The easiest way to look instantly contoured: Transform in 5 minutes or less

ELES Cosmetics - Contoured 2

The models, the celebrities, the faces you see in magazines all look so well defined and I know for sure you’re thinking, “They have a glam team. The glam team makes the magic happen.” Well, you know what? You can achieve that chiseled, contoured look too, like a pro!

Liane Scior, creator of ELES Cosmetics, shares this easy step-by-step contouring tutorial that defines your face shape and transforms the way you look in less than 5 minutes.

Here’s the secret:

Step 1: Prep your skin. Makeup adheres more to skin and lasts longer if your skin is healthy and well hydrated. Moisturise by adding a layer of Luminous Defence Brightening Day Protection 50. It hydrates and protects against sun damage and premature ageing. Let dry. 1 min

Step 2: Follow with a light application of the chosen base — BB, CC or ELES foundation. ELES foundations provide buildable coverage, so layer on as much foundation as you need for even skin tone and a flawless finish. The lightweight formula will not look or feel heavy on the face. 1 min

Step 3: Seal it with the ELES Baked Finishing Powder in Diffused Light. “It’s like a warm filter that evens out dark shadows and discolouration, leaving your skin peachy and looking poreless,” says Liane. 30 sec

Step 4: This is the part that scares everyone, the bronzer application. Don’t be intimidated because contouring your face actually takes only about a minute. You only have to remember 3 things – slim nose, define jawline, and sculpt cheeks. 1 min

Using the ELES Anti-Oxidant Bronzer and a tapered detail brush:

  • Slim nose by applying bronzer along both sides of the nose starting at the top near the inner brows and working downward towards the nostrils.
  • Define jawline by applying bronzer at a downward angle on either side of the chin.
  • Sculpt cheeks. Apply the ELES Anti-Oxidant Bronzer using sweeping brush strokes under the entire length of the cheekbones. “Blend, blend, blend so that the contour appears natural,” says Liane.

ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup - Contoured


Step 5: Add instant radiance and colour to your face using the ELES Baked Blush (you know exactly where this goes). And then enhance your features like never before with the ELES Lightweight Illuminator1 min

Using a Small Tapered Blending Brush or the tip of your ring finger, apply a little liquid illuminator to:

  • • the centre strip of your nose starting from the top to the tip of your nose
  • • right above the perimeter of the jawline (this is the trick to making your face look smaller and slimmer)
  • • Highest point of cheeks for that healthy glow

Spend the remaining time blending and making sure the bronzer blends well with the illuminator and the blush. Steps 4 and 5 seem to be a lot of work but really, it takes a few seconds to transform your look. Try taking a video of yourself doing this and let us know how it goes.