How to Fix Broken Lipstick, Smashed Eye Shadow and More

When you find yourself stuck with a broken lipstick, a smashed eye shadow, a clogged spray or a stuck nail polish, do not throw it away! We’ve got the quick fixes that will save you from being wasteful and ensure you restore that favourite blusher that happened to smash in your make-up bag, the lipstick that snapped suddenly and more…

1. Broken Lipstick

– Take the broken piece and put it on a sandwich bag or something similar then pop it in the fridge for 10 minutes to harden it (this will make it easier to work with)
– Remove the broken piece from the freezer and get your tube. Wave a match or lighter over the lippie that remains in the tube and the base of the broken piece
– Attach the broken piece to the tube and use the match just around the outer edge where the two pieces meet then meld them together
– Put the reunited base and lipstick back in the fridge and leave it to set for 10-20 minutes
– Voila! Like new

2. Shattered Eye Shadow
– Place the shattered mess of shadow into a sandwich bag and use a blunt butter knife (or something similar) to crush the remainder of your shadow into fine pieces, until it looks like dust.
– Take a small cosmetic jar like these found at Priceline and careful pour the dust into it.

– Use a tissue to firmly but carefully press the eyeshadow down until it molds together
– Continue to use your eye shadow with a brush or sponge tip applicator as per normal

3.  Clogged Spray Bottle
– Hold the nozzle under warm to hot water.
– Remove residue with a tissue and if the hole is still clogged use a toothpick to scrape away any debris that maybe left over.

4. Stuck Nail Polish
– Take a cotton round with nail polish on it and remove any excess polish from the top of the bottle.
– With your finger, take a small dab of Vaseline and rub around the top of the bottle.

5. Smashed Blush Solutions
When life gives you smashed blush, make lip gloss! 
– Take a small jar (similar to the Priceline option above) and mix whatever powder is salvageable from your blush with a little bit of Vaseline or even paw paw ointment
– Now you have a pretty pink lip gloss or a high-shine cream shadow. No, this one isn’t as good as new but it does save you from causing waste.

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