Holiday essentials 101: What beauty products to pack and why

It’s here! Holiday season is upon us so it’s time to pack up and ship out for that long awaited break! But if you are anything like me the worst part about packing for a holiday is condensing your makeup kit!

A versatile palette is the best way to streamline your beauty bag without compromising your look! From radiance inducing highlighters to sumptuous eyeshadows a good palette will carry your look from day to evening.

Try; Custom Palette THE palette where YOU call the shots! Whether you’re creating an everyday look, a look for nights or going for the perfect travel collection, this palette has four empty face, blush and eyeshadow slots for you to customize. And with our great selection of shades, your options are limitless.

Couple with other multi-tasking products you’ll be fabulously flawless with little effort and in next to no time. 

Try; BB Cream. Multi-faceted and benefit-packed, this best seller will prime, tint, nourish, evens out skin tone for a flawless complexion!

Try; Lash Fortify Mascara – Waterproof. After all who doesn’t love their lashes to stay luscious and in place ALL day long?! The ergonomic brush coats each section to quickly lengthen, curl, volumize and lock lashes into place for all day wear. The result is instantly impressive eyes with lashes that are lusciously conditioned and protected.

Try: Lip Stain. A highly pigmented, ultra-smooth, long-lasting lip stain that keeps lips covered with vibrant colour from AM to PM. Yes please!

Getting Ready for the Holidays + Christmas Giveaway: Makeup Gift Sets

The holidays come with a long list of to-dos — decorating your home, organising parties, grocery shopping, gift shopping, dress and makeup shopping, the list is endless. Is “get myself ready” on your list too?

Here are some tips on how to have a truly happy holiday:

  1. Organize your to-do list. Group them in categories — home decor, groceries, gift shopping schedules, and the most important of all – ME.
  2. Make a list of the parties you’re attending so you can prepare your dress (especially if it’s a themed party), your makeup look, and your gift (you don’t want to come empty handed).
  3. Make a list of the gifts you want to buy and group them according to family, friends, godchildren.
  4. Get “generic” gifts. It’s hard to give gifts that you will have to return to to shop to be replaced for a bigger size. But oh, keep the receipts just in case!
  5. Personalize generic gifts with cute gift cards or include an item that you think they’ll love. For family and close friends, you might want to know their wishlist!

And the most important of all:

Give yourself a gift! You deserve to be pampered for working hard this year. Get a set of outfit or two, new makeup to welcome 2017, and a ticket to your favourite holiday destination. No, that’s not splurging. It’s called loving yourself a little bit more. Happy holiday!



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