Lip colours to compliment your complexion. Know what works best for you!

Ever lusted after a lip colour that your favourite celebrity has been donning but then wondered if it would look equally as gorgeous on you as it does on them? Or stood for what feels like a lifetime staring at an array of fun and fabulous lipstick shades only to think “where do I start?”

Lipstick has a multitude of benefits! It defines your mouth, intensifies the colour of your eyes and can even make you look slimmer & healthier! Yes really! Plus if you’re feeling tried after a long day you can apply a bold shade for an instant pick-me-up before hitting the town. But…it’s important to know which shade will compliment your individual skin tone. Once you’ve mastered this you’ll save yourself time, energy and disappointment (especially if you, like me have purchased a ‘best seller’ only to find out the colour does you no favours at all)!

Simply follow these tips and your lips will look lip-smackingly gorgeous in next to no time!

  1. Understand your skin tone

While everyone’s skin is different, every person will either have a yellow or pink undertone. Yellow is warmer, pink is cooler. If you have a yellow undertone stick with warmer lip shades (think corals, peaches, soft pinks) if you have a pink undertone opt for cooler shades with blue tones in them.

  1. Break it down

Once you’ve established your undertone you can break it down further to skin tone, selecting colours that will suit dark skin to fair skin.

  • Olive skin

ELES Cosmetics - Jessica Alba - olive skin-1 If you have olive skin you are lucky. You can’t really go wrong when selecting lip colours as pretty much all shades will suit! Most nude, pink, orange, and red shades are going to look good, just make sure you don’t apply a colour with too much yellow in it as this can bring out the yellow in your skin and in turn make you look a little sickly. Your next step is to decipher your outfit and colour match your lippie. For an outfit with warmer colours stick to a warmer, bright lipstick.

  • Fair skin

ELES Cosmetics - Taylor Swift - pale skin

Those with fair skin tend to have pink undertones. Warmer shades are usually best. Just make sure you avoid anything too pale as it can make you look washed out. Try shades of orange, gold, copper and pinks, although you can look really fabulous in warm bold reds too!

  • Dark skin

ELES Cosmetics - Beyonce Dark skin-1

Deep plums, berries and reds will look fantastic on you! Just make sure you avoid anything too light or pale on the lips, deeper shades look more naturally flattering.

All this said, if you love a particular colour, you think you look great and it makes you happy don’t feel pigeon-holed by these guidelines. You should wear what you want with pride!

Next all you need to remember to do is line your lips with a natural lip colour or a shade that’ll match your chosen lipstick. The lip liner will act as a base colour to hold your lipstick in place, prolonging its wear. It’ll also help prevent the lip colour from bleeding or featuring!


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5 Products To Make Your Lips Look Sexier

5 products to make your lips look sexier

Let’s face it! The first thing that greets people when you meet them is your pretty face. So although a lot of people would say simplicity is beauty, us girls should always make sure we’re ready to have some photo snaps taken!

What’s the sexiest part of your face, if we may ask? Most of you would say it’s the eyes. Well we say, if you want to score a kiss or at least be noticed by that hunk at the party, make your lips look SEXIER!

Here are five ELES lip products that could make your lips soft, smooth, and sexy:

Super Balm

Who says all lip balms are sticky and tacky? Not this one. The ELES Super Balm not only provides your lips with high-shine shimmer. It also has vitamins A & E and sunscreen that will make your lips looking young and healthy. Use this on a regular day to provide your lips with the vitamins it needs for long-term benefits!

ELES Super Balm

Super Gloss

The tint makes you look made up in a single swipe! Great shades + sensuous shimmer — a brilliant formula you’ll get in the ELES Super Gloss!  We think Mr. Mystery wouldn’t miss your pout’s high shine!

ELES Super Gloss


Here’s a lip formula that makes your lips look fuller without irritation! LipTox goes beyond plumping to make lips look smoother, fuller and years younger. It contains Dermaxyl, an advanced peptide, known for it’s long-term wrinkle-smoothing benefits. Now, you’ll have wrinkle free lips like those you see in magazines!

ELES Liptox

Micro Bubble

More than just a lipstick, ours contain “Micro-bubbles” that continually release conditioners to keep lips soft and colour-fresh for hours. Those who’ve tried have raved about Micro Bubble Lipstick’s lasting colour, even after having dinner.

ELES Micro Bubble LIpstick

Automatic Lipliner

You have the power to define and shape your lips with the Automatic Lipliner! Make thin lips look fuller and plump lips appear smaller. The ELES Automatic Longlasting Lipliner is long lasting, waterproof and creamy texture in one automatic pencil. Preservative free and mineral oil-free. Contains anti-oxidants and Vitamins C and E.

ELES Automatic Lipliner

What lip product do you use most often?

a) lip balm
b) lip gloss
c) lipstick
d) lipliner

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