Nail Polish Tutorial: Drip/Splatter Effect

We’ve always got our eyes peeled for clever DIY nail designs and the drip effect has caught our attention recently so we thought we’d give it a go!

This is one of the easiest ways to spice up your manicure. You can create drips on all your nails, a couple of nails or on one statement nail. It’s simple, eye-catching and, best of all, you can make it your own by using any colour combination you like.

We’ve used three polishes for our splatter effect; ELES Base Enamel, Minted Willow and Shady Lady.

Follow these steps with any ELES shades you love to create a drip effect. You’ll need a base coat, a colour that you mostly want on your nails and a colour for the drip effect as well as a tooth pick, old pen or any other small pointed to paint with.
1. To begin, apply ELES Nail Nourish to protect and hydrate your nails then paint a coat of ELES Base Enamel to prevent yellowing of nails and enable smooth application. Wait for this to dry completely.
2. Apply two coats of ELES Minted Willow to the nails the wait to dry completely
3. Take ELES Shady Lady Polish and paint a line across the top of your nail like you would if you were doing a french tip. It doesn’t need to be as neat though!
4. Use your toothpick to drag some of the polish down as if it is dripping. You can also paint a couple of small dots on the nail and either leave them or use your toothpick to join them to the top.
5. Allow to dry completely then use ELES Base Enamel or Rapid Dry Finish to set the layers

There are SO many ways you can personalise this super easy, quick design. You can opt for a clear base coat with a hot red drip effect from a polish like Chilli Cha Cha or you could try something softer like a base coat of Dancing Dolly and a drip effect with French White. You can make it a small drip like we have or you could use the tooth pick to splatter it a bit more. Nail polish is not permanent so be as creative and crazy as you like! Worst comes to worse, you remove it and start again.

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