Special Offer: Get a free nail polish of your choice when you purchase an Age Defying BB Cream

We felt you’d ask — What’s the difference between the ELES BB Cream, Mineral Sheer Tint, and Liquid Powder Foundation?

All these three provide good coverage plus protection, helping you hide the blemishes while nourishing your skin with special de-ageing formula carefully studied and crafted by ELES. You just have to know when  to use each.

Remember these three things:

  1. The ELES Age Defying BB Cream 30 is for daily use. Achieve a porcelain finish and a healthy, natural glow.
  2. For days when you have to stay outdoors (BBQ day, a trip to the beach, pool party, fun run, city tour), go for the ELES Mineral Sheer Tint with SPF 20 because it holds on to your skin for a longer time. Don’t skip the hydrating sunscreen for added protection.
  3. The Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation SPF 15 is a good base for heavy makeup and would make you look really flawless under the spotlight. The powder finish is perfect for evening affairs.

Is it necessary to have all three? YES! BB Cream is for the healthy glow, Sheer Tint is for longer skin protection, and liquid foundation is for maximum coverage.

This summer, give your face that healthy glow and keep it radiant looking at any time of the day.

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