Just Add Water: How to Enhance Your Eye Shadow

Day to day, soft eyeshadow is all we need but every now and then (read: Saturday night) we all want to amp up the colour volume and create a look that’s a little more daring. Something, perhaps, like Nelly Furtado created on the red carpet at the Billboard Awards this week…

Our mineral shadows are more versatile than you might know. Dry, they produce a soft, shadowy colour that glides on beautifully and stays put. Damp they have an intense effect that will turn heads.
This morning we tested our Mineral Matte Shadow in Bermuda both wet and dry and posted a quick pic on our new instagram account (@elesmineralmakeup).
Take a look at the results…

Believe it or not, that is the exact same shadow. Mineral shadow is extremely versatile and you can create just about any look you want.
To transform the soft blue you see at the top we simply took some shadow on our hand and used a damp eyeshadow brush to blend. You could use this more intense shade as your shadow or could use the dry mineral shadow and use a short angle eyelining brush to create a bold eyeliner that perfectly matches your shadow.
Remember, it’s best to avoid using the damp brush directly on your eyeshadow palette. Keeping it dry will help increase the shelf life of your makeup.

EXPERT TIP: ELES creator Liane Scior uses eye drops instead of water to enhance her shadows. It has the same effect but has the added bonus of being completely anti-bacterial which is always comforting when it comes to eyes!
The clever Liane also suggests putting a few drops of visine in mascara that is drying up to revive it .Who knew eye drops were so glam?

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