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Long before spring racing celebrations began, our ancestors wore hats – not for fashion but to comply with religious and social norms. Back in the day, religion ordered women to have their hair and neck covered because these parts of a woman’s body were considered erogenous zones. (Gosh! I love the hats but I certainly wouldn’t want to be sent back to that era. I love beach hopping at the tropics, half naked, and they wouldn’t want me there anyway. =) )

As the years passed, hats became an indication of one’s social status. The well off families would have their hats custom-made by “milliners” who made special hats for a living. Then came the “plumassiers”  who designed and dyed feathers to go with the hats to make them look more posh and intimidating.

It’s such a beautiful history and I could go on and on but to cut it short, our English ancestors introduced it to us. It’s in history books and in the royal family’s photo books as well. They have always looked elegant to us and we have always considered their fashion style an inspiration. I don’t think hats would ever go out of style.

Simply Daring

Every year, ELES comes up with a Spring Collection. The colours that we choose are refreshing and the hues always complement any Spring look. From 2012’s innocent baby doll in pink, we revived the 60’s look — simply daring and refreshingly warm.

We think the 60’s vibe would go well with any hat you wish to wear.

ELES Spring Look 2013 60s Vibe

ELES Spring Look 2013 60’s Vibe

Check out the 60’s Vibe makeup tutorial here.

From ELES with Love x

We sent out gift boxes to editors and bloggers on the first week of spring and we received positive reviews from them. They especially loved the shades and the floral headbands!

abeautifulstory.net eles spring look 60s vibe box


shrinkingwallet eles spring look 60s vibe box 1


shrinkingwallet eles spring look 60s vibe box


Who loves hats? Celebrities do!

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Tell us about your spring look and the hat you would wear. We’d love to hear from you!