Sixties Beauty Icons – It’s in the Eyes

Audrey Hepburn was arguably one of the most beautiful women to grace this earth and graceful she was. She was timeless elegance and never so much as when she appeared in the cult classic “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”. Her eyes were simply stunning, large and bright and always the focal point of her makeup. If Cary Grant knew how to wear a suit well, it was Audrey Hepburn who new how to wear false lashes well. And she never looked “over-done”. Despite wearing layers of eyeliner and mascara Audrey always looked polish and refined. How did she do it? Her trick was to apply minimal product to the lower lid and lashes, effectively lifting the eye. Her perfectly shaped brows gave the additional lift that made this lady look alert and sophistocated.

Brigitte Bardot was on the other hand a sex kitten. Her look was more sunkissed and windswept. It was Brigitte who made a more translucent skin with a suntan fashionable, for which she paid greatly for in later life. The Brigitte Bardot look is all about sexiness. The eyes are heavily shadowed and a softer less polished eyeliner literally blackens the eye surrounds with exagerrated lashes finishing the look. The end result? Eyes that look sultry and seductive. Avoid this look if you are tired though, its too heavy and will accentuate shadows and lines.

Twiggy was the most courageus style icon of the sixties in my opinion. Her tomboy look was balanced with the ultra-feminine eye makeup which is synonymous with the sixties. Colours were applied richly to the creases of the eye, often wet to appear stronger and never blended and the lower lashes were exaggerated, often with pencil strokes as in the case with this pic. While most of us would feel and possibly look like a ragdoll if we did this, the point is to apply copious amounts of mascara to the lower lashes for an ultra feminine edge.

To get any of these looks we recommend the following products from ELES…

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Teak (Dark Dark Brown) or Titanium (Soft Dark Grey

Powderliner Pencil with smudging end in Coa

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40’s Inspired Makeup

We love this sophistocated makeup inspired by 40’s screen sirens and it’s the perfect way to complete a vintage fashion look. Team your hollywood inspired makeup with smooth glossy curls and sweep back one side with a gorgeous diamonte clip for extra glam.

Step by Step 40’s Inspired Makeup:


It was during the 40’s that Max Factor introduced the “Panstick” foundation for film. Makeup artists where shooting for a perfect, flawless, matt complexion so makeup was thick and opaque. Times have changed and with the introduction of ingredients such as minerals to deflect minor skin flaws you no longer need to look like you are wearing a mask to achieve a “photo finish” look.

Apply Liquid Mineral Foundation to the face and neck paying special attention to the T-Zone and blending out to the outer face


Using a lip brush apply Phototouch Concealer to any dark shadows or blemishes and blend by pressing gently into the skin


To ensure your foundation remains in place and to achieve a flawless matt finish use a large powder brush and swirl into your Mineral Powder Foundation, tap of the excess and beginning down the T-Zone press the powder into the skin, then blend to the outer face


Apply blush using large powder brush to the apples of the cheeks, we recommend Mineral Matte Blush



The perfect brow is very important to this look, take your time applying Brow Blender Pencil in light strokes to achieve a well arched and smooth edged brow tapering to a fine point near the temples, soften and smooth with the brush end of the Brow Blender and repeat if necessary


Step One: Apply a light base shadow to the entire upper lid using a shadow brush. We recommend Antique White Mineral Eyeshadow.

Step Two: Apply a medium depth contour colour to the natural crease of the eye to enhance the shape and blend the edges well. We recommend Cashmere Mineral Eye Shadow.

Step Three: Apply Liquiliner Anisette (Black) to the upper lid beginning with a fine line on the inner eye and tapering to a thicker line and catlick on the outer eye. If you feel a little unsure or unsteady applying liquid eyeliner apply a soft pencil guide to follow first.

Step Four: Apply ample Lush Mascara to the upper lashes ensuring each lash is covered and fanning out from inner to outer lashes. False Eyelashes may be applied for a more dramatic look.


Using the Angled Blush Brush apply Mineral Finishing Bronzer below the cheekbones, beneath the jawline and on the temples. Bronzer may be applied on the sides of the nose to create the illusion of a thinner nose. Blend brozer downards to ensure no edge lines are visible.


Carefully apply Automatic Lip Liner Earth Red to the lip contours to create the perfect shape, then blot and apply a fine dust of Powder Foundation to help set the liner.

Using a lip brush apply lipstick to the lips, we recommend Micro Red. Blot the lipstick and re-apply.

If you feel uncomfortable wearing a strong red lipstick opt instead for one layer of the Micro Red, blotted and followed by a layer of Supergloss in Strawberry. The end result is softer and more translucent without losing the end effect.


Super glossy hair and large, lose curls is ideal for this look. Get out your GHD if you have one and curl away. Finish with a gorgeous vintage clip behind one ear leaving the other side swept forward in a cascade.


Red lips are lovely, red teeth not so much, just before leaving check your teeth


Go classic tonight: Chanel 19, First by Van Cleef Arpels, wear something rich and memorable.


Small classic earrings will enhance this understated and elegant look, diamonds or pearls are perfect.

Final Note:

Enjoy the admiring glances and have a wonderful time!

Colour Inspiration!

It’s easy to get into a makeup rut and do the same look day after day after day. Like a comfortable old tracksuit your “daily makeup” can get tired and make you feel bored with yourself.

And just as it is hard to find inspiration sometimes in cooking the nightly meal when you are not a gourmet chef, mixing it up with your own makeup can be a challenge if you are not confident with colour.

When it comes to makeup, I look for inspiration in nature. Then I know with certainty the colour combinations will work. Think of a bird of paradise flower – the vibrant orange contrased with the deep purples or a blood rose, the deep red with the darker shadows that look almost charcoal at the base of each petal.

Consider the season, Autumn hues are not always about browns and golds and oranges, Autumn skies are dark and moody with plum undertones and the greens are deeper and bluer.

Look around you, colour combination inspiration is everywhere!

You can’t build a castle on sand…

…because sand is simply not strong enough to create a good foundation. Equally you cannot create a great makeup on skin that’s tired and lacklustre. This is a challenge in Winter when we tend to live more sedentary lives and as a consequence our circulation slows down.

The skin suffers the effects of artificial heating and with less blood flowing around those veins, our skin cells are starved of oxygen. What you’ll end up with, is a thick mask that does little to hide a very sad and dull skin.

So, to get a lovely winter glow, bronzers and highlighters might help, but there really is no substitute for the blush of a natural circulation shining through.

So get it moving!

Try a warm bath with stimulating essential oils; we love Pevonia’s Seaweed Bath with Pine Extracts. When sitting in front of the TV, pick up your dry body brush and whisk away the stagnation. Begin brushing from the toes and fingers towards the heart in short light strokes to stimulate your lymphatic circulation and reduce toxins.

Take a walk, ok its cold but you’ll soon warm up, walk the dog, walk to the shops or even just take the stairs instead of the lift. Move!

Drink water; there’s nothing like nature’s bounties to flush the system.

Scrub a dub dub those dead skin cells away with a nice zesty exfoliant, try Pevonia’s Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser.

And finally breathe deep! Get that lovely oxygen into your lungs.

And what you find when your circulation is pumping, is a glowing complexion that just needs a little enhancing and not a thick and gluggy mask.

Finish with a lick of Lush Mascara and dollop of Super Gloss and you’ll look like you’ve been hitting the Gym and holidaying in the sun!