Classic Cat Eye Styles of our Favourite Celebs

ELES Cosmetics Makeup Cat eye celebritiesCleopatra’s secret: Her winged eyes.

No wonder her beauty and charm mesmerised and influenced the most powerful men during her time. After thousands of years since her reign, not much has changed with the famous beauty trend. It was, it is and it will forever be a classic makeup look that beautified our history. Here’s our list of celebs who gave/give this classic look different personalities:

Silver Screen Star
Margot Robbie & Mila Kunis
ELES Cosmetics Makeup Cat eye celebrities Margot Robbie
ELES Cosmetics Makeup Cat eye celebrities Mila Kunis

Queen of the Catwalk
Kate Moss
ELES Cosmetics Makeup Cat eye celebrities Kate Moss

Fashion Maiden
Audrey Hepburn & Lauren Conrad
ELES Cosmetics Makeup Cat eye celebrities Audrey Hepburn ELES Cosmetics Makeup Cat eye celebrities Lauren Conrad

Dashing Diva
Adele & Amy Winehouse
ELES Cosmetics Makeup Cat eye celebrities Adele
ELES Cosmetics Makeup Cat eye celebrities Amy Winehouse


The Glamorous Mama
Elizabeth Taylor & Angelina Jolie
ELES Cosmetics Makeup Cat eye celebrities Elizabeth Taylor ELES Cosmetics Makeup Cat eye celebrities Angelina Jolie

The Sex Symbol
Brigitte Bardot & Marilyn Monroe
ELES Cosmetics Makeup Cat eye celebrities Brigitte Bardot ELES Cosmetics Makeup Cat eye celebrities Marilyn Monroe

Which cat eye celeb personality is closest to yours?


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Best Makeup for Green Eyes in a Flash

We thought we’d start a regular ‘Best Makeup for’ segment on the blog to answer some of the questions we know you need answered. We’re going to put the spotlight on different features each Friday and give you a fast guide to making it work.
If you’d like to hear about something specific, we’re more than happy to help out. Just let us know on our Facebook page or in the comments below!
To kick it all off, we’ll be focusing on eye colours beginning with green eyes.

Green eyes are a rarity and those lucky enough to have them are sure to turn more than a few heads, especially if they know how to work them! Follow our flash guide to perfecting your eye look and you’re sure to leave people green-eyed with envy!

Celebrity Inspiration…
The gorgeous and talented Adele has stunning green eyes that she really knows how to work to her advantage!

Learn to Love…
They say opposites attract, right? Well that certainly is the case for you green-eyed beauties! Anything with red tones will help bring out the green in your irises.
The following shades will help bring out your eyes… 
– warm shades
– browns, particularly chocolate tones
– hunter green (great for a night out when you want to amp it up)
– gold or copper highlights
– taupes and apricots as highlighters
– plums and purples (you can also try a plum mascara to really send your lashes fluttering)

Steer Clear of…
– blue shades
– silvers

Your Everyday Eyes…
1. Apply a highlighter to the eyelid right towards the eyebrow.
2. Use a taupe or apricot next and apply it to the whole eyelid and blend it just above the crease
3. Then use your third color (chocolate brown, dark green, copper, etc.) and apply it from the inner corner of your eyelid and sweep it out to the outer corner of your eye. It will get thicker the further out you go. Blend well.
4. Apply a chocolate eyeliner and mascara as you normally would
5. Use a brow pencil to define your brows – it helps bring out any eyes!

Your Product Prescription…
Signature Quad in Trend Maverick

Brow Blender PencilAutomatic
Long Lasting Eyeliner in Bark

Lush Mascara in Lush Brown

Stay tuned for next week’s ‘Best Makeup’ look where we’ll be concentrating on our blue-eyed sisters…

2012 Grammy Awards: Adele goes Retro Chic

Last week Adele made headlines not for her incredible talent but because king of fashion Karl Lagerfeld used the dreaded ‘f’ word in relation to the much-loved star, saying, “The thing at the moment is Adele. She is a little too fat, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice.” Now, this certainly isn’t the worst thing Mr Lagerfeld has said but this backhand compliment just didn’t seem necessary and it certainly made Adele fans cranky.

It all came out in the wash when the classy 23-year-old not only came back at the taunt saying, “I’ve never wanted to look like models on the cover of magazines. I represent the majority of women and I’m very proud of that” but showed up to the Grammys looking nothing short of a confident, happy and incredibly beautiful woman…

Adele goes Retro Chic

The super star, who is performing at the awards ceremony tonight, is rocking a retro beauty look that brings 60’s glam, Mad Men and the golden ages of Hollywood to mind. We love the look so we thought we’d share some tips on how to achieve her winged eyeliner and perfect red pout.

Adele 2012 Grammy Awards

Winged Eyeliner:
This look is easier to achieve than it looks, we promise!
1. Take a light coloured eyeliner pencil like ELES Automatic Long Lasting Eyeliner in Bark to gently draw on your ‘wings’. Hold your eye lid with one corner and work gradually ffrom the inner corner to the middle. Start with a thin line, then work up to a thicker line towards the outer corner. Fix any mistakes with a Q-tip and step away from the mirror!
2. After a minute or two away from the mirror, come back and check to see if the lines are symmetrical. You’ll know at a glance!
3. Take your ELES Liqui Liner in Anisette and, again starting at the inner corner, trace over the line with a steady hand. It may help you to have your elbow on a table.
4. For the bottom line, we suggest you use ELES Powder Liner Pencil in Coal. Use a broad stroke running over into the inner eyelid. Use the sponge tip to softly blend.

Red Lips
For every da, it’s easy to just put your lippy on while you’re on the go. But for a special occasion like the Grammys (or a mate’s party) best you take some time to ensure your lipstick, well, sticks.
For long-term care, we suggest you buy a very soft toothbrush and use it to exfoliate your lips once or twice a week. We also love Pevonia’s Lip Range which will help you maintain youthful lips.
2. Apply a lip primer like ELES Pro Lip Primer SPF15
3. Pick your lipstick shade then choose the best fit ELES Automatic Longlasting Lip Liner. For a red like Adele’s, we suggest Earth Red.
4. Ensure your pencil is sharpened and your lips are moisturised but dry and carefully trace around your lips using the pencil at a slight angle. Fix any mistakes with a Q-tip
5. Once you’re happy with the line, take your ELES Contoured Lip Brush and the lipstick of your choice (we suggest ELES Micro Bubble in Micro Red). Work a generous amount lipstick onto your hand to slightly warm it then coat the lip brush both back and front.
6.  Start applying from the inside of your lips, moving upwards in small strokes until you reach the outer edges. Continue this way until you’re happy with your pout.
EXTRA: If you’re a girl who likes her gloss, we suggest you apply a small dollop of ELES Super Gloss in clear to the middle of your lips for a bit of shine.

This may seem like a lot of steps just for red lips but we guarantee you’ll be impressed with the results! It just takes the right tools, a little patience and a lot of love.

And here’s one more pic of the stunning Adele, just because we love her!

Adele 2012 Grammy Awards