Contouring For Dummies: How to Achieve Chiseled Cheeks

Contouring is a tricky technique that may take some time to master but, like most things that take a bit of time and patience, it is well worth learning. The right contouring can help you disguise flaws and emphasize your best features – think bringing out your cheek bones, shortening your nose, slimming your face and even ridding you of a double chin.

Sound good? Great. Let’s get started with a chiseled cheekbones tutorial…

1. To start, use a high-quality primer and foundation to even out your complexion and create a canvas for your contouring

2. Take a matte bronzer like our Pressed Powder Bronzer in BronzeBerry and begin building your cheek bones. Start by taking some bronzer on a brush like our Angled Blush Brush and tapping the excess off. Remember it is always easier to build on your look than have to remove makeup after it has been applied.
First find the hollows of your cheeks but sucking your cheeks in and looking for the area that sinks in below the bones. Apply bronzer here then sweep up towards the centre of your ear. Don’t angle too far or it will look unnatural. If the look is not defined enough, repeat these steps.

3. Take a highlighter with light-reflecting properties (this is important – contouring is all about working with light). Our Mineral Sheer Veil will do the trick. Apply right above the bronzer on top of the cheekbones to draw out the appearance of your upper bone while the bronzer helps pull the underneath section back – thus making the cheekbones more prominent.

4. Once you’re happy with your base, apply a soft blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend along the upper portion of the cheekbones. You’re aiming to blend the bronzer and highlighter together and create rosy cheeks.

CONTOUR TIP: Remember that any areas made darker will appear as though they’re receding, and anything made lighter appear as though it’s coming forward.