(Not So) Tricky Trend: Metallic Eyes

With the Sydney Mardi Gras fast approaching, we figured it was only appropriate to feature a something sparkly and it just so happens that our Autumn look, ‘Metallic Temptress’ is perfect for the occasion. After all, what better way to incorporate a bit of sparkle and shine into our lives than with metallic eyes, right?
We love the metallic look, it delivers insta-glam and a bit of sparkle without being OTT plus, when worn properly, it can seriously flatter your features. Today, we’re talking about metallic eyes and how to ensure your hard-metal look is subtle enough to show off your eyes but ‘enough’ to count.

Get the Metallic Temptress Eye Look:
1. Begin by applying a wash of Mineral Eye Shadow – Topaz over the entire lid up towards to brow.
2. Follow with Mineral Eye Shadow – Moonstone across the entire eye lid and slightly above, blending well in the crease to contour. This shade can also be used along the lower lash line.
3. Powder liner pencil – Chocolate is used to add depth and definition to the top eye lash line and outer third of the lower lash line.
4. Complete the eyes with two coats of Lush Black Mascara on the lashes.