Face First Makeup Brush Guide

A good makeup bag begins with a good set of tools. And when it comes to cosmetics tools, brushes are on the top of our ‘must-have’ list.
Here we explain which brushes should be used for what and how to keep your brushes in tip-top shape so you get the most out of them.

For Compact Powder Application

The Powder brush should be fluffy as a brush with densely packed, stiff bristles used on a powder compact will lead to uneven application.
To use, swirl your powder brush over your compact then tap the excess powder back into to brush rather than off. Use the brush to apply your powder as needed.
TIP: Don’t be tempted to use the same powder brush for foundation powder, blush and bronzer or you might end up looking a too bronzed or, even worse, red in the face.
The ELES Soultion: Our tapered powder brush is a plush, fluffy brush perfect for powder application.

For Loose Powder
The Kabuki Brush features tightly packed bristles and are perfect for loose powder. They allow you to buffer your powder.
To use, pick up loose powder with the brush and tap excess powder back into the bristles. Apply in circular motion and build as necessary.
The ELES Solution: Try our Mini Kabuki Brush. It’s the perfect size to fit into your makeup bag.

Liquid Foundation
If you use a liquid foundation and you’re not satisfied with using fingers or sponges, the foundation brush is for you. Brush application makes for the most flawless medium-coverage finish.
The ELES Solution: Our Foundation Brush features bristles made from taklon – a synthetic fiber ideally suited to the application of cream based products.

The blush brush is slimmer than a powder brush and generally has a dome shape. When using the blush brush, tap excess blush off the brush, not back into the bristles. Otherwise you run the risk of over-the-top red cheeks. Try an angled blush brush for perfect contouring.
The ELES Solution: Our Angled Blush Brush is perfect for applying blush that chisels your cheeks.

How to Clean Your Brushes:
Once a month to once every six weeks you should take the time to clean all your make-up brushes. You can do this using a brush cleaner and warm water or you can try baby shampoo.
Rinse with water and apply a little cleaner to your brush then turn it in a circular motion on the palm of your hand. Continue until the water runs clean then towel dry before leaving the brushes out overnight to dry completely.

All ELES brushes are designed by leading makeup artists and feature bristles made from plush natural hair. Check out the full collection here.

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With summer far behind us and more than a few months of cooler weather in front of us, bronzer has become our greatest ally, helping us maintain a glamorous glow despite the less than glamorous weather.
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Not a bronzer pro? We’ve shared our top tips for bronzer application here.


How to Apply Bronzer in Three Easy Steps

When it comes to bronzer, there are two types of women in the world – those who can’t imagine life without their bronzer and those who steer clear in fear of looking more Snooki from Jersey Shore than Elle Macpherson…

The difference between these groups? Education. When it comes to achieving bronzed babe perfection, it’s all about technique. And technique is well worth learning because once you master the art of the subtle glow, you won’t be able to imagine your makeup bag sans bronzer.

If you’re in the former category of bronzer-lovers, well done you. If not, read on, experiment and soon enough you will be because we’re about to share our three never-fail tips to flawless bronzing…

It’s much easier to add than subtract when it comes to makeup and this rule is especially true for bronzers. Apply a little, step away from the mirror, come back and examine and only then you can decide whether it’s time to add a little more. Repeat until you’re bronzed to perfection.

What’s the ultimate make-up sin? Well, there are plenty but using the wrong brushes for the wrong reasons is one of the biggest.
Apply bronzer with a large soft brush like the ELES Mini Kabuki Brush and make sure to shake off any excess powder before you apply.

There’s no need to bronze your entire face. A light sweeping across the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin is usually enough to get a perfect sun-kissed look. If you’re wearing a low-cut top, a dusting across the dècolletè will complete the look.

It’s that easy. Be bold, be brave and be bronze, you won’t regret it.


ELES has a range of mineral bronzers to suit every skin type and each is made with a superior mineral formula that will help keep your skin healthy. They’re ideal for sensitive skin types or anyone looking to avoid nasties like talc, oils, fragrance and other potential irritants. Shop ELES Bronzers here.