3 steps to perfect lips

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I have a lip liner (from mom’s overstock train case) but I only touched it once. I traced my lips like a kid working on her coloring book, filled the shape in with a matching lipstick. Guess what! I looked like a duck with over-sized chappy lips. Eversince then I resorted to using lipstick, just that. I want my pout sharp and sexy just like the ones in magazines. What should I do to get sexy lips like the one in the photo above?

In dire need of help,
Never Been Kissed
P.S. I have a confession to make. I’ve never used a lip primer EVER.


Dear Never Been Kissed,

Well we’re not surprised. You are not the only one. Though there are lots of tutorials online and beauty experts seem to say the same tips over and over again, girls are still having a hard time creating a perfectly luscious pout. Take our advice:

1) Thin lips or full lips? By knowing this basic info, you’re narrowing down the list of shades that fit you.
For thin lips, try light but not bright shades like ELES Micro Bubble Lipstick in Micro Bon Bon and Micro Teaberry and anything that shimmers like ELES Liquid Lustre Lip Gloss. For extra plump lips, use ELES LipTox.
For full lips, try vivid red and earth shades like ELES Micro Bubble Lipstick in Micro Red and Micro Melon.

2) Innocent or Seductive? Know the personality you wish to project on a particular date or event.
For innocent look, try anything pinkish like ELES Micro Bubble Lipstick in Tickled Pink and Micro Flamingo, ELES Super Gloss in Super Candy or ELES LipTox in Precious.
For seductive look, deep red would be perfect! Try ELES Micro Bubble Lipstick in Micro Red and Micro Melon and top with ELES Super Gloss in Pomegranate.

3) Fail safe shade – go NEUTRAL.
For job interviews / office look, try ELES Micro Bubble Lipstick in Micro Sachet and Bronze,
For first date and ‘Meet the parents’ date, try ELES Micro Bubble Lipstick in Micro Flamingo and Micro Blush,

4) The power of lip liner. You’ll know the power of a lip liner once you’ve learned how it can change the shape of your lips. See the image below from

evalrielin dot blogspot dot com

5) Last but  not the least, follow these 3 simple steps:

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How to Choose the Best Lip Colour for Your Skin Tone

Deciding on a new lip colour can be difficult. That fierce tangerine shade every celeb has been wearing might seem like a great idea but when you actually put it on to go out, you’re confronted with the fact that on you, it’s more frightening than fierce.

Like most makeup, a lot of what suits us comes down to our colouring. We’ve put together the ‘Snog, Marry, Avoid’ of lip colour for your skin tone. The shades you should marry are the faithful shades that will take you from the boardroom to the bar. The shades to snog are the ones you’ll want to wear next time you have a run-in with Ryan Gosling and the shades to avoid are those you should steer clear of unless you’re trying to ward of unwanted attention…

If you have Fair Skin…
Snog: True reds look fabulous on fair skinned ladies like Kristen Bell. Look for a shade a blue undertone to identify a true red. Try our Micro Red Lipstick.
Marry: Try subtle nudes and peaches with pink undertones like our Lipstick in Micro Bon Bon or Super Gloss in Super Nectar
Avoid:  Dark chocolate and burgundy shades are generally too much for fair-skin. Avoid them unless you’re going for goth-chic.

If you have Olive Skin…
Snog: Dark berry and wine shades suit most skin tones but look particularly delicious on ladies with olive skin. Try Micro Cranberry Lipstick or ‘plump up the jam’ with Liptox in Starlett
A subtle chocolate shade is the perfect day-to-day solution. The hint of chocolate in Super Raisin will compliment your skin tone perfectly.
Pale pinks and anything with a yellow undertone to avoid bringing out the yellow undertones in your skin.

If you have Dark Skin… 
Snog: You can rock just about any bright colours but orange and coral shades for a fun pop of colour. Our Micro Melon suits just about every one but really pops off dark skin
Marry: Coffee shades look great on dark skin. Try Micro Teaberry or Liptox in Contessa
Avoid: Milky colours or anything with too much white.

You’ll notice with all of these suggestions that you’re never steering too clear from your own skin tone. Identify your undertones and work with them, not against them, to find a lip colour that really works for you.

And don’t forget that rules were made to be broken. These are general guidelines and we wholeheartedly endorse makeup experimentation. Lip products are not permanent so break the rules and have fun with your colour choices!

ELES Winter Look – Retro Classique

Although we’ve been feeling the cold for some time now, it is officially winter today and, although there are more than a few things we dislike about the season, there is much to love including ugg boots, hot chocolates and our new look – Retro Classique.

We’re looking to the past for inspiration this season and we’re absolutely loving berry coloured lips that look good enough to eat and subtly sultry eyes.

Here’s how you can achieve this look to seriously heat things up over winter…

Face First…
Prime: Begin by applying Retexturising Face Primer to face and neck. This virtually weightless serum contains opalescent reflectors that diminish lines and leaves a translucent effect on the skin, creating the smoothest possible base for foundation.
Conceal: Apply Hydra Bright Line Diffuser over dark under eye circles starting with the primer end followed by the tinted end. Use the warmth of your fingers to press/roll and blend into the skin.
Base: Apply a small amount of Liquid Powder Foundation – Porcelain to face and neck blending well to ensure a flawless finish.
Balance and Highlight: Using a blush brush apply Mineral Matte Blush – Adobe to the high points of the cheeks to create a beautiful neutral glow to the skin.

Eyes On:

Begin by applying a wash of Mineral Eye Shadow – Antique White over the entire lid up towards to brow.
Follow with Mineral Eye Shadow – Cashmere across the entire eye lid and slightly above, blending well in the crease to contour.
Finally apply Mineral Eye Shadow – Teak to the lid only, being careful not to go above the crease.

Brow Now:
Define the brows using short feathery strokes of Browblender Pencil – Dark Taupe. Follow with the brush applicator to comb through in an up/outwards motion to soften the pencil and lift the brow hairs.
Complete the eyes with 2 coats of Lush Mascara – Brown on the top lashes.

Lush Lips:
Line and define the lips with automatic Lip liner Earth Red, then apply Micro Bubble Lipstick – Cranberry to finish the look.

Has Your Makeup Expired?

Ever left some makeup in the bottom of your beauty bag and rediscovered it two years later? It’s possible that rediscovery you were so excited about could leave you with an infection.
Like expired food, expired makeup can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria that, when applied, can cause infection. Unlike food, makeup expiration dates are not completely obvious so we’re here to sort fact from fiction with this go-to guide for your makeup’s shelf life and some quick tips on making it last a little longer.

How can I tell if my makeup is expired?
– Smell your cosmetics; if they have an unusual odor, be safe and discard
Mascara is one to watch out for, it expires in just three months! Expired mascara will have a gasoline-like smell and will be dry and cakey.
– Anything liquid and all lip products tend to dry up when it is expired
– Powders often develop a film of dust when they’ve expired
– Cream powders will show tiny moist droplets
– Any colour changes in makeup can signal expiration
– Nail polish becomes clumpy with pigments sitting at the bottom
– If your products texture has changed dramatically, it’s probably expired

Quick Guide:
From the time you first open your product, you should discard after…
Powders and shadows: 2 years
Cream shadows: 12 to 18 months
Foundation: 1 year
Lipstick & lipliner: 1 year
Mascara & eyeliners: 3 months
Makeup brushes: Clean weekly using a mild detergent

Make your Makeup Last the Extra Mile
– Make sure you store products closed tight and stored out of sunlight, as this can destroy the preservatives.
– If you have an eye infection absolutely step away from all your eye products. Eyeshadow, liner, mascara, everything should be put away until the infection clears up and if you accidentally use something, throw it out.
Mineral eyeshadows can be mixed with water but it’s best practice to take a bit of the eyeshadow out and blend with water on your hand rather than applying direct to the product.
– Wash out your brushes and sponges regularly and sponges should be replaced at least once a month

After reading this guide, are you thinking it’s about time you updated some of your products? Are you guilty of hoarding makeup for years? Clean out your makeup stores, wash all your brushes, purchase new high-quality brushes to replace any that are seriously sparse and head to the ELES shop to replace any products that needed throwing out!