Blushing Beauty 101: How to select and apply the perfect blush

Including blush in your makeover can warm up your complexion, make you look healthier and can create the illusion of cheekbones, but picking the right colour for your skin tone and then applying it correctly is no mean feat! There’s an art to choosing the perfect blush shade, and it involves understanding your complexion and face shape.

Choosing your blush shade

The main rule for choosing a blush colour is to work with, not against, your skin tone.

One option is to try the pinch test! All you have to do is pinch your cheeks to see what colour you naturally blush and try to match with that. However having two or three shades in your repertoire can help you achieve different looks depending on your mood so carry on reading what will work best for you and you’ll be a blushing beauty in no time!

As a general rule of thumb if your skin tone falls in the very fair, porcelain range, soft pink and apricot shades work well.

Ash and platinum blondes will look fabulous with soft bubblegum pink shades.

For medium complexions (tan, golden or olive skin tones) opt for warmer shades like peach, rose and coral. A bronze-tinged shade will really boost olive skin too.

And if your complexion falls in the dark range choose a cheek colour that adds warmth. Terra cotta or even red-orange shades really flatter darker skin.
How to Apply your blush

  1. Finish off your base with primer and foundation and let it sink in and dry completely before you apply blush.
  2. Take ELES Powder Blush Brush and sweep it across your blush compact then tap any excess powder off. Remember you can always add more blush but removing it becomes tricky so go for less product to begin with and build if you feel it’s necessary,
  3. Look in the mirror and smile to find out where the apples of your cheeks are.
  4. Follow the guide below and apply blush to area of cheeks dependant on your face shape.
  5. If it’s not intense enough for you, repeat these steps.

Tip: The NEW ELES Baked Blush can be applied dry or wet. If you want more colour, apply wet with a makeup sponge for more intensity.