Life is too short to wear boring nail polish

ELES Cosmetics Australia Mineral Makeup Quote Nail Polish Life is too short

Nail art has been there even before we knew it existed, tracing back to the ancient times when both men and women used berries to colour their face and nails, and put on tattoo for special occasions. Now that we have shades a plenty, would we stop with just one plain colour? Spell b-o-r-i-n-g.

Here are FOUR easy ways you can make your nails look extra dolled up:

  • Accent nail – Do you ever wonder why some women have one designer nail on each hand? An accent nail spices up your regular manicure and showcases your creativity without going over the top since you are painting just one nail on each hand. For the younger girls, they pick any fingernail to paint on but for me, the ring finger is special because old folks believe that the “ringie‘ on our left hand has a vein that runs directly to the heart.
  • Glitters – who doesn’t love a bit of shimmer? When I feel like there’s something missing and I need some sunshine in my life, I get my bottle of Hundreds and Thousands and just swipe away. It’ll give you sunny days!
  • Patterns – the easiest way to make a statement is by making patterned nails. You can do stripes or polka dots or if you’re feeling extra bubbly and would like to pull off a Martha Stewart kind of nail sesh, try doing a Chevron pattern with pastel combinations. Try Peach Melba and Pistachio Dream or  Brighton Lime Sorbet and Peppermint Cream.
  • Special Designs – With the right tools, you can make your own designs like a pro! Celebrate special events by designing your nails according to the colours of that celebration. You can make hearts for weddings, candy canes for Christmas, clovers for St Patrick’s, and Aussie flag for National Day.Check out our Aussie nail art as featured on FAMOUS mag…

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The ELES Royal Red Pavilion as seen in Famous magazine’s “Aussies Who NAIL It” feature on local nail polish brands

ELES Cosmetics Australia Mineral Makeup FAMOUS Aussies who nail it Brighton Royal Red pavillion polish enamel

ELES Cosmetics Australia Mineral Makeup nail art aussie flag.jog