Perfect Brows - ELES Cosmetics perfect eyebrows tutorial

How to REALLY create perfect brows – top tips from the ELES experts

Perfect Brows - ELES Cosmetics perfect eyebrows tutorial

Perfect, natural-looking eyebrows are one of the hottest beauty trends right now. Why? Because creating the perfect brows can completely transform your face and make you look 10 years younger! Seriously.

Yes, some people are born with genetically perfect brows (ergh) but believe it or not creating naturally looking ‘full’ brows is something we can all achieve! (yay!) You’ve just got to know how.

We asked Liane Scior, Creator of ELES Cosmetics for her guide on how to create perfect brows at home. Here are her top tips;

  1. Remember your eye brows are sisters not identical twins! They will never be exactly the same and in trying to make them perfectly matched you’ll likely to “over-tweeze”.
  2. Embrace your natural brow shape. Filling in your natural eye brow shape will help you find your perfect fullness.
  3. Don’t overfill the front part of your brow. This area should have soft hair that graduates into more density. If you overfill this area you can make your eye brows look too square and in turn harsh.
  4. The beginning of your brow should be in line with your nostril, not the outside of your nose. If you don’t follow this rule and you have a wide nose, it could mean the gap between your brows will be too large making your nose look wider!
    ELES Cosmetics Perfect Brows - BROW TUTORIAL - nostril rulePERFECT BROWS
  5. Non-existent brows? You can try to grow thicker brows by applying and massaging oil (castor olive or almond oil best) into the hair follicles at night. Also including fatty fish, nuts, avocado, berries and green leafy vegetables in your diet can promote hair grown and strengthen hair follicles.
  6. Sparse spots in your brows? Use an eye brow pencil and pencil them in. Remember you can literally change your face by knowing how to correctly use an eye brow pencil to fill in your brows. Follow our tutorial below;
    Perfect Brows Brow Tutorial
  7. Must try: NEW Precision Brow Pencil. It creates “hairlike” strokes for a more natural brow and comes in three shades to suit everyone!
  8. A brow brush will also come in handy when you’ve used too much product and want to soften the look.
  9. Running your brow brush along a soap bar and brushing the brows helps to set them into place, particularly good if your brow hairs grow in every which way.
  10. As well as filling your eyebrows in using a pencil, you can also use an eyebrow powder or shadow. A pencil will help you create a more natural look and conceal sparse areas, while a brow powder or shadow will create the illusion of thicker brows.Try: Brow Sculpt. A two-in-one sculpting product. Long wearing powder helps to fill in, shape and thicken brows while the colour coordinated tinted wax tames and sets the brows.
  11. Make sure you choose the right eye brow pencil or powder shade for you – the colour of your eyebrows should be very close to the tone of your hair. If you choose a colour that is a couple of tones darker than your hair, your eyebrows could look rather unnatural.ELES Cosmetics Perfect Brows - BROW TUTORIAL - Brow-Sculpt-Brunette
  12. Remember to apply your brow product before tweezing your brows, it helps the strays become more visible and will stop you over tweezing.
  13. Before tweezing gently massage facial oil on to the brow bone. This will help strengthen the hair follicles so they won’t easily snap, while also protecting the sensitive skin around the brows from plucking. You can also run an ice cube over your brows to reduce redness and swelling!
  14. Tweeze only every 5-6 weeks.
  15. If you’re not a fan of tweezing and having sensitive skin means waxing for you can equal breakouts or burns and redness, try threading?

Read, digest and go and get yourself your best brows yet!

Your questions answered by our makeup professionals

eles-0730Wouldn’t it be handy if we all had our own makeup artist on hand 24-7? Someone to not only make us look fab but could answer those burning makeup related questions when you are lying awake at night wondering how you are going to conceal those dark under eye circles you’ve been sporting of late, or sitting in front of the mirror wondering if it’s time to throw your mascara away!

Unfortunately we can’t provide you with your own personal makeup artist but we can help answer all those makeup questions that you’ve been sending our way!

  1. I’m time poor, what is the best multi-tasking product?

    Like so many of us, we are on the constant search for the ultimate multi-tasking product that will save us time and energy. Cue CC Creams. The colour correcting gems are multi-faceted and benefit packed.

    Try ELES Luminous CC Cream 20. This innovative treatment cream primes, tints, nourishes, evens out skin tone, dramatically corrects and helps to strengthen and protect skin all in one!

  1. How do I reduce dark eye circles?

    You need to invest in a good concealer which not only promises to conceal dark circles and flaws but actually reduces puffiness which goes hand in hand with under eye circles.

    Try ELES Dual Action Concealer. This long-lasting instant eye lift stimulates circulation reducing under eye puffiness. Dark circles literally disappear!

  1. My eyebrows are sparse, how do I achieve natural brows that frame my face?

    Well shaped brows immediately add structure and lift above the eyes that we lose with age so it’s imperative to arm yourself with a good brow product that will fill in thin or pale eyebrows as well as add a much desired shape. Try ELES Brow Sculpt. Simply sweep the light shade through the brows and mimic hair with the dark side for youthful, natural looking brows.

  1. How do I make my complexion more radiant?

    Lost your glow? Then fake it! A few drops of illuminator in your foundation will leave your skin positively luminous. Try ELES Liquid illuminator, this dynamo visibly revives a dull complexion, accentuates cheekbones and camouflages signs of aging with a soft, subtle glow instantly.

  1. I have sensitive skin prone to blemishes, how do I conceal spots without irritating my skin?

    You need coverage without clogging pores. Mineral products are definitely best!

    Try ELES Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation. This outstanding long-lasting, oil-free liquid formula enhances the complexion without covering up the skin allowing it to breathe freely.

  1. How do I conceal my “smoker’s lines” and prevent product seeping into the cracks?

    Apply a lip balm before applying the rest of your makeup, this will give the area time to absorb the moisture and plump out the fine lines around the lips, then, when it comes time to apply lipstick, blot the excess away.  Follow with a lip primer all over the lips and beyond the lip border.  Fill in the lips using a lip pencil in desired colour and apply lipstick to the centre of the lips only.

    Try ELES Pro Lip Primer. This super hydrating weapon will make lips smoother, plumper and fuller and provides the perfect base for you lipstick.

  1. What should I use to ensure my makeup stays in place longer?

    Primer! This is every pros secret weapon! Worn alone or over moisturizer, a good primer will retexturize and refine, so foundation glides on smoothly and endures impeccably for hours longer.

    Try ELES Retexture Crème Face Primer.

    And if your skin is prone to producing excess oil which we all know helps that foundation slide off our faces try Pore Perfecting Face Primer. Incredibly lightweight and oil-free, this techno- advanced formula combats shine in multiple ways: Immediately, our natural Dermat Complex™ absorbs oil and reduces pore size. While you wear it, Salicylic Acid levels out roughness and keeps foundation looking smooth, hour after hour. Over time, this revolutionary primer keeps on working to control oil breakthrough even after you take it off.

Brow Now: The Three Points to Eyebrow Perfection

Before we begin, we’d like to let it be known that we are BIG advocates for getting your brows done by a true professional. If you’ve never had a pro shape and dye your brows, we highly suggest you treat yourself. It’s simply incredible how much changing the shape of your eyebrows can change your entire face for the better and it gives you a shape to maintain in the long run.
If you can’t get to a salon, you just want to maintain your brows between visits or you’re filling in your brows with your brow blender pencil, there are three points to follow on the road to brow perfection. We’re using Megan Fox as our model today simply because her brows are downright amazing.

  1. The start. You want the part of your brow that is closest to your nose to measure up in line with your nostril. Take your tweezers or brow pencil and hold vertically against the outer section of your nostril. This is where the brow should start. If you’ve over-plucked you made need to pencil this section in using an eyebrow pencil.
  2. The middle. The middle of your brow is where the arch hits its highest point. Once again take your tweezers or pencil and begin at the outer section of your nostril closest to your cheek and angle it outwards so that it cuts “through” the centre of your eye at your pupil.
  3. The end. This section of your eyebrow that is closest to your temple. To find where your brow should end, take your pencil and again hold it at the outer nostril by the cheek and angle alongside the outer corner of your eye. This is where your brow should end. If you’ve over-plucked you made need to pencil this section in using an eyebrow pencil.

If you’re a chronic over-plucker you might want to print this little guide and stick it on your mirror!

ELES Recommends:
A brow pencil can help you fill-in any spots where your brow is a little lack-luster and will help create a more prominent brow. Our Dual-ended pencil imparts the definition of a pencil with a soft-powder finish and the cap has a built-in brush for blending and shaping.
The result? A soft, natural-looking, full set of brows!
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Happy grooming!