The Five Concealer Tips You Need to Know

If you know how to use it properly, concealer is a truly magical product. It hides a multitude of sins and flaws and, when done well, can help you achieve a flawless complexion.
Whether it’s under-eye circles, blemishes, fine lines or age spots you want to cover up, these top concealer tips will help you achieve the best coverage you can.

1. Before vs After

If you use a POWDER foundation, always apply your concealer BEFORE your foundation.
If you’re using a LIQUID foundation, you should apply your concealer AFTER foundation.

2. Pat rather than Rub
Although it’s tempting to rub concealer in, the best method of application is patting the product into the skin. If you’re using the Hydra Bright Line Diffuser under your eyes, you won’t need much work for it to sink in to the skin. Follow this instructional guide using your ring finger to dab and let the product sink into the skin. Not only will this result in better coverage but will also protect the very delicate under eye area from damage.
If you’re working with the Phototouch Concealer to conceal blemishes, broken capillaries and pigmentation, apply to each area you wish to conceal before starting to pat the product in.

3. Avoid Spreading Bacteria
If you’re covering blemishes, rather than use the product directly on the affected area, work some concealer into your hand and apply with your fingertips. This not only means the product itself avoids bacteria but also that the product will be slightly warmed on application making it easier to work with.

4. Don’t Go Overboard
A little concealer goes a long way, especially when you are patting the product into the skin rather than rubbing so don’t go overboard with the application.

5. Change the Consistency with Primer
If you’re covering larger areas and you want a concealer that is a little more fluid, combine a little with some primer to change the consistency.

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