The bursting colours of Brighton linger in the air!

We are so proud of the new Brighton Collection! Those who have tried this new range are so lovin’ it, we keep getting instagram notifications! And though summer is over and autumn has come, the bursting colours of Brighton still linger in the air! It is, in fact, perfect for autumn for its wild shades and we’re getting popular because of the quirky names!

Berry Smoothie
Coral Cafe
Deckchair Blue
Dip in the Sea
Juicy Fruit
Lime Sorbet
Not a Cloud
Pebble Peach
Peppermint Cream
Royal Pavilion Red
Sunset on the Pier
Teal and Wheel

Don’t you just love how they sound? Blogger Kimbalikes does the trendy nail colour accent (one nail with a different colour, usually the ring finger). See Brighton on her nails here. She especially commented on how quirky the names are! ♥

Brighton came with a bang! It comes in a sleek, easy to hold bottle, with matt cap for easy-grip and wide brush for one coat application. And what exactly is the good in that? You lessen the number of times you put the brush in and out, preventing too much air exposure and prolonging your nail enamel’s shelf life.

Best part is – a bottle only costs $15! Yes, $15 for a 5 Free (dbp, toluene, formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor – FREE), safe for kids, safe for pregnant women nail polishes!

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Sexy as your LBD!

It’s the only colour in the universe that could go from  totally punk to extremely ritzy! Wearing this shade requires either off-the-edge style or utmost elegance. It is not every woman’s go to nail polish and definitely not something you’d pick when you want to play it safe. It is simply bold. Plain is an understatement. BLACK is as sexy as your treasured LBD.

And when the ELES ladies are totally in the mood for some art lovin’, or when our neurons need a break, we paint our nails. Here’s our moodboard for today (a Launceston Cup special). All photos were grabbed from Pinterest and we totally imagined to do all these with the matt-gorgeous ELES Phantom Black from our Masquerade Collection.

black nail polish nail art pinterest

Our knight in shining armor, ELES Phantom Black, as featured in OK! magazine’s February 2014 ish >


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Blue, Red and White – the colours of freedom and love

Happy Australia Day!

We hope you’re having a great LONG weekend. Before we all finally get back to our usual routine tomorrow, we thought we should remind you to make a glam comeback by sporting chic Aussie nails using the ELES Brighton collection! Look at what our girl Joey did as a weekend nail art project:

Tadah!ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Australia Nail Polish NailArt FlagELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Australia Nail Polish NailArt Flag Collage

On Joey’s nails:
ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Australia Brighton Collection
Deckchair Blue  &  Royal Pavillion Red

ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Australia Brighton Collection deckchair blue royal Pavillion Red

You can also wear this gorgeous eye shade to give your eyes a bright pop:
ELES Mineral Eye Shadow in Turquoise

Apologies for my thick brows. I’m growing them so I can achieve brows as thick as Lily Collins‘! I applied the ELES mineral eye shadow in Turquoise (an old favourite) using a wet brush and extended it a little bit above the crease so that the colour can still be seen even if my eyes are open. I applied it several times to make it as vivid as this.ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Australia Eye Shadow Turqoise

See swatch on lower left…


The Australian flag color combination just makes us feel good and think of freedom and love. We hope we inspired you to do your own Aussie flag nail art and turquoise blue eyes! Take a selfie tomorrow and show us how well you did it.

Is there a look you would like us to do? Comment below.

NEW to the ELES Store: French Manicure/Pedicure Pack

As much as we love trendy colours, glitter and crazy patterns, there’s no denying that French is the most timelessly chic and accessible manicure of them all. No matter what the occasion or what else you’re wearing, the french is a perfect fit every time.

To make this sophisticated look even easier to achieve, we’ve packaged up everything you need  to get the look in our special new French Manicure/Pedicure Pack. It includes;
– Nail Nourish to protect and hydrate skin, nails and cuticles
– Base Enamel is the ultimate primer for nail application and can be used as a top coat
– French White to create your white tips
– French Nude for the base of your nail

Follow this easy step-by-step guide to a French polish…
1. Remove any old nail polish with a cotton ball or pad saturated with nail polish remover.
2. File your nails to your desired shape and buff to remove any discoloration and to smooth the nail surface and wash and dry your hands to remove any residual oils from the skin and nails.
4. Apply a Base Enamel to the entire nail bed and allow to dry.
5. For French tip, paint one steady stroke of French White across the top of the nail. For best results keep the brush still and roll your nail instead. Remove any excess and fix mistakes with a Q-tip dipped in polish remover and allow to dry completely.
6. Apply a fine and even layer of the French Nude over the entire nail to soften the effect and give a more natural look.  Allow to dry and apply a second coat.
7. Use the Base Enamel or a Rapid Dry Finish Top Coat for extra shine and added protection.
8. Once the nail polish is completely dry apply a few drops of Nail Nourish around the cuticles.  This will help set the polish, hydrate and protect your nails and encourage healthy growth. Apply daily to maintain your mani.

Get your ELES French Manicure/Pedicure Pack Here