Perfect Brows - ELES Cosmetics perfect eyebrows tutorial

How to REALLY create perfect brows – top tips from the ELES experts

Perfect Brows - ELES Cosmetics perfect eyebrows tutorial

Perfect, natural-looking eyebrows are one of the hottest beauty trends right now. Why? Because creating the perfect brows can completely transform your face and make you look 10 years younger! Seriously.

Yes, some people are born with genetically perfect brows (ergh) but believe it or not creating naturally looking ‘full’ brows is something we can all achieve! (yay!) You’ve just got to know how.

We asked Liane Scior, Creator of ELES Cosmetics for her guide on how to create perfect brows at home. Here are her top tips;

  1. Remember your eye brows are sisters not identical twins! They will never be exactly the same and in trying to make them perfectly matched you’ll likely to “over-tweeze”.
  2. Embrace your natural brow shape. Filling in your natural eye brow shape will help you find your perfect fullness.
  3. Don’t overfill the front part of your brow. This area should have soft hair that graduates into more density. If you overfill this area you can make your eye brows look too square and in turn harsh.
  4. The beginning of your brow should be in line with your nostril, not the outside of your nose. If you don’t follow this rule and you have a wide nose, it could mean the gap between your brows will be too large making your nose look wider!
    ELES Cosmetics Perfect Brows - BROW TUTORIAL - nostril rulePERFECT BROWS
  5. Non-existent brows? You can try to grow thicker brows by applying and massaging oil (castor olive or almond oil best) into the hair follicles at night. Also including fatty fish, nuts, avocado, berries and green leafy vegetables in your diet can promote hair grown and strengthen hair follicles.
  6. Sparse spots in your brows? Use an eye brow pencil and pencil them in. Remember you can literally change your face by knowing how to correctly use an eye brow pencil to fill in your brows. Follow our tutorial below;
    Perfect Brows Brow Tutorial
  7. Must try: NEW Precision Brow Pencil. It creates “hairlike” strokes for a more natural brow and comes in three shades to suit everyone!
  8. A brow brush will also come in handy when you’ve used too much product and want to soften the look.
  9. Running your brow brush along a soap bar and brushing the brows helps to set them into place, particularly good if your brow hairs grow in every which way.
  10. As well as filling your eyebrows in using a pencil, you can also use an eyebrow powder or shadow. A pencil will help you create a more natural look and conceal sparse areas, while a brow powder or shadow will create the illusion of thicker brows.Try: Brow Sculpt. A two-in-one sculpting product. Long wearing powder helps to fill in, shape and thicken brows while the colour coordinated tinted wax tames and sets the brows.
  11. Make sure you choose the right eye brow pencil or powder shade for you – the colour of your eyebrows should be very close to the tone of your hair. If you choose a colour that is a couple of tones darker than your hair, your eyebrows could look rather unnatural.ELES Cosmetics Perfect Brows - BROW TUTORIAL - Brow-Sculpt-Brunette
  12. Remember to apply your brow product before tweezing your brows, it helps the strays become more visible and will stop you over tweezing.
  13. Before tweezing gently massage facial oil on to the brow bone. This will help strengthen the hair follicles so they won’t easily snap, while also protecting the sensitive skin around the brows from plucking. You can also run an ice cube over your brows to reduce redness and swelling!
  14. Tweeze only every 5-6 weeks.
  15. If you’re not a fan of tweezing and having sensitive skin means waxing for you can equal breakouts or burns and redness, try threading?

Read, digest and go and get yourself your best brows yet!

ELES Cosmetics Makeup Tips

Makeup tips you’ll want to know now

Achieving the perfect makeup doesn’t need to be a time consuming necessity or a complicated ritual! It should be simple and easy. We asked Owner and Creator of ELES Cosmetics, Liane Scior her handy makeup tips and tricks that’ll turn makeup application from frustrating to fun!

ELES Cosmetics Makeup Tips

Whether you’re wondering how to cover up those pesky pimples without further inflaming them or preventing your concealer accentuating your lines, Liane has the answer. And what’s better if the questions that have been playing on your mind aren’t answered below you can email the experts at ELES Cosmetics and they will personally get back to you with an answer.



Eliminate dark circles

The best way to conceal dark circles is with an under eye corrector with a “peachy” tone to counteract the blueish tinge of the shadows.  By using a good corrector and a lightweight concealer you’ll have the cover you need without a thick mask that falls into fine lines and looks cakey. Try Dual Action Concealer

Conceal redness/broken capillaries

Green correctors used to be the best solution for concealing redness, however they can make the skin look flat and lifeless.  CC Creams (colour correction) with photo-optic filters will help reflect back light on the skin greatly reducing skin redness and the dark red of broken capillaries. Try Luminous CC Cream 20

Cover up pimples without irritation

For pimples, an antibacterial concealer followed by a mineral foundation powder is ideal. Oil free and non-comedogenic cover ups are best and many now have skin enhancing benefits to sooth inflammation.  Avoid mineral oil, lanolin and talc based products which tend to block the pores and exacerbate the acne. Try Photo Touch Concealer & Mineral Powder Foundation

Conceal not accentuate fine lines

There is a very fine line (pardon the pun) between over-preparing the skin and causing the product to slip off and under-preparing the skin and causing it to absorb into the skin.  The area should be well hydrated without being greasy so a good eye cream around the eyes and a hydrating concentrate will help prepare the skin for makeup.  Allow time for the product to absorb and settle. The key is not to apply too much product, keep every layer fine and light and you’ll have a more natural and lasting result to your makeup.

Create the perfect base

Foundation is what makes your skin appear flawless but it’s important to master not only the right shade, but the look you want (matte versus dewy) and the coverage. If you want lighter coverage then opt for a tinted moisturiser, but if it’s more coverage you’re after then liquid foundation is the answer. Try Mineral Sheer Tint or HD Luminous Foundation

Bonus tip: Use your fingers to apply your foundation if you want sheer coverage and a brush or sponge for medium to full coverage.

Fake your cheekbones

Sadly we aren’t all born with striking cheekbones but we can all fake it! All it takes is some simple sculpting. Start by puckering to find the hollows of your cheeks and apply a deep nude blush or contour powder in the sunken area under your cheekbones. Next, apply a peachy blush starting from the apples of your cheeks and moving outwards while lightly blending. Finish by applying illuminator along the top of your cheekbones and under your temples. Try Baked Blush & Liquid Illuminator


Brighten eyes

Make eyes brighter with white.  A small dot of white shadow on the inside of the eye near the tear duct will make eyes look brighter. Try Mineral Shadow in Opal

Define eyes

Eyeliner can make or break a perfect makeup.  Wearing eyeliner inside the eye rim can look striking and make the eyes stand out, but avoid this if you have small or very deep set eyes.

The role of eyeliner is to make the lashes look thicker so the line can be thicker on the top lash line, create a small “peak” in the outer corners of the eye to give the illusion of an almond shaped eye. Try Powderliner Pencil

Bonus tip: Plums and eggplant shades make the eye whites look whiter

Select the eye shadow shade for you

Choose shadows that make the colour of your eyes stand out. Blue and Grey tones enhance brown eyes, plums are great for green eyes and browns make blue eyes sparkle.  Don’t be afraid to try different colours but remember the eyeshades should enhance your eyes not take over completely. Try Mineral Matte Shadows

Transform eye lashes

Still searching for the perfect volumizing mascara? Don’t stress. Simply apply a layer of your mascara to your lashes then dust them with powder (loose powder, translucent or even baby!) before applying a final coat of mascara. The result? Thick, gorgeous lashes.

Bonus tip: Sweep the wand through the roots of your lashes and zigzag as you work your way up. This will create added length.

Simple Smokey Eye

Who doesn’t love a smokey eye? While a lot of smokey eye looks require several different shades of eyeshadow and a whole lot of blending, there is a fast and easy alternative. Simply use an eye pencil to draw a slanted hashtag above the outer corners of your eyes and blend with the smudger end of the pencil. The result: Instant smokey eye every time. Try Powderliner Pencil


Soften “smoker’s lines” and prevent product seeping into the cracks

Apply a lip balm before applying the rest of your makeup, this will give the area time to absorb the moisture and plump out the fine lines around the lips, then, when it comes time to apply lipstick, blot the excess away.  Follow with a lip primer all over the lips and beyond the lip border.  Fill in the lips using a lip pencil in desired colour and apply lipstick to the centre of the lips only.

Lipstick shades for you

Lipstick should complement your skin tones, cool skin tones should wear cooler colours such as plum, rose and burgundy and warm skin tones look better in terracotta, orange and vibrant reds.  Remember, if your eye makeup is prominent, keep the lips soft and neutral, and if you want to wear strong lip colour, soften the eye makeup or opt for a simple liner/mascara look. Try Moisture Crème Lipstick

Bonus tip: You are never too old for wet lips!  A small amount gloss on the center of the lips makes them look plump and youthful.  Keep your Lip gloss with you to freshen up your makeup through the day.

Make lipstick last longer

Let’s face it lipstick never seems to last the distance. After applying your lippy, place a tissue over your lips and dust on some translucent powder. Doing so will help set your colour and make it instantly longer-lasting.

Bonus tip: For long-lasting vibrant colour from AM to PM try the NEW ELES Lip Stains. They will last through coffee, cakes and kisses. Seriously.

Fuller lips

Lipliner is used to define the look of your lips but it can also create the illusion of instantly bigger and plumper lips. Apply before lipstick or gloss and use either a neutral shade or match the shade of your lipstick. Therefore if the lipstick fades, you don’t walk around with only the outline showing.

Begin by applying a fine line just outside your natural lip line starting from the center of the lips and working out to the corners, keep it light and fine. Try Longwear Lipliner

Bonus tip: Powdering the line will make it last longer.


Shape your brows

Adding definition and shape to your eyebrows can completely transform your face. Shaping your brows needn’t be difficult. Start by brushing your eyebrows so the hairs are sitting naturally. Then, use a soft, waxy brow pencil to shape the outside of your brow. Fill in your brows using short, hair-like strokes. Finally, blend some highlighter just below your brow bone for lift. Try Brow blender Pencil

Bonus tip: Use a brow stencil to create perfectly even and arched brows every time!