Brow Now: The Three Points to Eyebrow Perfection

Before we begin, we’d like to let it be known that we are BIG advocates for getting your brows done by a true professional. If you’ve never had a pro shape and dye your brows, we highly suggest you treat yourself. It’s simply incredible how much changing the shape of your eyebrows can change your entire face for the better and it gives you a shape to maintain in the long run.
If you can’t get to a salon, you just want to maintain your brows between visits or you’re filling in your brows with your brow blender pencil, there are three points to follow on the road to brow perfection. We’re using Megan Fox as our model today simply because her brows are downright amazing.

  1. The start. You want the part of your brow that is closest to your nose to measure up in line with your nostril. Take your tweezers or brow pencil and hold vertically against the outer section of your nostril. This is where the brow should start. If you’ve over-plucked you made need to pencil this section in using an eyebrow pencil.
  2. The middle. The middle of your brow is where the arch hits its highest point. Once again take your tweezers or pencil and begin at the outer section of your nostril closest to your cheek and angle it outwards so that it cuts “through” the centre of your eye at your pupil.
  3. The end. This section of your eyebrow that is closest to your temple. To find where your brow should end, take your pencil and again hold it at the outer nostril by the cheek and angle alongside the outer corner of your eye. This is where your brow should end. If you’ve over-plucked you made need to pencil this section in using an eyebrow pencil.

If you’re a chronic over-plucker you might want to print this little guide and stick it on your mirror!

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Happy grooming!