Glasses Wearing Girl’s Guide to Beauty

Calling all glasses wearing girls! You may not have been blessed with 20/20 vision but that certainly doesn’t mean your make-up routine has to be any less exciting than those of us who have no real need for spectacles.

 Here are a few rules of engagement:

1. Neutral is Nicer
Ever noticed when someone takes their glasses off their eyes seem smaller? Spectacles draw attention to your lovely peepers so it’s best to keep your eyeshadow a neutral shade with just a hint of a darker colour in the creases for definition. We love: Mineral Matte Shadow in Antique White and Cashmere.

2. Conceal, Correct and Conquer 
Concealer is always handy around the eye area but even more so if you’re wearing glasses as any imperfections will be magnified. We recommend: Phototouch Concealer

3. Don’t Skip the Mascara
Our Sensitive Eyes Mascara magnifies lashes without looking too-much or creating lashes so long they leave marks on your glasses. Plus the formula won’t irritate the eyes if you ever decide to wear contacts.

4. Brow Know-How
Your frames will draw attention to your brows so it’s important to shape and colour them. Try our Brow Blender Pencil and keep a Brow Groomer Brush handy for emergency use.

5. Let your Liner Match your Frames
Thick frames = thick liner. Thin frames = thin liner. The easiest equation we’ve ever seen!

6. Get Lippy
If you want to amp up the volume for a party-ready look, let your lips do the talking. It’s best to keep the eyes neutral and show your colours through the lips. We Love: Micro Bubble in Micro Melon

Tina Fey is a spectacled sister and she gets her makeup right everytime! Look to her for inspiration and don’t be afraid to experiment.