Discover our latest love and join in the cleansing oil phenomenon!

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Skeptical about slathering your face with more oil when you already feel you naturally produce enough? Want to know what exactly makes cleansing oils as good as, if not better than your regular cleanser?

Read on and decide for yourself whether you will be joining the cleansing oil phenomenon!

  1. “Good oils” dissolve “bad oils.”

Many oil-free cleansers strip our skin of natural oils leaving it unbalanced and prone to blemishes. Cleansing oils work with our skin’s natural oils to beautifully cleanse the face thoroughly removing dirt, makeup and ‘bad oils’.

  1. Oil cleansers have a multitude of benefits.

Everyone is on the quest for youth. There are many cleansers on the market that help to target premature aging but cleansing oils will do this and more! The NEW ELES Cleansing Oil contains an abundance of anti-aging goodies which dissolve dirt, makeup and impurities as well as re-hydrate, beautifully balance and plump tired lack-lustre skin.

  1. You will not be a walking, talking oil slick with clogged pores.

When massaged into the skin, oils in the cleanser bind to surface impurities and allow them to be comfortably rinsed away. This means the oil is unable to sink into pores clogging them and in turn creating a path for unwanted pimples.

  1. Save on cost.

Because cleansing oils are so effective and naturally work to remove every trace of grime on your face there is no need to follow with a toner (or lotion!) If you’ve ever used a toner you’ll know that most regular cleansers tend to fail on the job of 100% removing makeup, dirt and impurities.

Are you sold? Why not experience the NEW Transformation Cleansing Oil and discover why we love it so much.

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