Trendy Autumn and Winter Nail Shades

Sweater weather is here! Some girls keep their makeup simple during the colder months because we want to look natural (everything else looks dark – dark clothes, dark skies). In winter we pick an accent colour to focus on and since we can’t put rainbow on our face, let our nails do the talking. Here are our top Autumn/Winter nail picks:

Moody and Muddy

Dark yet delicate, Dirty Dancing goes in harmony with the leaves falling off the branches of trees in late afternoon.
ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Australia nail polish Dirty Dancing

Purple Obsession

Can’t say much other than Casablanca just looks yummy and sultry.ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Australia nail polish Casablanca purple violet

The Insurgent

Strong and defiant, unleash that fierce side of you with Rebel without a Cause.
ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Australia nail polish Rebel without a cause

Nude & Plush

Nude will never go out of style. Roman Holiday is a shade that contrasts well with black and goes well with white so if you wear a lot of coats and cardigans, this is perfect!
ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Australia nail polish Roman Holiday

Mixed Metals

Finely mixed gold powder in a bottle, that is what Colombina Gold looks like. It’s pearlescent and very charming.
ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Australia nail polish Colombina Gold

Rich & Vivid

Tintoretto Teal is as fresh as spring in autumn and winter. Glam up and mimic matte emerald with this luxurious nail shade. This teal is truly a steal!
ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Australia nail polish Tintoretto Teal green

Passionate Red

Bold and stunning, From Russia with Love is easily a winter favourite. Beautiful is an understatement. In the great fashion world, it’s the classic M. Monroe.
ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup Australia nail polish From russia with love red pink

Try these nail shades on! Go to, click the nail shade you want to try and click Try It On under the image. ELES nail enamels are 5 FREE – 

No Toluene
No Formaldehyde
No Formaldehyde Resin
No Camphor

Have you tried any of these nail shades from ELES? What’s your winter favourite and which one would you like to try?


Have a very BERRY delicious Autumn!

ELES Cosmetics Mineral Makeup AUTUMN 2014 - Berry Crush

Finally! A burst of Autumn in Australia!

We’ve been dying to tell you about this new look that you’ll surely love. ♥ Our new beauty trend is called Berry Crusha sweet blend of bronze hues and delicious shades of crushed berries. This makeup set looks so yummy, we’re so tempted to eat it but even if we do, the tint is berry rich it stays there for a pretty long time.

Look young and full of life with the Berry Crush makeup collection!

Get the look by following this easy makeup tutorial

ELES-Cosmetics Mineral Makeup March Autumn Beauty Trend

The Naked Truth about Nude Makeup

The Naked Truth about Nude Makeup

This autumn, the soft and natural “nude makeup” is a key trend.  A common misconception about this look is that nude means less makeup and this is certainly not the case!  You’ll be using fewer colours certainly, and reaching for more natural hues, however pulling this look off successfully requires the same amount of makeup as a full fashion look.

One of the key features to this look is to create dimension with shade and light and in order to do this successfully you’ll need a perfectly even base. This look is more about enhancing the facial contours and less about adding fashion colours.

Before we start be prepared with an arsenal of great makeup brushes to shape and blend!

Step 1 – The Base

Apply a skin smoothing primer to ensure your foundation stays put.  Apply your Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation blending well to achieve an even skin tone, then follow with concealer:  Apply the Photo Touch Concealer to the top of your hand, the warmth in your hand will help to soften and emulsify it for easy application, then take a concealer brush and apply generously to any areas you wish to conceal; focus on the under eye area, the inside eye area beside the nose bridge, around the nostrils and on blemishes and pigment patches.  Pat into the skin until it blends into the foundation.

The Naked Truth about Nude Makeup - The Contours

Step 2 – The Contours

This is a very important step in a nude makeup as without it, the end result can be flat and one dimensional. The principle is that dark colours recede and light colours bring forward and we achieve this look with Bronzers and Highlighters.

Bronzer: Using a contouring brush pick up so product from your compact, we recommend the Mineral Bronzer Duos for this, and shake the excess powder from the brush.  Press and blend it gently into the area you wish to contour: along the underside of the jawline, beneath the cheekbone, on the temples and down the sides of the nose.  This gives the face sculptured definition.  Be sure to finish with a large powder brush to ensure the edges blend well into the skin.

Highlighter: Using another contouring brush apply Colour Tides Mineral Shimmering Powder to the areas of the face you wish to enhance: down the centre of the nose, the upper cheekbone, and along the top of the forehead.

Now you should be dazzling with flawless skin!

The Naked Truth about Nude Makeup - The Eyes

Step 3 – The Eyes

Now we are going to contour the eyes.  Choose natural shades such as Terra Peach Mineral Shadow or you can even apply some of your bronzer (a great multi-tasking product to take on a holiday!) Apply the shadow using a shadow brush into the eye contours (the natural line that exists between your lash and brow line) move the brush back and forward repeatedly blending well until you build up a natural looking but defined contour. Ensure the edges are blended well so it looks more look a shadow than a line.  If you have heavy lidded eyes and the natural contour is less visible, shade just above the contour.  If on the other hand you have very prominent eyes and the natural contour is higher than normal, shade just beneath the contour line on the actual lid.

Generally with nude makeup eyeliner is not applied only mascara.  Avoid lash extension mascaras and opt for a more feathery lash separating option such as Lush Mascara, use light strokes from the base of the lash to the tip fanning the lashes out.

Perfect brows are a must for this look as they frame the eyes and balance the features.  Using Browblender Pencil use soft strokes in the direction of hair growth to create a natural yet balanced brow, soften the effect by using the brush end to blend the pencil colour.

Tips for the eyes:  Do you feel a bit “bland” without your eyeliner?  Apply a natural shade such as Powderliner in Chocolate through the roots of the upper and lower lashes, this makes the lashes appear thicker and gives the eyes natural definition.

Apply a “dab” of highlighter to the inner corner of the eye for added brightness and to “wake up the eyes.

Curling the lashes before applying mascara will make your lashes appear longer.

The Naked Truth about Nude Makeup - The Eyes

Step 4 – The Lips

Finish with a swipe of Super Gloss Super Nectar on the lips for a soft, glossy pout.


Want to know more about how to achieve the perfect brow?  Then read our post
Three Steps to Eyebrow Perfection 

 …or learn more about facial contouring like a professional?

March Promo: Barefaced Beauty


Nude hues and sparkle-free bronzed skin is in this Autumn Season. A barely there look with a touch of pink blush accentuates your face’s good features. With the right makeup, you can definitely get a blemish-free barefaced beauty like that of Hollywood’s prettiest faces Jennifer Lawrence and Keira Knightley. =)

How to get the look? EASY! Read our step by step tutorial.
We’d love to see your version of the Barefaced Beauty look so please do feel free to send us a photo! ♥

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