities of humanity and kindness. It helps you practice and understand detachment. Wearing shades of this colour gives you a sense of community and enhances friendships.


Your best eye shadow colour is: Sea foam green

One to try: Jade

Why: This colour helps guide people between the inner and outer world. It evokes qualities of trust and clarity and helps you see past the world of appearances. Wearing it will increase your faith and psychic abilities.