Make-Up Tips to Make Your Teeth Look Whiter

If you’ve been watching Being Lara Bingle, or even if you haven’t but you’ve seen one of the many advertisements, you’ve probably been blinded by her incredibly white teeth.

Pearly whites like Lara’s rarely occur naturally and we have little doubt she’s made a few trips to the dentist to get a smile that flawless but for those of us who don’t have the cash or the time to get our teeth whitened professionally, there are plenty of ways we can make our teeth look whiter in an instant with, you guess it, makeup.

Here are our tips for making your whites look whiter…

1. Go for Blue
When choosing a lipstick, look for shades with blue undertones to counteract the yellow in your teeth. Try using plum shades like Automatic Lip Liner in VintageMicro Heather Lipstick or the lip-plumping Starlet if you’re looking to make your teeth as white as possible. A subtle pink gloss like Super Gloss in Femme will also help create the illusion of white teeth.

2. Don’t Over-Tan
If you fake-bake your face, don’t go overboard! By contrast, darker skin can make your teeth look whiter but if it’s too orange you’ll wind up throwing off the balance and causing orange looking teeth.
Your best bet is to skip the fake tan on your face altogether and instead use a bronzer to bring out your faux-glow. Our Bronzer Duos will help you on your way to a flawless sunless tan that doesn’t make your teeth look yellow.

3. Focus on the Eyes
If you don’t want to draw attention to your teeth, make your eyes pop instead and go neutral on the lips. Be bold with coloured eyeshadows in cooler shades like Hyacinth, or create a look with the gorgeous green in our Trend Maverick quad.

4.  Silver over Gold
Use soft silver shimmers rather than gold to counteract yellowing. Our Mineral Sheer Veil in Porcelian Veil is a great option if you want shimmer without the gold.

5. Blushing Beauty
Opt for cooler blush shades like soft pinks rather than coral or peach. Again, it’s all about counteracting that yellowing! Try our Mineral Matte Blush in Flirt or Mineral Gemstone Powder in Blush.