Concealer tips and tricks to have your skin looking flawless in next to no time!

ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Phototouch Concealer Dual Action

A concealer can offer a multitude of benefits while hiding a multitude of sins! But not every concealer can tackle every issue in one application. In general concealers are formulated to target something specific so it’s best to decipher what you want from your concealer and then select which is best for you!

Dark circles

The best way to conceal dark circles is with an under eye corrector.  These are fine textured concealers that have a strong “peachy” tone that counteracts the blueish tinge of the shadows.  By using a good corrector and a lightweight concealer you’ll have the cover you need without a thick mask that falls into fine lines and looks cakey. Try Dual Action Concealer

Redness/broken capillaries

Green correctors used to be the best solution for concealing redness, however they can make the skin look flat and lifeless.  CC Creams (colour correction) with photo-optic filters will help reflect back light on the skin greatly reducing skin redness and the dark red of broken capillaries. Try Luminous CC Cream 20


For pimples, an antibacterial concealer is ideal, oil free and non-comedogenic cover ups are best and many now have skin enhancing benefits to sooth inflammation.  Avoid mineral oil, lanolin and talc based products which tend to block the pores and exacerbate the acne. Try Photo Touch Concealer


Avoid oil based products on the skin or occlusive products that trap heat.  CC Creams, Water-based foundation, Mineral Makeup and foundations with soothing ingredients are best. Try Luminous CC Cream 20

When you have selected your concealer follow these top tips to achieve the best coverage you can;

When to apply concealer

If you use a powder foundation, always apply your concealer before your foundation.
If you’re using a liquid foundation, you should apply your concealer after foundation.

A little goes a long way

Don’t go overboard with your concealer because you think it’s necessary to hide that blemish, if you’ve selected the right concealer for you a little really will go a long way.

How to avoid concealers sinking into/accentuating lines, wrinkles and crepey skin

There is a very fine line between over-preparing the skin and causing the product to slip off and under-preparing the skin and causing it to absorb into the skin.  The area should be well hydrated without being greasy so a good eye cream around the eyes and a hydrating concentrate will help prepare the skin for makeup.  Allow time for the product to absorb and settle. The key is not to apply too much product, keep every layer fine and light and you’ll have a more natural and lasting result to your makeup.

Change the Consistency with Primer
If you’re covering larger areas and you want a concealer that is a little more fluid, combine a little with some primer to change the consistency. Try Pore Perfecting Face Primer

How to maintain concealer’s longevity

Avoid touching the concealer with fingers or directly onto the skin, apply concealer with a clean concealer brush to avoid contamination and ingredient breakdown. Try Small Concealer Brush

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Discover our latest love and join in the cleansing oil phenomenon!

ELES cosmetics mineral makeup australia transformation cleansing oil phenomenon

Skeptical about slathering your face with more oil when you already feel you naturally produce enough? Want to know what exactly makes cleansing oils as good as, if not better than your regular cleanser?

Read on and decide for yourself whether you will be joining the cleansing oil phenomenon!

  1. “Good oils” dissolve “bad oils.”

Many oil-free cleansers strip our skin of natural oils leaving it unbalanced and prone to blemishes. Cleansing oils work with our skin’s natural oils to beautifully cleanse the face thoroughly removing dirt, makeup and ‘bad oils’.

  1. Oil cleansers have a multitude of benefits.

Everyone is on the quest for youth. There are many cleansers on the market that help to target premature aging but cleansing oils will do this and more! The NEW ELES Cleansing Oil contains an abundance of anti-aging goodies which dissolve dirt, makeup and impurities as well as re-hydrate, beautifully balance and plump tired lack-lustre skin.

  1. You will not be a walking, talking oil slick with clogged pores.

When massaged into the skin, oils in the cleanser bind to surface impurities and allow them to be comfortably rinsed away. This means the oil is unable to sink into pores clogging them and in turn creating a path for unwanted pimples.

  1. Save on cost.

Because cleansing oils are so effective and naturally work to remove every trace of grime on your face there is no need to follow with a toner (or lotion!) If you’ve ever used a toner you’ll know that most regular cleansers tend to fail on the job of 100% removing makeup, dirt and impurities.

Are you sold? Why not experience the NEW Transformation Cleansing Oil and discover why we love it so much.

Pevonia May Newsletter - Transformation Cleansing Oil

Turn back the clock with highlighters

ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Liquid IlluminatorIf a highlighter is not part of your daily makeup routine, you might as well send your skin to the retirement home.

Long before all other signs of ageing set in, facial hollows, dark bags, lines and wrinkles, sorry to be a Debbie Downer! Your skin begins to lose its glow and becomes more sallow and dull.

But it’s never too late to turn back the clock. A contoured, well defined face with a gorgeous glow is just one product away, that’s right, fake it with ELES Liquid Illuminator.

Used properly, a highlighter can revive a dull complexion, accentuate cheekbones, slenderize the nose and even camouflage skin ageing. In a nutshell, nothing can mimic a facelift like a well applied highlighter.

So how do you use it?

ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Australia BEFORE AND AFTER LIQUID ILLUMINATOR 806 x 806

To brighten the skin

Simply add a small pea size amount into your regular foundation or BB Cream for a subtle, luminous glow.

To accentuate the cheekbones

Apply in a “V” directly to the high points of the cheeks patting out to the hairline and coming back just under the brow

To emphasise the neck and decollete

Apply to high points ie: down the centre of the neck, on the collar bones and on the chest avoiding the cleavage.

To slim down the nose

Simply pat a fine line down the centre of the nose, the longer the line, the longer the nose will appear.

To brighten the eyes and reduce a fatigued look

Apply a very thin layer to the inner eye area at the bridge of the nose and follow with a deeper layer around the tear ducts in small “V”.

To accentuate a pout

Give the illusion of a fuller pout by applying a small dab just above the cupid’s bow on your lip.

ELES Liquid Illuminators come in 3 gorgeous shades:

ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Liquid Illuminator composite

Champagne for fair and cool skin tones.

Bronze for medium/cool skin tones.

Deep Bronze for a sun-kissed look on any skin tone or for highlights to darker/warm skin tones.

To find out more visit

New ELES Baked Blush Collection, Now Available!

ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Baked Blush

Highlight and contour whilst adding instant radiance to your cheeks with these soft, smooth, highly pigmented cheek colours. Innovative, silky smooth colours are baked on Italian Terra Cotta Tiles giving the final product a creamier texture than traditional formulations.

Available in two formulations to impart either a modern matte or soft contemporary satin finish for intense colour payoff, the ELES Baked Blushes apply effortlessly and impart a smooth velvet finish.

Paraben-free, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic.


  • Vitamins A & C provides antioxidant protection
  • Vitamin E conditions and moisturizes skin, while providing antioxidant protection


The ELES Baked blushes have been uniquely designed to be used wet or dry. When used dry with a brush, the look is light and fresh. Want more colour? Apply wet with a makeup sponge for more intensity. Apply directly onto apples of cheeks.

Available in six shades; Posey, Tulip, Petunia, Orchid, Bouquet and Rose Gold.

ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Baked Blush swatch

The ELES Baked Blush collection is available at our ELES partner salons near you and online at