Perfect eyeshadow for your eyes, every time

Eyeshadow palettes are versatile, and can be used to create many a look for day and night! Yet with an extensive array of eye shadow colours, from soft neutrals to vibrant brights, how do you know what colours are best suited to you? Follow these simple steps and learn how to create the perfect eyeshadow for your eyes, every time.

  1. Firstly you need to consider your eye colour and then decipher what hues will work best for you.

Margot Robbie Blue Eyes

Actress Margot Robbie has beautiful blue eyes.

Blue Eyes – Opt for warmer shades if you fall under the ‘blue’ category. Think soft earthy browns, warm taupes, subtle plums, terracotta, light peaches and even greys.

Abbie Cornish - Green Eyes

Abbie Cornish HAS Green EYES.

Green Eyes – Any variation of purple looks beautiful on green eyes. From violets to plums to browns with a reddish undertone.

Rose Byrne - Brown Eyes

Rose Byrne always looks sexy with her brown eyes.

Brown Eyes – Brown is a neutral colour and therefore doesn’t compete with any other colours. This means that those with brown eyes really can opt for any hues they like! Try warm earthy tones, teals, greens, purples and even metallic hues and they will offset the gold flecks in the eye.

Kristen Stewart - Hazel Eyes

Kirsten Stewart exudes that mysterious vibe with her hazel eyes.

Hazel Eyes – Hazel eyes contain a wide variation of both green and brown tones, this means those with hazel eyes can be more adventurous and wear shades from both the green and brown colour families.

  1. Decipher your eye shape.

eye shape

Almond Eyes – just about every shadow look, whether it be a heavier full on evening look or a soft and subtle day look, will work for those with almond eyes.

Hooded Lids – less is more when it comes to eye shadow application for those with hooded lids. The shape creates natural shadows so just use subtle brightening shades. This will keep lids from looking too heavy.

Round Eyes – for those with the ‘wide-open’ eye shape stick to softer colours, nothing too heavy, keep it light.

  1. Choose darker shades for the outside of your eye and lighter colours on the inside. This will make your eyes look bigger and brighter. Add white eye shadow on the inner corners of your eyes to really make them pop.
  1. Blending your eyeshadows is without a doubt one of the most important factors to achieving stand out eyes. Use a blending brush (try the ELES Tapered Blending Brush) for professional application and smooth unison of colours.

ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Australia May Newsletter

Stunning Faces at the Golden Globe Awards 2015

Golden Globe Awards 2015Unroll the red carpet, turn the lights and music on…

Ladies, we present to you the stunning women of the Golden Globe Awards 2015! *applause*

Gosh, they’re mesmerising! The Golden Globes is an event that fashion and makeup mavens (not just in the US but around the world) anticipate every year. This year, the dresses are simpler yet more elegant. Us girls here at the ELES ROOM look out for the makeup and it’s not surprising that most of the celebrities wore very simple, natural look.

Smokey eyes + rosy pink lips = goddess!

Get the #GoldenGlobes signature look with these ELES favourites:

Golden Globe 2015

Images were taken from Popsugar.


Still hungover and gushing about the #GoldenGlobes beauties <3
Here are some snaps from the backstage instagram booth.
Maybe we should have an instagram booth in the office!
Golden Globe 2015 Instagram Booth

Classic Cat Eye Styles of our Favourite Celebs

ELES Cosmetics Makeup Cat eye celebritiesCleopatra’s secret: Her winged eyes.

No wonder her beauty and charm mesmerised and influenced the most powerful men during her time. After thousands of years since her reign, not much has changed with the famous beauty trend. It was, it is and it will forever be a classic makeup look that beautified our history. Here’s our list of celebs who gave/give this classic look different personalities:

Silver Screen Star
Margot Robbie & Mila Kunis
ELES Cosmetics Makeup Cat eye celebrities Margot Robbie
ELES Cosmetics Makeup Cat eye celebrities Mila Kunis

Queen of the Catwalk
Kate Moss
ELES Cosmetics Makeup Cat eye celebrities Kate Moss

Fashion Maiden
Audrey Hepburn & Lauren Conrad
ELES Cosmetics Makeup Cat eye celebrities Audrey Hepburn ELES Cosmetics Makeup Cat eye celebrities Lauren Conrad

Dashing Diva
Adele & Amy Winehouse
ELES Cosmetics Makeup Cat eye celebrities Adele
ELES Cosmetics Makeup Cat eye celebrities Amy Winehouse


The Glamorous Mama
Elizabeth Taylor & Angelina Jolie
ELES Cosmetics Makeup Cat eye celebrities Elizabeth Taylor ELES Cosmetics Makeup Cat eye celebrities Angelina Jolie

The Sex Symbol
Brigitte Bardot & Marilyn Monroe
ELES Cosmetics Makeup Cat eye celebrities Brigitte Bardot ELES Cosmetics Makeup Cat eye celebrities Marilyn Monroe

Which cat eye celeb personality is closest to yours?


Check out our NEW Eyeliner Collection that helps you achieve that cat eye you desire – noir profond or sparkling.

ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup promotion eyeliner collection


Pink Out Loud | Be on-trend this Spring with ELES

Spring emerges with a “Pop” of sophisticated colour! Skin is luminous with a kiss of bronze and berry cheeks, eyes are sophisticated with a vintage cat flick and lashings of mascara and lips steal the show with a burst of pink.

See what 3 top Australian Beauty Bloggers are saying about the ELES Pink Out Loud collection…

ELES Cosmetics Australia Mineral Makeup blog Sharon The Makeup Artist Pink Out Loud

“I felt like cracking into some bright colours for my makeup today and thought it would be a great opportunity to try some products from the Eles Spring range. I’ve already been using the Rio De Janeiro Bronzer in my most recent videos and loving it so I was dying to give the lipstick and blush a try! This lipstick in Micro Flamingo is gorgeous – it’s a really light texture and slightly sheer at first but builds to an intense fuschia pink. It also left a stain once the moisture had worn off which I consider a plus.

The Mineral Blush in Mixed Berries is probably a tad too dark for my fair skin, I had to use a very light hand to avoid looking like Aunt Sally but I can see that it would be beautiful on a medium to dark skin colour. It’s sheer buildable formula has a matte texture and the berry tone works really well with that Flamingo lipstick.”

See Sharon The Makeup Artist full post here.

ELES Cosmetics Australia Mineral Makeup blog Tried and Tested Blog“The ELES Sensitive Eyes Mascara comes in sleek packaging and is targeted towards those with sensitive eyes but this mascara is perfect for any glasses or contact wearers as well thanks to its fragrance free, botanical formula which ensures no irritation to the eyes. With a bristled wand as opposed to a plastic one, this mascara works wonderfully to not only give length and volume but also to define and separate the lashes.

The formula of the mascara is one on the drier side when compared to some other mascaras but that simply means that the mascara is easy to build up and apply! The mascara wore wonderfully on the eyes and only after a very long day was there only a slight breakdown of the mascara on the lower lash line (though this may just be a personal thing as this occurs to me with nearly all mascaras!) but other than that, throughout the day there was no smudging or flaking and so it definitely holds up on a normal day of wear.”

See Tried & Tested full blog post here.

ELES Cosmetics Australia Mineral Makeup blog NJT BloggerI have many gorgeous pieces from the ELES Cosmetics line but nothing can compare to a good eyeliner that slightly shimmers with added sparkles.

The cake liner comes in a little small compact, see-through top circular case that flips open. The duo is sectioned into two litle parts that has the black liner on one side and then the shimmer black liner on the other. As with all ELES Cosmetics products they always have elegant simple packaging that makes their everlasting mark.

See NJT Reviews full blog post here.