How to Fake a Healthy Glow

There’s a flu worthy of a Contagion-style film going around Sydney at the moment and we’re doing all we can not to catch it! But it has got us thinking, once you’re over that must-stay-in-bed phase of the winter flu and you’re heading back to work still feeling a little under the weather, you sort of have to fake it ’til you make it, right?
If you’re unlucky enough to have caught the super flu, or even when a mild cold comes knocking, this guide to faking the glowing health of goddesses like Miranda Kerr will have you ready for your close up and you won’t have to spend hours of precious sleep time to achieve it either!

Blush Rush
We all know rosy cheeks give the impression of health so don’t be afraid of your blusher! Go easy though, given that we’re often a little paler when we’re feeling under-the-weather, your usual dose of peachy pink could be a little over bearing if you’re unwell. Remember, makeup it’s always easier to add on than take off so apply a little blush to the apples of your cheeks, then add more if it’s not enough!
ELES RECOMMENDS: Our Mineral Matte Blush comes in two gorgeous shades and has jet-milled pigments to deliver a velvety finish.

Bronzed Beauty
Bronzer can take you from sick-bed to glamazon with the swoop of a brush. Well, at least looking that way! The humble bronzer does wonders for your healthy glow and takes no time at all. Try our Mineral Finish Bronzer Duos there are four shade combinations, each with one matte bronzer and one shimmering powder meaning you can create the look you want with one product. Each one is designed to minimize fine lines while maximizing a healthy glow.

Bright Eyes
Our eyes are not just the window to our soul, but to our health. Often when our body is battling illness, our eyes go slightly yellow or red. Counteract this with a little white shadow in the inner corner of your eye. Not only will this make your eyes look brighter but also larger so you can eliminate any signs of fatigue.
A good coating of Lush Mascara will help open up your eyes too!
ELES Recommends: Our Mineral Eyeshadow in Opal will do the trick! If you’re after a more subtle, matte look, our Mineral Matte Shadow in Antique White is a great option too.

Pink Lips
As much as we love bold, bright lipsticks, they can feel like a little too much work when we’re not feeling our best. But, like the rest of our face, our lips tend to lose colour when we’re unwell.
Luckily, there is a solution. Our Super Balm is easy to apply, packs a hydrating punch and leaves a subtle slick of colour. Try our Super Balm in Sweetie for healthy-looking pink lips!

EXPERT TIP: When you’re sick, your body is working harder than it normally does to try and get you better. This means sensitivities and allergies can flare up more than they otherwise would. Using mineral makeup ensures you’re able to fake a healthy glow without irritating the skin even more. Win win!

How to Choose the Best Lip Colour for Your Skin Tone

Deciding on a new lip colour can be difficult. That fierce tangerine shade every celeb has been wearing might seem like a great idea but when you actually put it on to go out, you’re confronted with the fact that on you, it’s more frightening than fierce.

Like most makeup, a lot of what suits us comes down to our colouring. We’ve put together the ‘Snog, Marry, Avoid’ of lip colour for your skin tone. The shades you should marry are the faithful shades that will take you from the boardroom to the bar. The shades to snog are the ones you’ll want to wear next time you have a run-in with Ryan Gosling and the shades to avoid are those you should steer clear of unless you’re trying to ward of unwanted attention…

If you have Fair Skin…
Snog: True reds look fabulous on fair skinned ladies like Kristen Bell. Look for a shade a blue undertone to identify a true red. Try our Micro Red Lipstick.
Marry: Try subtle nudes and peaches with pink undertones like our Lipstick in Micro Bon Bon or Super Gloss in Super Nectar
Avoid:  Dark chocolate and burgundy shades are generally too much for fair-skin. Avoid them unless you’re going for goth-chic.

If you have Olive Skin…
Snog: Dark berry and wine shades suit most skin tones but look particularly delicious on ladies with olive skin. Try Micro Cranberry Lipstick or ‘plump up the jam’ with Liptox in Starlett
A subtle chocolate shade is the perfect day-to-day solution. The hint of chocolate in Super Raisin will compliment your skin tone perfectly.
Pale pinks and anything with a yellow undertone to avoid bringing out the yellow undertones in your skin.

If you have Dark Skin… 
Snog: You can rock just about any bright colours but orange and coral shades for a fun pop of colour. Our Micro Melon suits just about every one but really pops off dark skin
Marry: Coffee shades look great on dark skin. Try Micro Teaberry or Liptox in Contessa
Avoid: Milky colours or anything with too much white.

You’ll notice with all of these suggestions that you’re never steering too clear from your own skin tone. Identify your undertones and work with them, not against them, to find a lip colour that really works for you.

And don’t forget that rules were made to be broken. These are general guidelines and we wholeheartedly endorse makeup experimentation. Lip products are not permanent so break the rules and have fun with your colour choices!

When Less Really is More: Celebrity Makeunders

You’ve probably heard the saying, ‘less is more’ and it’s likely you’ve at some point spotted someone and have had to stop yourself from screaming, ‘tone down the bronzer’! Too much makeup is, well, too much. Makeup is supposed to enhance your best features, not cover up your features all together. started a series of ‘makeunders’ last year that show off just how much better those over-done celebs look without the extra layers of makeup. The most recent makeunder was performed on Audrina Patridge from reality shows The Hills and The City just last week so we’ve cast our eye back to all the incredible results.

During a makeunder, the celeb in question is allowed no more than six products and they have to be applied (by a makeup artist) in under six minutes. The results? STUNNING.

Audrina Patridge from The Hills

Sammi Sweetheart from Jersey Shore

Tinsley Mortimer

These ‘makeunders’ are proof that you don’t need hours and hundreds of products to get a flawless face. In fact, you’re better off using more natural products and a bit of softness than a heavy-handed approach.

If you’re looking to achieve this subtle, fresh-faced look, our Mineral Sheer Tiny SPF 20 will do the trick. As customer Naomi tells it, “Lightweight, sheer and absolutely devine to wear. This little wonder provides beautiful light cover, illuminates the skin and is perfect for everyday wear, there is not a better tinted moistuiser on the market.”
Team this base with a coat lip gloss, a light brush of eyeshadow and some mascara then clean up your browns with our Brow Blender Pencil and you’ll be fresh faced and ready to take on the world in five minutes.

How to Achieve Plumped Lips without Surgery

Some of us are not blessed with the perfectly plumped lips of stars like Angelina Jolie and Scarlett Johannson. But that doesn’t mean we have to suffer a lifetime of a less-than-plump pout.

There are plenty of ways you can create a plumped lip look without using surgery. Follow these five rules and you’ll have Scarlett’s pout in a pinch…

1. Prep for Pout
Exfoliate your lips to keep the skin healthy and smooth. Invest in a child’s toothbrush and use it to brush your lips in a circular motion. It will remove any dry skin and give lip a circulation boost.
After exfoliating, apply Pevonia’s Youthful Lip Concentrate to counteract any wrinkles and creases around the mouth. This will improve the overall look of your lips and ensure people are looking at your luscious lips – not the fine lines around them.

2. Prime Time
Face primer is commonplace these days but lip primer less so. ELES Pro Lip Primer uses our exclusive peptide plumping complex to plump the lips up plus has the added benefits of making your lipstick last longer and protecting you with SPF 15.

3. Apply Lipliner
Lipliner can seriously enhance your lips, making them fuller and more symmetrical. Apply lipliner on the outer edge of your natural lip line. You can even move it out a fraction to give the illusion of a fuller mouth.

4. Use a Plumper
Lip plumpers are one of those things that have to be seen to be believed. so many people think there’s no way a simple gloss could possibly plump your lips. Our LipTox plumps, boosts hydration and banishes wrinkles all in one. But don’t believe us… here are so extracts from customer reviews
Rebecca, “I have this in starlet. Glides on smoothly. It has a lovely warm spicy aroma, and leaves my pout with a pleasant tingle. The colour is gorgeous and quite natural – adds an extra oomph to my natural lip colour. Stays glossy for ages and doesn’t dry out. I love the subtle sparkles in it too. 5 Stars!”
Naomi, “I have Princess and Starlet in the Liptox – so far. I love these, they are my favourite glosses and the best i’ve used. They offer a glamourous sparkle, stay glossy for ages, don’t go tacky, smell so good and make my lips feel smooth and hydrated. I love wearing Liptox over my micro bubble lip colour but i also wear it on it’s own for everyday wear.”

5. Try Highlights
Give your lips even more depth with an illuminator or highlighter. Dab lightly with your fingertip to the outer edge and the bow of the lip. This gives you a fuller top lip instantly and adds definition.