Celebrity Beauty Inspiration: Jess Hart

It just so happens that today is Aussie model Jessica Hart’s 26th birthday so we thought we’d take our Monday morning beauty lessons srraight from the blonde bombshell.

Jess does minimalist disheveled beach babe perfectly and we want to show you how you, too, can get the look. Here’s a close-up for reference…

Less is More…
Jess knows that sometimes less is more when it comes to makeup. She nails the natural look and you can too.
1. After cleansing, toning and moisturising, use a primer like to start to build that flawless base
2. Apply light foundation or tinted moisturiser
3. Follow with a gentle sweeping of ELES Bronzer Duo to the face using a large, fluffy brush. This delivers both bronzing and shimmer in the one hit, leaving you with a healthy glow just like Jess.
4. Finally, apply a soft pink blush to the apples of your cheeks.
1. Apply a soft peach or nude matte shadow to the eyelids
2. Take a colour dense eyeliner in black and apply to your top eye line
3. Finish with a soft coating of black mascara
4. Use the built-in brush on your ELES Brow Blender and brush your brows in an upward motion. Use the pencil to define the brows.
1. Jess is wearing a gloss with a little more in this pic and it really completes her look. Try one of an ELES Liptox to plump your lips and deliver a sexy sheen

And you’re done! This laid back look works from day to night, from beach to bar and beyond.

How to Fix Broken Lipstick, Smashed Eye Shadow and More

When you find yourself stuck with a broken lipstick, a smashed eye shadow, a clogged spray or a stuck nail polish, do not throw it away! We’ve got the quick fixes that will save you from being wasteful and ensure you restore that favourite blusher that happened to smash in your make-up bag, the lipstick that snapped suddenly and more…

1. Broken Lipstick

– Take the broken piece and put it on a sandwich bag or something similar then pop it in the fridge for 10 minutes to harden it (this will make it easier to work with)
– Remove the broken piece from the freezer and get your tube. Wave a match or lighter over the lippie that remains in the tube and the base of the broken piece
– Attach the broken piece to the tube and use the match just around the outer edge where the two pieces meet then meld them together
– Put the reunited base and lipstick back in the fridge and leave it to set for 10-20 minutes
– Voila! Like new

2. Shattered Eye Shadow
– Place the shattered mess of shadow into a sandwich bag and use a blunt butter knife (or something similar) to crush the remainder of your shadow into fine pieces, until it looks like dust.
– Take a small cosmetic jar like these found at Priceline and careful pour the dust into it.

– Use a tissue to firmly but carefully press the eyeshadow down until it molds together
– Continue to use your eye shadow with a brush or sponge tip applicator as per normal

3.  Clogged Spray Bottle
– Hold the nozzle under warm to hot water.
– Remove residue with a tissue and if the hole is still clogged use a toothpick to scrape away any debris that maybe left over.

4. Stuck Nail Polish
– Take a cotton round with nail polish on it and remove any excess polish from the top of the bottle.
– With your finger, take a small dab of Vaseline and rub around the top of the bottle.

5. Smashed Blush Solutions
When life gives you smashed blush, make lip gloss! 
– Take a small jar (similar to the Priceline option above) and mix whatever powder is salvageable from your blush with a little bit of Vaseline or even paw paw ointment
– Now you have a pretty pink lip gloss or a high-shine cream shadow. No, this one isn’t as good as new but it does save you from causing waste.

Do you have any broken make-up fixes to share? Leave them in the comments or tell us on Facebook!

All that Glitters: The Why, When and How of Shimmer

We recently had a Facebook liker admit they, don’t know how to use shimmer. In our experience, where there’s one person who doesn’t know how to do something, there are many more who feel the same.
It’s easy to go over the top on the shimmer and we’ve seen it happen all too often. This is exactly why people think they don’t know how to use shimmer and why we want to teach you how to become Responsible Shimmer Users so you, too, can experience the glowing benefits.

Whitney Port Front Row at Mara Hoffman Fall 2012 NYFW. This girl knows how to work her highlighter!

We know how easy it is to get bogged down in the sheer volume of cosmetics avaliable these days but each and every one has a use. You don’t have to use everything everyday but having the option there makes all the difference.
Shimmer is used for highlighting, a makeup technique that can turn dull skin into fabulous skin, a basic look into a glamorous one.
Highlighting is all about emphasizing the places your face catches the light in a flattering way that makes your skin look radiant rather than lackluster.

It’s up to you! You can use shimmer on the middle of your eyelids, the bridge of your nose and the top of your cheekbones every day if you wish then amp it up at night by applying a touch on your cheekbones, nose, chin, brow bone and/or hairline after using foundation.
Oily skinned sisters, don’t be afraid of highlighting! The skin has places where it should and shouldn’t shine so using shimmer on the places it SHOULD shine will make oily skin less noticeable  not more.

1. Take a fluffy brush like ELES Tapered Powder Brush and swirl brush across your ELES Colour Tides Mineral Shimmering Powder, picking up all the shades
2. Tap off excess powder
3. Sweep the brush over the bridge of your nose and the top of your cheekbones and any other areas you wish to highlight, including the décolleté
4. Walk away from the mirror then come back and have another look, if you’re not glowing yet, repeat steps one through three but remember, when it comes to shimmer, LESS IS MORE!

ELES Colour Tides Peaches n Cream

The Six Commandments of Responsible Shimmer Users
Thou shalt not highlight heavily blemished areas
Thou shalt not highlight areas with lines and wrinkles
Thou shalt not highlight puffy eyes
Thou shalt not highlight excessively oily areas
Thou shalt not highlight under the eyes
Thou shalt not go overboard

Want more illumination?
Try ELES Mineral Illuminator to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
And ELES Mineral Sheer Veil for incredible liquid light

Happy shimmering, ladies!

2012 Grammy Awards: Adele goes Retro Chic

Last week Adele made headlines not for her incredible talent but because king of fashion Karl Lagerfeld used the dreaded ‘f’ word in relation to the much-loved star, saying, “The thing at the moment is Adele. She is a little too fat, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice.” Now, this certainly isn’t the worst thing Mr Lagerfeld has said but this backhand compliment just didn’t seem necessary and it certainly made Adele fans cranky.

It all came out in the wash when the classy 23-year-old not only came back at the taunt saying, “I’ve never wanted to look like models on the cover of magazines. I represent the majority of women and I’m very proud of that” but showed up to the Grammys looking nothing short of a confident, happy and incredibly beautiful woman…

Adele goes Retro Chic

The super star, who is performing at the awards ceremony tonight, is rocking a retro beauty look that brings 60’s glam, Mad Men and the golden ages of Hollywood to mind. We love the look so we thought we’d share some tips on how to achieve her winged eyeliner and perfect red pout.

Adele 2012 Grammy Awards

Winged Eyeliner:
This look is easier to achieve than it looks, we promise!
1. Take a light coloured eyeliner pencil like ELES Automatic Long Lasting Eyeliner in Bark to gently draw on your ‘wings’. Hold your eye lid with one corner and work gradually ffrom the inner corner to the middle. Start with a thin line, then work up to a thicker line towards the outer corner. Fix any mistakes with a Q-tip and step away from the mirror!
2. After a minute or two away from the mirror, come back and check to see if the lines are symmetrical. You’ll know at a glance!
3. Take your ELES Liqui Liner in Anisette and, again starting at the inner corner, trace over the line with a steady hand. It may help you to have your elbow on a table.
4. For the bottom line, we suggest you use ELES Powder Liner Pencil in Coal. Use a broad stroke running over into the inner eyelid. Use the sponge tip to softly blend.

Red Lips
For every da, it’s easy to just put your lippy on while you’re on the go. But for a special occasion like the Grammys (or a mate’s party) best you take some time to ensure your lipstick, well, sticks.
For long-term care, we suggest you buy a very soft toothbrush and use it to exfoliate your lips once or twice a week. We also love Pevonia’s Lip Range which will help you maintain youthful lips.
2. Apply a lip primer like ELES Pro Lip Primer SPF15
3. Pick your lipstick shade then choose the best fit ELES Automatic Longlasting Lip Liner. For a red like Adele’s, we suggest Earth Red.
4. Ensure your pencil is sharpened and your lips are moisturised but dry and carefully trace around your lips using the pencil at a slight angle. Fix any mistakes with a Q-tip
5. Once you’re happy with the line, take your ELES Contoured Lip Brush and the lipstick of your choice (we suggest ELES Micro Bubble in Micro Red). Work a generous amount lipstick onto your hand to slightly warm it then coat the lip brush both back and front.
6.  Start applying from the inside of your lips, moving upwards in small strokes until you reach the outer edges. Continue this way until you’re happy with your pout.
EXTRA: If you’re a girl who likes her gloss, we suggest you apply a small dollop of ELES Super Gloss in clear to the middle of your lips for a bit of shine.

This may seem like a lot of steps just for red lips but we guarantee you’ll be impressed with the results! It just takes the right tools, a little patience and a lot of love.

And here’s one more pic of the stunning Adele, just because we love her!

Adele 2012 Grammy Awards