Nail Polish Tutorial: Drip/Splatter Effect

We’ve always got our eyes peeled for clever DIY nail designs and the drip effect has caught our attention recently so we thought we’d give it a go!

This is one of the easiest ways to spice up your manicure. You can create drips on all your nails, a couple of nails or on one statement nail. It’s simple, eye-catching and, best of all, you can make it your own by using any colour combination you like.

We’ve used three polishes for our splatter effect; ELES Base Enamel, Minted Willow and Shady Lady.

Follow these steps with any ELES shades you love to create a drip effect. You’ll need a base coat, a colour that you mostly want on your nails and a colour for the drip effect as well as a tooth pick, old pen or any other small pointed to paint with.
1. To begin, apply ELES Nail Nourish to protect and hydrate your nails then paint a coat of ELES Base Enamel to prevent yellowing of nails and enable smooth application. Wait for this to dry completely.
2. Apply two coats of ELES Minted Willow to the nails the wait to dry completely
3. Take ELES Shady Lady Polish and paint a line across the top of your nail like you would if you were doing a french tip. It doesn’t need to be as neat though!
4. Use your toothpick to drag some of the polish down as if it is dripping. You can also paint a couple of small dots on the nail and either leave them or use your toothpick to join them to the top.
5. Allow to dry completely then use ELES Base Enamel or Rapid Dry Finish to set the layers

There are SO many ways you can personalise this super easy, quick design. You can opt for a clear base coat with a hot red drip effect from a polish like Chilli Cha Cha or you could try something softer like a base coat of Dancing Dolly and a drip effect with French White. You can make it a small drip like we have or you could use the tooth pick to splatter it a bit more. Nail polish is not permanent so be as creative and crazy as you like! Worst comes to worse, you remove it and start again.

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How to Paint Your Nails Perfectly

After talking about messy nail polish application on Facebook and Instagram (@elesmineralmakeup) yesterday, we’re going back to basics and showing you how to perfect the art of polish application…

Forget messy edges like this!

1. Remove all traces of nail polish with a good quality polish remover
2. Gently massage Cuticle Remover into the cuticles to soften and remove overgrown cuticles then file your nails into shape
3. Ensure your nails are completely dry and that any residue from hand wash, cuticle remover or other moisturisers has been removed
4. Start by applying a base coat. The ELES base coat has UV absorbers to prevent yellowing the nail and leaves a smooth gloss surface to allow for easy application of coloured polish. If your nails are in bad shape, you might want to try a coat of Nail Nourish or Nail Repair instead of a base.
5. Allow your base to dry completely
6. Select your coloured polish and gently warm it in your hands and shake the bottle
7. Take the brush and start at the centre of the nail a bit above the cuticle with a drop of polish. Move carefully downwards leaving a small gap between where the cuticle begins and your polish starts then move the brush upwards in a straight line until the end of the nail.
8. Go back to the base and swipe the polish up the right hand side of the nail until it is covered, then repeat on the left. This will ensure the colour is concentrated in the centre and evenly applied.
9. If you require a second and third coat, repeat steps 7 and 8
10. Apply a coat of Rapid Dry Finish. This provides a durable film to prolong wear, leaves a gloss finish and has UV absorbers to protect the colour.

We stumbled across a picture on Pinterest yesterday from blogger Lacquerized that perfectly shows demonstrates how to apply coloured polish and we just had to share…

– Paint your dominant hand first! It means the less-able hand won’t have to worry about still slightly wet polish
– Keep everything you need with you as well as a toothpick or q-tip to help fix any small mistakes
– Rest your hand on a table to keep it steady
–  A very small paintbrush and nail polish remover can be a huge help with clean-up

Nailed It! The Best Nail Polish Designs on the Web

Nail art has become more of an art form than a mere beauty trend. There are so many incredibly creative nail artists (with very steady hands) out there so we’ve gathered some of the most incredible nail designs we’ve found on the world wide web…


All images sourced from

Why Mineral Nail Polish?

While the benefits of using mineral makeup on your face are widely discussed and generally understood, the benefits of ‘safe’ nail polishes are less well known.
We’re here to tell you why you should ditch the highly toxic polishes in favor of a safe formula…

What’s the difference? 
Safe polishes are Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP free

Umm… pardon?
We understand that, to most people, that statement is about as useful and exciting as hearing the intricacies of an algebraic equation so we’re here to break it down for you.

Toluene –  This is the solvent that contributes to that distinctive lacquer smell. If inhaled, Toluene can cause headaches, forgetfulness, and confusion. If you’re exposed to it at low levels every day it can also cause fatigue and nausea and it should be avoided completely if you’re pregnant.
TIP: Watch out, some labels may use the terms  ‘toluol’ or ‘phenylmethane’ instead of ‘toulene.’

Formaldehyde – Formaldehyde is used as a preservative and appears in many of your run-of-the-mill nail varnishes. It has been tagged as a chemical that might cause cancer and has caused many an allergic reaction over the years.
TIP: Some labels may use the terms Diasolidinyl urea, DMDM hydantoin, Imidazolidinyl or Quaternium-15 to throw you off. They’re all basically Formaldehyde.

DBP – Short for Dibutyl phthalate, DBP is a plasticizer so it molds the polish and leaves a shiny polish. Unfortunately, DBP is absorbed through the nails, and then enters the bloodstream, the liver, and so on. It is toxic and definitely not something you want in your bloodstream.

We get it… now what?
As people have become more savvy about what they are actually using on their nails, companies like ELES have seen the demand for safe nail polish that even pregnant women can use without fear.

Island Nights Collection

Our nail polishes are made with the best of Australian quality ingredients and a chip-resistant professional patented formula that holds its colour and shine for days but they don’t have any of the nasties. You won’t have to sacrifice bold, bright colour, shine or the long-lasting effect for a polish you know is safe.
We  also have all the goods you need for a flawless french polish, a rapid dry top coat, a cuticle remover and products to nourish and repair your nails. Get them here.

Customer Review:
Alicia said of our Base Enamel: “This base coat has been truly amazing! My nails had become yellow and weak from other ordinary nail polishes/products. But since using this base enamel I have watched my nails grow out to be healthy and pink and strong again! There is actually a clearly visible definition on my nails from before and after using this product! Will continue to buy and use under every ordinary polish I own as well as building my Eles nail polish colour collection. Love it!”

Having on-trend, well-manicured nails doesn’t mean you have to expose your body to harmful chemicals. Shop safe and rest easy knowing your polish isn’t toxic.