Holiday essentials 101: What beauty products to pack and why

It’s here! Holiday season is upon us so it’s time to pack up and ship out for that long awaited break! But if you are anything like me the worst part about packing for a holiday is condensing your makeup kit!

A versatile palette is the best way to streamline your beauty bag without compromising your look! From radiance inducing highlighters to sumptuous eyeshadows a good palette will carry your look from day to evening.

Try; Custom Palette THE palette where YOU call the shots! Whether you’re creating an everyday look, a look for nights or going for the perfect travel collection, this palette has four empty face, blush and eyeshadow slots for you to customize. And with our great selection of shades, your options are limitless.

Couple with other multi-tasking products you’ll be fabulously flawless with little effort and in next to no time. 

Try; BB Cream. Multi-faceted and benefit-packed, this best seller will prime, tint, nourish, evens out skin tone for a flawless complexion!

Try; Lash Fortify Mascara – Waterproof. After all who doesn’t love their lashes to stay luscious and in place ALL day long?! The ergonomic brush coats each section to quickly lengthen, curl, volumize and lock lashes into place for all day wear. The result is instantly impressive eyes with lashes that are lusciously conditioned and protected.

Try: Lip Stain. A highly pigmented, ultra-smooth, long-lasting lip stain that keeps lips covered with vibrant colour from AM to PM. Yes please!

TREND ALERT: Recreate the top makeup trends this festive season with the ELES Custom Palette

From bold, bright lips to glowy skin, au naturale beauty to high shine glam, this festive season recreate some of the biggest (and most wearable!) makeup trends with the new ELES Custom Palette. A sleek and convenient compact where you get to select the exact products and shades you want, to create the perfect look that’ll work for you!

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Custom PaletteCustom Palette












This gorgeous, glossy, all-over star-lit glow is all about megawatt luminous skin accentuated with highlighter around the cheekbones and bronzed shimmer on the eyes. Finished with either brilliantly bold orange/red lips or a subtle matte nude lip.

Try: ELES Custom Palette featuring Powder Illuminator in Peaches n Cream, Mineral Blush in Coral Sun and Mineral Shadows in Bronzite and Gold Minx.

To recreate the rest of the look apply Mineral Sheer Tint for the base, Lash Fortify Mascara to the eyes and Matte Lipstick in Bare for soft subtle lips or Moisture Crème Lipstick in Papaya for bold beautiful lips.


Custom Palette

















Make an impact with standout eyes. Think mermaid vibes as eyes are accentuated with aqua shades of turquoise and blue, coupled with beautiful bold cheeks and subtle soft lips.

Try: ELES Custom Palette featuring Mineral Gemstone Finishing Powder, Mineral Blush in Flirt and Mineral Shadows in Turquoise and Bermuda.

Finish by applying Moisture Crème Lipstick in Peach for luscious lips.

Trend: GLOW

Custom Palette














Keep it simple. Highlight features with a healthy, natural glow where a touch of bronzer defines the cheekbones and a smoky brown eyeshadow accentuates the eyes.

Try: ELES Custom Palette featuring Mineral Bronzer in Rio De Janeiro, Mineral Matte Blush in Tea Berry and Mineral Matte Shadows in Teak and True Taupe.

Complete the look with a touch of Moisture Cream Lipstick in Natural to give skin tone a little extra boost.


Custom Palette

Fresh baby skin with little contouring, a sweep of bronzer coupled with soft pink cheeks…go natural this season with this barely their makeup trend.

Try: ELES Custom Palette featuring Mineral Bronzer in Santa Fe, Mineral Matte Blush in Adobe and Mineral Matte Shadows in Sand and Oatmeal.

Complete the look with a sweep of Lush Mascara in Black.








Get your custom palette here!

Custom Palette

ELES Cosmetics - Contoured 2

The easiest way to look instantly contoured: Transform in 5 minutes or less

ELES Cosmetics - Contoured 2

The models, the celebrities, the faces you see in magazines all look so well defined and I know for sure you’re thinking, “They have a glam team. The glam team makes the magic happen.” Well, you know what? You can achieve that chiseled, contoured look too, like a pro!

Liane Scior, creator of ELES Cosmetics, shares this easy step-by-step contouring tutorial that defines your face shape and transforms the way you look in less than 5 minutes.

Here’s the secret:

Step 1: Prep your skin. Makeup adheres more to skin and lasts longer if your skin is healthy and well hydrated. Moisturise by adding a layer of Luminous Defence Brightening Day Protection 50. It hydrates and protects against sun damage and premature ageing. Let dry. 1 min

Step 2: Follow with a light application of the chosen base — BB, CC or ELES foundation. ELES foundations provide buildable coverage, so layer on as much foundation as you need for even skin tone and a flawless finish. The lightweight formula will not look or feel heavy on the face. 1 min

Step 3: Seal it with the ELES Baked Finishing Powder in Diffused Light. “It’s like a warm filter that evens out dark shadows and discolouration, leaving your skin peachy and looking poreless,” says Liane. 30 sec

Step 4: This is the part that scares everyone, the bronzer application. Don’t be intimidated because contouring your face actually takes only about a minute. You only have to remember 3 things – slim nose, define jawline, and sculpt cheeks. 1 min

Using the ELES Anti-Oxidant Bronzer and a tapered detail brush:

  • Slim nose by applying bronzer along both sides of the nose starting at the top near the inner brows and working downward towards the nostrils.
  • Define jawline by applying bronzer at a downward angle on either side of the chin.
  • Sculpt cheeks. Apply the ELES Anti-Oxidant Bronzer using sweeping brush strokes under the entire length of the cheekbones. “Blend, blend, blend so that the contour appears natural,” says Liane.

ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup - Contoured


Step 5: Add instant radiance and colour to your face using the ELES Baked Blush (you know exactly where this goes). And then enhance your features like never before with the ELES Lightweight Illuminator1 min

Using a Small Tapered Blending Brush or the tip of your ring finger, apply a little liquid illuminator to:

  • • the centre strip of your nose starting from the top to the tip of your nose
  • • right above the perimeter of the jawline (this is the trick to making your face look smaller and slimmer)
  • • Highest point of cheeks for that healthy glow

Spend the remaining time blending and making sure the bronzer blends well with the illuminator and the blush. Steps 4 and 5 seem to be a lot of work but really, it takes a few seconds to transform your look. Try taking a video of yourself doing this and let us know how it goes.

Perfect Brows - ELES Cosmetics perfect eyebrows tutorial

How to REALLY create perfect brows – top tips from the ELES experts

Perfect Brows - ELES Cosmetics perfect eyebrows tutorial

Perfect, natural-looking eyebrows are one of the hottest beauty trends right now. Why? Because creating the perfect brows can completely transform your face and make you look 10 years younger! Seriously.

Yes, some people are born with genetically perfect brows (ergh) but believe it or not creating naturally looking ‘full’ brows is something we can all achieve! (yay!) You’ve just got to know how.

We asked Liane Scior, Creator of ELES Cosmetics for her guide on how to create perfect brows at home. Here are her top tips;

  1. Remember your eye brows are sisters not identical twins! They will never be exactly the same and in trying to make them perfectly matched you’ll likely to “over-tweeze”.
  2. Embrace your natural brow shape. Filling in your natural eye brow shape will help you find your perfect fullness.
  3. Don’t overfill the front part of your brow. This area should have soft hair that graduates into more density. If you overfill this area you can make your eye brows look too square and in turn harsh.
  4. The beginning of your brow should be in line with your nostril, not the outside of your nose. If you don’t follow this rule and you have a wide nose, it could mean the gap between your brows will be too large making your nose look wider!
    ELES Cosmetics Perfect Brows - BROW TUTORIAL - nostril rulePERFECT BROWS
  5. Non-existent brows? You can try to grow thicker brows by applying and massaging oil (castor olive or almond oil best) into the hair follicles at night. Also including fatty fish, nuts, avocado, berries and green leafy vegetables in your diet can promote hair grown and strengthen hair follicles.
  6. Sparse spots in your brows? Use an eye brow pencil and pencil them in. Remember you can literally change your face by knowing how to correctly use an eye brow pencil to fill in your brows. Follow our tutorial below;
    Perfect Brows Brow Tutorial
  7. Must try: NEW Precision Brow Pencil. It creates “hairlike” strokes for a more natural brow and comes in three shades to suit everyone!
  8. A brow brush will also come in handy when you’ve used too much product and want to soften the look.
  9. Running your brow brush along a soap bar and brushing the brows helps to set them into place, particularly good if your brow hairs grow in every which way.
  10. As well as filling your eyebrows in using a pencil, you can also use an eyebrow powder or shadow. A pencil will help you create a more natural look and conceal sparse areas, while a brow powder or shadow will create the illusion of thicker brows.Try: Brow Sculpt. A two-in-one sculpting product. Long wearing powder helps to fill in, shape and thicken brows while the colour coordinated tinted wax tames and sets the brows.
  11. Make sure you choose the right eye brow pencil or powder shade for you – the colour of your eyebrows should be very close to the tone of your hair. If you choose a colour that is a couple of tones darker than your hair, your eyebrows could look rather unnatural.ELES Cosmetics Perfect Brows - BROW TUTORIAL - Brow-Sculpt-Brunette
  12. Remember to apply your brow product before tweezing your brows, it helps the strays become more visible and will stop you over tweezing.
  13. Before tweezing gently massage facial oil on to the brow bone. This will help strengthen the hair follicles so they won’t easily snap, while also protecting the sensitive skin around the brows from plucking. You can also run an ice cube over your brows to reduce redness and swelling!
  14. Tweeze only every 5-6 weeks.
  15. If you’re not a fan of tweezing and having sensitive skin means waxing for you can equal breakouts or burns and redness, try threading?

Read, digest and go and get yourself your best brows yet!