How to Paint Your Nails Perfectly

After talking about messy nail polish application on Facebook and Instagram (@elesmineralmakeup) yesterday, we’re going back to basics and showing you how to perfect the art of polish application…

Forget messy edges like this!

1. Remove all traces of nail polish with a good quality polish remover
2. Gently massage Cuticle Remover into the cuticles to soften and remove overgrown cuticles then file your nails into shape
3. Ensure your nails are completely dry and that any residue from hand wash, cuticle remover or other moisturisers has been removed
4. Start by applying a base coat. The ELES base coat has UV absorbers to prevent yellowing the nail and leaves a smooth gloss surface to allow for easy application of coloured polish. If your nails are in bad shape, you might want to try a coat of Nail Nourish or Nail Repair instead of a base.
5. Allow your base to dry completely
6. Select your coloured polish and gently warm it in your hands and shake the bottle
7. Take the brush and start at the centre of the nail a bit above the cuticle with a drop of polish. Move carefully downwards leaving a small gap between where the cuticle begins and your polish starts then move the brush upwards in a straight line until the end of the nail.
8. Go back to the base and swipe the polish up the right hand side of the nail until it is covered, then repeat on the left. This will ensure the colour is concentrated in the centre and evenly applied.
9. If you require a second and third coat, repeat steps 7 and 8
10. Apply a coat of Rapid Dry Finish. This provides a durable film to prolong wear, leaves a gloss finish and has UV absorbers to protect the colour.

We stumbled across a picture on Pinterest yesterday from blogger Lacquerized that perfectly shows demonstrates how to apply coloured polish and we just had to share…

– Paint your dominant hand first! It means the less-able hand won’t have to worry about still slightly wet polish
– Keep everything you need with you as well as a toothpick or q-tip to help fix any small mistakes
– Rest your hand on a table to keep it steady
–  A very small paintbrush and nail polish remover can be a huge help with clean-up