How to Apply Blush For Your Face Shape

When it comes to blush, one application size does not fit all. Each face shape needs a slightly different method of application to ensure you look more blushing beauty than bozo the clown.

Round Face

To slenderize a round face, apply blush in a filled-in boomerang shape on your cheek bones, with the tips right under the outer corners of your eyes and the fullest part of the arc under the inner corners of your eyes. To create the illusion of length apply a bit of blush to your chin and blend well.

Square Face
This is the trickiest to master. Start your blusher brush at the outer edges of the apples of your cheeks, the parts farthest away from your nose and sweep your blush along the upper side of your cheekbones up to your temples. Apply a little blush (or some bronzer) to the underside of your jawline and the corners of your hairline with a little blush; this will soften the angularity and keep your hairline from looking wide or flat.

Long/Rectangular Face

Dot blush directly along your cheekbones, beginning directly under the outer edge of your irises and ending at the outer corners of your eyes then blend your blush, making sure that it ends no lower than the bottoms of your earlobes. Apply a little blush or bronzer to the outer corners of your jawline to soften the angles.

Oval Face
You oval-faced beauties have it easy when it comes to make-up application – there’s not much you can do wrong! Apply your blush with a sponge or brush. Dot a circle of blush onto the highest segment of your cheekbones then sweep the blush lightly up to your temples and blend well. Finally, apply a tiny touch of blush to the center of your chin for added definition.

Heart Shaped Face
Start below your cheekbones rather than on them to ensure you don’t wind up making your face look wider than it is and dab blush all along the underside of your cheekbones up to your ears. Sweep your blush upwards and blend with a large brush, rotating it in circles.

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